Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane Road is a scary urban legend in Texas about a woman whose ghost still searches for her lost baby.

Sarah Jane

During the American Civil War, there was a road in Texas between Groves and Port Neches. A woman named Sarah Jane lived on this road. Her husband was away, fighting in the war as a confederate soldier. When enemy soldiers were passing through the area, Sarah Jane feared that they would kill her and her baby.

She went down to the river and placed her small infant in a wicker basket. Then Sarah hid the baby under the bridge, to protect the child. Sarah made her way back down the road to her home and waited for the Union soldiers to arrive.

After the soldiers passed by, she went back to the bridge to retrieve her baby. Unfortunately, the baby was nowhere to be found. The tide had risen and carried the baby away downstream.

Sara Jane searched through the night down the banks of the Neches River for hours in hopes of finding her baby safe and sound. Neighbors could hear Sarah Jane’s screams as she searched, and she kept running up to people, weeping pitifully and asking “Have you seen my baby?”.

Grief-striken and unable to find her child, Sarah Jane walked back to the bridge and hung from from the wooden beams beneath it. When people found her body, they saw a message scratched into the wood under the bridge that read “Where Is My Baby”.

As the story goes, if you go out to Sara Jane Road at night and stand by the water’s edge, you can still hear Sarah Jane’s baby crying off in the distance. Some people claim they’ve spotted a noose hanging beneath the bridge. Others say they’ve also seen Sarah Jane’s ghost searching along the side of the river for the infant child she lost so many years ago.

Locals say you can stand in the middle of the bridge on a dark night, and call for the ghost of Sarah Jane to appear. You have to repeat seven times “I’ve got your baby Sarah Jane”.


  1. Reader_3 1.5 says

    Literally the only reason I clicked this story was because of the name.

  2. zombie_pegasister says

    aww poor baby I hope somepony took the baby in and cared for it. And I would never say something cruel like I got your baby that would be very sad and disappointing.

  3. color_my_chaos says

    Scary617 the crew from a popular show called finding Bigfoot believe the sounds heard by la Llarona is actually a sasquaches cry, big foot has been sighted many times around that area.
    Although I’m not convinced that its Bigfoot, it’s an interesting alternative though.

  4. terrorzombie says

    that is sooooo scary but i feel bad for the lady and baby wat if i was her child or U….

  5. moon_angel4477 says

    Terrorteller: yeah like in the movie the lady in black they found her baby but she kept killing. I hope the baby had been rescued. Maybe they should write a story about him (a scary story) and post it here :)

  6. scary_kid says

    Isn’t that the same woman in Sarah Jane adventures it’s about a woman called Sarah Jane Smith!XD

  7. scary617 says

    this story is the same as the mexican legend la Llorona exactly the same except the name and place but she does appear in texas though

  8. Jeb says

    I like to think the baby survived. Remember, the story never explicitly states its fate.

  9. Terrorteller says

    Has anyone tried diving to the bottom to look in the ground for the baby?Then,maybe she’ll find rest.It’d be a happy ending.Or maybe,the baby didn’t die.Maybe it got found and taken in by a family.Like Moses.Maybe that’s what happend.THough it’s unlikely,because that’s another mouth to feed.

  10. Zz You Wish you didnt exist Zz says

    x cries x I remember it saidd on the new about the skeletal remains of a small infant was found at the bottom of a river in TX in a wicker basket that was haf rotted

  11. zahannah says

    Im from Groves and I have been out on that road and its freeky! TRUST ME this is the true story but u dont have to call her name 7 times all u do is go out there betweeen 11 and midnight and scream I’ve got your baby Sarah Jane till u see her,here her or feel her tuching u.

  12. laurapolet says

    OMG that is so freaking sad/scary/creepy and i agree with pauliej it does sould likr the llorona who would say Mis Hijos

  13. demonchick_13 says

    i’ll do that next time i go to texas….. it’s a really sad story though.

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