Scary Stories

Short scary stories for kids, teens and adults to tell in the dark. Read true ghost stories, real urban legends and short tales of horror online. These stories are perfect for telling at Halloween, at bedtime, at sleepovers or around the campfire.

Scary Stories


  • I Love All The Stories, However The Sickle Is By Far The Mst Scary…And Btw Am New, Nt To The Stories But The Site!! So With That Being Said TRY AND SCARE ME!!!! :-)):-))

  • Hey I’m gonna also write a story here :). First message though Its not my story I dont own the copy rights I heard it from my cousin in ukrain who heard it from her friend and so on. So I dont know it mIght be real or it’s just a little story that was scary so it passed on from person to person.

    Once a family of four lived in Ukraine. Father,mother their son who was 16 and a daughter who was only 9. One day they went to a market. (in Ukraine markets are usually lots of small stalls at where people can sell their home goods or ordered goods outside)They walked past a stall where an old woman sold carpets they saw a beautiful carpet of a woman with a veil around her face she had silk clothes and two dangers in her hands she looked like she was in a dancing pose. The mother tought the carpet would be perfect for their house so they bought it.

    When they got home they placed the carpet in the living room floor. That night the father woke up in the middle of the night hearing a strange sound down stairs like someone was calling him he couldnt resist it so he went down stairs. When he got there a horrific sight stood before him he couldn’t utter a word the woman from the carpet stood in front him with such bloodthirsty eyes that he was to scared to even look away.

    The next morning the children woke up from a scream of their mother. They ran downstairs to a horrific sight the fathers limbs were cut off from his body on his face expression it looked as if he has seen something horrible. The mother stood there crying the son quickly told his sister to go to her room she did as she was told straight away he then called the police. When they arrived the ambulance got rid of the body and they questioned everyone. None of them heard anything and the mother wouldn’t stop crying during the questioning. The woman in the carpet was in the same position there wasent even blood on her daggers. The police said that it might be killer who got in through an open window in the house.They said they would have someone watch the Tom the outside during the night.

    That night the mother didn’t fall asleep neither did the son the son stated in his while the mother was on the couch down stairs crying without even taking a break. She thought why was this happening and cursing the person who did it. Again like the previous night the woman got out of the carpet and stared with her bloodthirsty eyes the mother was paralysed she stopped crying and stared at the womans eyes. The son noticed that his mother stopped crying and decided to check up on her. He got there to see the woman slowly walking twords his mother he shouted out to his mother telling her to run to scared to get near to help. The daughter heard the shouts and quickly ran out to see what was happening. She screamed out as loud as she could when she saw the woman. The brother told his sister to run to the police outside through the back door in the kitchen. She ran as fast as she could. The brother. maned up to tackle the woman just as she was about to kill his mother she got angry and started moving faster then any normal being could and doged him she quickly sliced his throught with her dagger killing him. The mother was still paralysed and she killed her next. She started cutting of the boys head when she felt the presence of the police outside she wiped her daggers at the boys shirt and went back in the carpet. The police got in to a bloody sight of the mother and sons bodies the girl was waiting outside in the police car scared stiff. They never figured out who killed them only the girl knew but no one belived her. So the case was dropped. The girl had no other relatives so she lived in an orphanage. She was never adopted because some belived that she killed her family.

    Years past she never forgot the woman from that carpet. The house was abandoned because everyone was scared of the ghosts of the people who died there the stuff were left as they were. The girl grew up and decided to find the old woman who sold the cursed carpet. She found out that she died her daughter said she was a witch and no one liked her because of that. She told her of the carpet and that she was to cut it like the woman cut her victims from limb to limb while praying she was not ment to do it during the under no circumstances and when she was done she was ment to bury each piece at least a mile away from the other.

    She did as she was told she cut the carpet from limb to limb in uneven pieces while praying all the way she put the pieces in a black plastic bag and went to bury them where she was told. When she was done she felt as if a burden was raised from her shoulders she rememberd her mother brother and father in a good way and smiled. She lived a normal she got married and had children.

    Years past a road was built where a piece of the carpet was burried. Accidents would always happen on that road at night.

    This is my first story post on this site hope you like it :D I sure did when I first heard it. :)

  • Just a Friend

    Its a about a girl who made a suicide because of her bestfriend.

    There was a two freshmen, the other one was a boy and the one was a girl. The boy of course was very handsome and smart but he didnt like girls very much, he said girls was very annoying and emotional, so he insisted to not having a girlfriend in through his highschool years. The girl was not pretty, she was very thin and has curly locks, but she was kind and smart and she doesnt like very girlish things, she despise them. The two was seated beside each other, the girl fell inlove with the boy but he controlled herself and started to act natural.
    “Hi” said the girl “My name is lois, whats yours?”
    “Uhhhmmmmm…Lambert” said the boy shyly
    “Cool name dude” said the girl and they shake each others hand.
    The two became friends through the year and the girl still felt the love for the boy. But she still control herself. The boy had many admirers whenever he walks all the girls started to fall inlove with him, but he hated those girl so much.
    The Girl wonders why the boy always shrugs him whenever girls walks by, For some reason i dont know either. But the boy seemingly tooks care for his bestfriend, whenever she cries she always patted her back. Whenever they fought the boy always says sorry first. Whenever the girl hits him he doesnt fought back.
    They had each others backs, whenever the boys admirers came the girl always say to the girl “OK. ENOUGH THIS AINT A MOVIE, GIRLS GO TO YOURE ROOMS!”. The two became friends til the end.
    Then as the freshmen year ends the girl finally told the truth to the boy that she really loves him. But the boy frowned and said “What the…Your like any of those girls , I wish we had never been friends, GET OUT OF MY FACE! I should have never trusted you GET OUT!” the boy leaves while the girl cried with pain.
    That night the boy realized that she did love the girl so much and the next day the boy got to school and would made an apology to the girl. the boy waited but the girl was missing in the class.
    The teacher came to make an announcement
    “Students I want you all to know that Our student lois Bazaar had taken her own life last night, and i want you all guys to go to the funeral.”
    the boy was in shock but he went to the funeral with all his classmates.
    As soon as he went to the grave being pulled down
    He said ” I Loved you, i really do but you were special to me that i dont want to hurt you.”
    The mother of the girl came to the boy and asked his name and the boy answered back. The mother gave an envelope to the boy, the boy opened it and it wrote:
    DEAR Lambhie,
    I may be gone when you read this, but i loved more than just a friend…Love Low”
    The boy cried for a moment and felt guilt in his stomach, but he could never bring back the friend that he had loved.

