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Sad stories that will make you cry. Read these tales of love and hate, life and death, boyfriends and girlfriends, relationships and breakups, misery and woe and sob yourself to sleep at night.

Sad Story


  • The stories were really nice at first but they got somewhat creepier after that… AND cool stories guys! ^__^

  • This is a comment for Lovesimba from animal

    I had someone to lead me through dark hours, someone who I love now she is gone and Im all alone once again without a love.

    LS wnna know how many ppl I dated… 27 ppl And now I guess 28.

  • does anyone think its weird that i listen to tourniquet, even in death, missing and my immortal (these songs are sad) by evanescence while reading sad stories?

  • The stories brought tears in my eyes:'( But i must say you all guys post great stories too. @ i love adventures, ‘i was too shy to say’ was really a nice story.

  • Love Denial. There was a girl named Jenna. She was the most beautiful girl in the school. Everyone wanted to date her. She had a boyfriend named Harry McPherson.
    Harry promised Jenna to give her a ring on her birthday as a gift. After hearing that she waited for her birthday eagerly. When her birthday arrived. Matt was the last one to wish her birthday. Jenna was fumed and said Matt not to show his face ever. Matt handed a gift to her. Matt was upset and left her house. On the way. Matt met with a car accident. When the police informed Jenna about that and she was completely heartbroken. She took out the gift he gave her. A paper was rolled in it. After reading it Jenna cried uncontrollably. It read: “Sorry for being late. I was buying your gift. But I just want to tell you that you mean alot to me. I LOVE YOU. If you leave me i’ll die.. :(”
    (Dear SFK, This is my first story please publish it please… i have more.. but i’ll share when you will publish this one please)

  • This Is A Story About A Little Girl With Her Imaginary Friend….
    Hello, My Name Is Sarah, And She Is My Best Friend. But The Day She Came My Dog Past Away. She Must Be An Angel, It Explains How She Can Float, But I Don’t See Why Her White Dress Is Covered With Red Stains.
    Hello, Today My School Was On Fire. I Ditched School Because She Knew Something Bad Was Coming Up. Her Hair Was A Little Burnt, She Probably Tried To Warn Others I Guess.
    Hello, My Sister Died Today, I Saw She Was Massaging Her Neck, But Then Her Face Was Purple. Mistakes Can Happen.
    Hello, All The People Went To The Meeting Last Night, But A Bomb Exploded, I Saw She Was Dancing Around Them Smiling. She Really Must Be Happy To Be Alive.
    Hello, No One Is Here Anymore I Wonder Why.
    Hello, You Must Be Thinking Who Is She? Well, She Is Me.
    Hello, I’m Going To Your Town.
    Hello, I’m In Your Street.
    Hello, I Killed Your Neighbors
    Hello, I’m In Your Front Door Open It
    Hello, I’m Inside I’m Going Where You Are
    Hello, I’m Behind You…..
    Hello, And Goodbye
    (This Is Not A Sad Story But I Didn’t Have Any Ideas, To: SFK)

  • I have a really sad story its also true its happening to me right now
    The goodbye
    Goodbye dad I love you and miss you already ill write everyday
    My dad is going to afganastan for 9 months.
    That was the last thing I said to him as he got on the bus to the airport
    Its been 9 years since the last time my dad left
    I’m not the kind of person to cry in front of other people
    So its really hard to fight back the tears
    We said a prayer for him
    Goodbye dad love you


    Growing up was not easy for me.

    My mom died of Cancer when I was 3, and my dad was an abusive drunk. The only thing I had for comfort was my Game Boy Advance. I had to save up to buy it and get all my favorite games, because my dad wouldnt buy it for me.

    A couple days after I got my Game Boy Advance, for some reason my dad got pissed off for me for no reason, so he smashed it and whipped me nonstop with the Game Boy Advance screen until I was bleeding.

    My dad eventually got arrested for child abuse, so I went to live with my Auntie and Uncle. They were really nice to me, and they had finally got me into a school. I was very quiet and I’d spend my free time in the boys bathroom, crying until someone caught me crying. I must have been scarred for life after the Game Boy experience, and I still had all five of the games I had.

    In my Sophore year, I had somehow made friends with this girl named Jackie. She was by far the sweetest girl ever. I had serious depression and nonstop suicide thoughts, but it all ended when Jackie came along.

    We eventually started dating, and I swore we were perfect for each other. I even told her about my childhood, making both of us cry.

    It was eventually my twentieth birthday. I was expecting Jackie to come, but she never did. Her mom called saying Jackie was killed in a car accident along the way, just tearing me down. I was so heartbroken.

    About a year or two after that incident, Jackies mom was at my front door. She said she found a present wrapped up in her closet and she was positive it was for me. I thanked her and I went to open the card and the present.

    I opened the box and found a note on the box. “This is for you, babe. The wonderful man who came into my life. I feel so sorry for you, so I got you something you had probably wanted for AGES. I love you. Xoxo Jackie.”

    So I opened the box carefully. I pulled out what was in the box.

    It was a brand new Game Boy Advance.

  • I’m sorry, I thought I came on a SCARY website. Not a “cry my-little-pussy-self to sleep” website.

  • Roses are red, Violets are blue, SFK’s a person, And has a life too.
    Lemons are yellow, And limes are bright green, We all can get busy, So let’s not be mean.

  • It’s Been Months Before My Last Log-In
    Your Story Confused Me A Bit It Said She Was On A Bus
    But It Was A Train Driver On Bus 97
    Sending Her To The Back Of The Train 97 That’s A Bus Going To Hell.
    The Stories Posted On These Comment Boards By Users Are Fascinating And Very Creative
    5 out of 5 stars for you all

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