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Sad stories that will make you cry. Read these tales of love and hate, life and death, boyfriends and girlfriends, relationships and breakups, misery and woe and sob yourself to sleep at night.

Sad Story


  • Bus Journey
    I walked up the metal steps to board onto the bus traveling to Boston. I smiled to the bus driver and handed him my ticket. He didn’t smile back but only grabbed the ticket and motioned me to sit in the back of the train. His beady black eyes had scared me, looking into my soul. His black hair was slicked back with gel, and his large nose was almost as long as a witches’ nose. He looked like he could be driving the bus of death.
    I sat in the very back, farthest from any person sitting on the bus. There were at least ten people on the bus, including me. They were all staring at an object and weren’t blinking. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, but quickly pulled a big book out of my briefcase. I opened it up and began to read a few pages before my phone began to ring. I grabbed it out of my skirt pocket that was barely visible and said, “Hello?”
    It turned out to be my boss. I opened the bathroom door and entered the small port-a-potty. After a few minutes, I came back out again. Everyone was staring at me as I sat back down. I gulped nervously and bit my lip.
    I resumed reading until the bus stopped. A few people got out, and then the bus started again. I looked up for a quick glance away from words and saw they were still staring at me. “Excuse me, could you stop staring at me?” I asked in my nicest tone loudly, although I was really frightened.
    I put my book away and stared at the scenery flashing before me. Suddenly, the radio turned on. It was a news report. I listened intently. “A bus crash had been reported. Bus 97 was accidentally hit by a train when it drove very slowly on train tracks. The train driver was injured but not killed. All people aboard Bus 97 died.”
    My eyes widened. I was on Bus 97. Was it a prank? But I knew it wasn’t. The bus driver turned the radio off. I was confused. I looked out the window again and noticed we were not on our way to Boston. I walked to the front of the bus where the bus driver sat.
    “Um, we aren’t on the way to Boston. May I ask where we are going?” I said, a little scared.
    The bus driver looked at me. “Miss, we are almost there. Could you please sit down?”
    “Where are we going?” I demanded.
    He sighed. “We are on our way to Hell. Now sit down!”

  • @Ghostgirl666: I want to hear the rest! Especially since my best friends name is Caroline.

  • This is a story my friend told me.

    Caroline and Jack had been in a relationship for 2 years and they were both very much in love. One day, Caroline learned that her grandmother passed away in Germany, and since Caroline lived in London, she explained to her boyfriend that she had to go away for a week. Jack was obviously upset, but respected Caroline’s family and kissed her goodbye as she arrived at the airport.

    A week later Caroline arrived at her flat and called Jack.

    Jack: Hello?

    Caroline: Hey Jack! I’m back!

    Jack: Yay! Listen, I would love to meet up with you today but my mate Liam is having a party so can it be tomorrow?

    Caroline: Erm.., sure. Ok. See you tomorrow?

    Jack: Yeah. bye!

    Caroline missed her boyfriend lots when she went to Germany so she couldnt help herself from going to Liam’s house to see Jack. but when she arrived, the house was silent, apart from a faint sound of the T.V. She knocked on the door and asked Liam where Jack was.
    “Jack? Oh! He went to the pub down the road with Gemma.” Liam yawned.
    “Who’s Gemma????” Caroline fumed. Before Liam could answer she stormed off to the pub down the street. As she peeked through a window, she saw Jack kissing the cheek of a red haired girl. Burning with anger, jealousy and sadness she walked over to Jack, who stood there, speechless, at the sit of Caroline.

    “Jack?” Caroline whimpered before turning around and leaving. Just as she went out the door, she saw the redhead slapping jack before exiting too. Caroline hurried over to Jacks house and slipped a note under the door. Then, she pulled a ring from her pocket and left it on the mat outside. With that, she rushed to her flat.

    When Jack returned home, he noticed the ring. As he picked it up, he looked confused and unlocked the door. Then he saw the note.