  • Hiya peeps !!! Ok this is my story……..

    It was a dark and gloomy night, owls were howlin and bats came to life.
    My friend and I decided to get a scare so we sneaked of to an old, house. As we entered the creaky door we heard a bang. Thinking that it was our imagination we carried on into the dinning room. As we eneter the dinning room we felt a unwanted presence in the room. We looked around, as we looked we felt a chill, we realised that sommet was there. Sommet was starring at us, I turned around a realised that my friend wasn’t there. Then I heard a scream. I ran out. when I got out, my friends body was hangin in the doorway. All of sudden I heard a voice” ur next!”.
    Then i ran as fast as I could. Ever since then I’ve never been near that place or any haunted houses and my friends death was never solved……..
    Hope u enjoy it and hope it gets put on the website xoxoxoxoxo

  • yayyyy i edited it XD yayyy!!!
                     True Stories

    Cynthia was a horror film fanatic.  She always watched scary movies and always got scared. 
     “Mom, he’s not gonna get me….right?” Cynthia would ask.

    “Hon, that stuff only happens in movies,” her mom would always reply. 
      One day, she was watching a particularly gruesome, terrifyingly realistic movie. Once again, she asked if she was next. “Hon, that only happens in movies, but” She was cut off by Cynthia’s cheers. “Okay, mom! Just making sure!” Cynthia hollered. She plopped down on the couch without a worry in her mind.

       The next day was completely normal for Cynthia until she was heading home. She felt like she was being watched the whole time. She turned around to see the most disturbing thing in her life. She screamed and the image faded.

      When Cynthia got home, she turned on the TV and watched yet another horror film. It was the same one as yesterday. “Ugh. Reruns,” Cynthia mumbled. She reached for the remote, but it wasn’t there. The TV wouldn’t turn off. ” Sam, where’d you put the remote!?” Cynthia yelled. 
    “Come here Cynthia! I’ll show you where I put it!” cried the high pitched voice of her little sister. “Sam, just give me the remote!”

        Cynthia called her mom on her phone. “Mom, Sam’s not listening to me! She’s being a jerk!” Cynthia screamed into the phone.
    “She shouldn’t be home yet.” said her mom, worried. Cynthia rushed upstairs into Samantha’s room.  There was a strange man sitting in the corner. He was wearing make up, fake nails, a wig, and one of her sisters dresses. “He’s coming,”
    the man said. Cynthia was extremely confused. “Don’t I look pretty?” he asked. “Dude, get out of my house!” Cynthia screamed. “You’ve been warned,” the man mumbled as he climbed out the window.
            Cynthia shook her head, trying to get rid of the image. She called her friend, Jessica. “Hey Jess. Have you seen that movie with the stalker dude?”
        ” No, I haven’t SEEN it! Only an idiot would watch it! It’s supposed to, like, tell your future. Did you watch it?” replied Jessica.
    “Oh my God,” Cynthia dropped her phone.

       The movie came back on. “No!” Cynthia yelled. She tried to walk away. She tried to stop watching, but she was being pulled in. She couldn’t look away. Every disturbing image was burned into her mind. 
     That night, Cynthia’s dreams were haunted by scenes of murder. “It’s just a stupid legend. So fake,” she would constantly remind herself. 

      Around 3:15 AM, Cynthia was awoken by the sound of her mother’s screams. Her door creaked open. A hooded figure was soon standing at her bedside. It was the man from the movie. The man in the corner. The stalker. He was there right in front of her. His lips hardly moved, but Cynthia was still able to hear his words. She was paralyzed with fear. The axe was just inches from her neck. 

      The next morning, the police arrived at the scene of the crime. Everyone in the house was dead except Samantha. She had gone missing the day before.The cops couldn’t find any evidence, but there was a blood written note on the wall in Cynthia’s room. ” There’s always the true stories…”

  • Yesterday I was reading a really scary story and I thought it was meh. That night I bought my cat to bed with me while staring at my wadrobe. LOL

  • If u havent read funny stories there is something wrong with u! They ARE THE BEST! such an awesome site. love it <3 <3 <3

  • I love how these stories aren’t scary until you go to bed. Well, at least for me… I luv them all. Keep up the good work :)

  • Lol, I’m on this site reading the scariest stories on Halloween night right now :) And I’ll be watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacre later on, I saw it as a kid and I think I remember it being scary…

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