Optical Illusions

Scary Illusions

Scary illusions and optical tricks with magic pictures to fool your eyes and your mind. A cool visual illusion can play games with your brain and make you see something amazing and trippy that isn’t really there. Check out these creepy “When You See It” pictures and see if you can figure out what’s wrong with each one.

Scary Illusions

1. Strange Photos

Strange Photos

Read a scary story called Strange Photos. It was inspired by this photograph and at the end of the story, you’ll find out what’s wrong with this picture.

2. The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door

Read the scary story about The Girl Next Door. It’s a true story about a young girl who has a creepy stalker. At the end of the story, you’ll find out what’s wrong with this picture.

3. Leather Sofa

Leather Sofa

Read a creepy story about a haunted Leather Sofa.

4. Garbage Bags

Garbage Bags

Read a scary story called Garbage Bags. It’s about a crazed murderer who haunts the streets of a small town.

5. Dead Leaves

Dead Leaves on the dirty ground. Can you figure out what is wrong with this picture?

Dead Leaves

6. Happy Family

This happy family has something to hide. Can you figure out what it is?

Happy Family

7. Healthy Salad

You order a healthy salad at a restaurant. This is what the waiter brings you. Is there something that makes this unappetizing?

Healthy Salad

8. Red Circle

Keep staring at the red circle. Don’t take your eyes off the red circle…

The Red Circle

9. Girl on the Phone

Just a girl on the phone. Nothing to see here. Just a young girl having a conversation on her cell.

Girl on the Phone

10. The Smile of a Child

The smiling faces of these children are enough to cheer you up and make you turn that frown upside-down. When you figure this one out, you’ll wonder why you didn’t notice it before.

Smile of a Child

11. Golf Swing

This picture makes a big splash, but do you notice something devilish hidden in plain sight?

Golf Swing

12. Family Photo

Family Photo

Read a creepy story called Family Photo. It’s about a young girl who dies and it was inspired by this picture.


  • Here are the answers!

    #1 – Look at the very top of the stairs, there is a face peeking out from a little hole. She has been kidnapped, I guess…
    #2 – The is a weird guy hiding behind the dresser…stalker much?
    #3 – In a crack between the wall and the sofa, there is a creepy face. Maybe he’s playing hide and seek?
    #4 – Look closely and you can see the outline of a torso in a big blue trash bag. Ew.
    #5 – Look at the bottom left and you will see a little boys face buried in the leaves. Definitely not a good start to Fall for him!
    #6 – She is sitting on a man! Her fat a$$ is squashing him!
    #7 – There is an eyeball in the salad. Don’t eat it! Don’t eat it!
    #8 – SFK is using the red circle to distract you, look on the middle of the left side… Spooky, right!
    #9 – The chatty girls leg is twisted backward. It’s like a wannabe Sofie Dossi… (look her up if you don’t know her)
    #10 – Turn your device upside down. The girl’s face looks distorted, gross lol.
    #11 – The splash looks like Satan staring at the man who is golfing. You better pray tonight!
    #12 – Just wait… 9/10 will probably sh*t their pants when they see it.

    Thank you for reading!

  • hate the last one. im surprised the first time i saw it i didnt cry out. its rly good

  • 1. There is someone peeking out through the hole at the top of the steps
    2. There’s someone behind her dresser
    3. Near the bottom left corner, there is an old lady in the cushions
    4. Nothing really wrong with it until you read the story. There are dead bodies in them :T
    5. There’s a kid buried in the leaves. Having a great fall. Know what I mean?
    6. The mom friggin squashed the poor guy with her massive bottom
    7. There’s an eyeball in the salad. LET’S EAT
    8. The red circle is a diversion. Look at the left side 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 (In my opinion, that was the scariest)
    9. The girl has no bones in her leg, so they’re going the wrong way off of the bed
    10. The one who looks like they are frowning has her face UPSIDE DOWN. The nose doesn’t look right…
    11. The splash looks like a demon staring at the guy
    12. It’s a GIF. The girl turns into Tomino. Many iPads were broken based off of the comments. READ TOMINO’S HELL IF YOU WANT TO SEE SOMETHING WORSE


  • The last one made me throw my FATHER’S iPad. And you know what happens when you throw your father’s iPad…

  • These are the creepiest things I’ve ever seen. I’m scared to go off this page cause I don’t want to see the last one again. Other than the lost one, I think the red dot one freaked me out the most. You’re just staring at the red dot and suddenly you notice something in the corner of your vision and you look at it and suddenly you see this face. The girl next door picture was also scary cause I had seen the picture before and felt like something was watching me. I looked but I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. But i looked at it here and the top of a guy’s head is visible! AHHH!

  • @blooderalla in the girl with phone the scary thing is look at her legs her legs are opposite….
    and in the family one the mother with baby in hand is sitting on a head of a person… and the other persons in family are also sitting on his body.
    in the salad one there is an eyeball in the left corner.
    I hope i am clear.

  • What’s up with the salad? And the Girl on Phone? For the girl is it that one of her clothe looks like a screaming baby or what? Huh. And the photo with the family in it? Not the last one, the other one

  • SFK, what are you supposed to see aside from the red dot?? I can see all the illusions but that one..

  • Wow the last one literally almost gave me a heart attack i screamed ran off the couch and when my 17 yr old brother came to see he did the same except he punched my ipad

  • Family photo made me punch my couch THAT LUCKILY DOESNT HAVE A HORRIFYING DEAD LADY IN IT! Scaryforkids, this is the most scary site ever good job!

  • any one here noticed what ive noticed in the picture of smile of the child? if you look upside down, the girl seems sad and there is like a hole in her head.

  • On the Family Photo, I wasn’ t expecting it. When I saw it I screamed and tried to calm down. :]

  • Family Photo scared the bleep out of me… DX Like when you scroll it down and go back up, it changes really fast and makes you jump XD

  • I actually have something to say. I wish there were a few more of these, they ARE pretty cool!

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