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Scary Riddles

Scary riddles and answers for kids and adults to solve. Read these creepy stories and brain teasers, then think very hard. If you are clever, you may be able to figure out the tricky hidden meaning contained in each one.

Scary Riddles


  • I have a riddle
    My name is Sally and read this,
    It comes at night,
    While darkness swallows me is a poem my mother wrote me on the back says 191121225 why betray me! I called the cops then the cops came I told them my mother was murdered they investigated my house and in her shoe was a knife with no fingerprints or blood. They found a human heart and my mothers body they found the heart belonged to the man they thought was the murderer in the vent they found a knife they immediately arrested me why?
    Answer below |

    It was Sally because 191121225 means Sally so Sally killed her she said Sally why betray me!

  • All of them r amazing but I’ve read them all many times!!! Plzz put more of these…

  • sorry PREVIOUS coment glitched

    Find The One.


  • Find the one.


  • Well I got a riddle for you guys.

    So I drill 13 holes in a chair, I sit down and farted on them. Which hole did the fart came out?


  • I have a riddle.
    Just met the best guy. Only problem is that he’s older than me. He was so sweet. Nice, kind, smart. Can’t believe I’ll never see him again. Every day I’ll think about him. Never going to forget him. And his name is the the first letter of each sentence.

  • When my head activates it’s thinking machine fully and my head aches , it means it’s a good one , please post more SFK

  • @ Miss_Terious_Potato – Yeah, some riddles make my head ache too!! I love the riddles when its a bit twisted & I have to think hard!!!

  • Yeah, they are amazing! I especially love those that make my head ache because that means it’s a good riddle~!

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