    Dear Jack,

  • One day there was a single mother with one girl and one boy who were like around 7 or 8 one was named olle the other yollen.The mothers name was Yoltzin.Yoltzin and her kids lasted like about 2 or 3 months building a little wooden house…Then one miserable day they had finished building the house like at midnight Yoltzin woke up and the houses was on fire mysteriously Yoltzin woke up first and rushed to her kids room and took them outside with her kids…There was a boat floating near the riverbank and Yoltzin put her kids on the boat then she got something and tried to stop the fire all the villagers woke up instanly from the noise of the fire and wood burning down…Minutes later she went to go check with her kids she saw that hers kids were floating away with the boat she didnt hear them scream….When some firefighters stopped the fire, Yoltzin was so miserable….. because 2 or 3 months of hard work have burned down to pieces on the first day when they have finished, but the most was when her kids have floated away she was such in pain that she told all the villagers to look for them…Like 2 or 3 weeks have past and they found them on the other side of the riverbank both dead…Days past and Yoltzin was full in pain her heart was full of pain she did not sleep or eat for like 3 days she wouldnt even bare to see her friends days keep passing by, they felt like years then Yoltzin died from misery…Then evrey october in the night ppl hear her cry AYY MIS IJOS…*Oww my kids..They call her *La Llorona*…Every night like 20 kids disappear when they are alone without there parents…La Llorona was so in pain she wanted to Steal everybody elses kids so they can feel the same way!AYYYY MIS IJOS!!!!!!

  • One day there lived a guy named Jose,His family was in america(They passed the border with passports)Jose was in Mexico and wanted to visit his family before his sons birthday.He didnt have any passports so he wanted to jump on the train with his 4 friends.The train will pass at midnight like around 12:00 or 12:30..The next day he called his family that he will be in america by tomarrow in the morning..So his friends and Jose went walking to the train tracks where the train is gonna pass by… So one of Joses friends said i see the train coming get ready to jump on..So a minute passed and when the train passed by all of them jumped they all made it to the train then one of the Jose…saw two things jumping up and down when they looked back (Jose and the friend made it to the train)… Jose thought it was like logs or frogs or something and he looked down see if they left anything when Jose looked don on one of there friends The friend didnt have Legs it was His legs that were jumping up and down back there where they had waited for the train.!!!!????THIS IS A TRUE STORY NOW THE GUY I THINK HIS NAME IS RICHARD AND HE HAS NO FEET OR LEGS HE IS IN A WHEELCHAIR BUT SOME OF IT IS ON TRUE I HOPED U GUYS LIKE IT.*ONE OF MY DADS FRIENDS HAVE NO FEET TRUE SCARY STORY!


  • Who wants to try my luck with SFK and post some sad stories? I bet you all are just begging for something to make you drown in your own tears.

  • Sometime the pain is too strong and bare
    And life gets too hard you just dont care
    You feel so alone that you just sit and cry
    Every second you wish you could die
    Then you start thinking who would care
    If one day they woke up you werent there….<3 sad love poem i hoped u liked it thank u…

  • One day a man and a dog (German shephard) was hiking on a big snowy mountain…They spended like 3 or 4 hours climbing the big big mountain…hours later when they finally went on top of the mountian and took wutever pictures the man wanted to take then after that they ran out of water…..When they walked back down the mountain and like about half way the dog got sick so then the man left the dog behind then like a half hour later the man ran to the hospital without looking both ways for the road when he arrived he told some Doctors that he left his really sick dog half way of the big snowy mountain….The doctors thinked for a moment and laughed…One of the docters said that “He would`ve been dead by now” the man kinda cried back home.Like about 1 or twe weeks past, and when he was getting the mail outside he felt something scratching his leg when he looked down……He saw his the dog that he left behind on the mountain..The dog was really skinny and sick and scratched up… Sorry abouth the mistake or any confusions i forgot the story……

  • I’ll die without u

    One day, Tina saw someone she loved named Dean. She Immediatly thought that they can be married. Tina thought they were both a perfect couple but Dean thought different. As years grew by Tina grew more beautiful and Dean looked the same. Tina had so much feelings for Dean but Dean still didn’t feel the same. So Tina grew more and more sad. But days later, Tina had lots of faith.

    Tina: Hi Dean
    Dean: Hey
    Tina: Dean…. Do you want to go out with me?
    Dean: I’m sorry Tina I already have a girlfriend
    Tina: Ohh :(. At least read this note *walks away*

    Dean read the note out loud: I’ll die without you
    Immediatly Tina fell to the floor she had done suicide. Her last words were: My heart was broken, I can’t live without you but you refused. I had to do this
    Tina’s heart stopped forever

  • Really?Scary?Call me Rose! that was incredible!
    Glad I told the one I love I did. couldn’t see life without her.

  • …There was a little boy who needed to go to the hospital and had cancer…There was a single mother and a little boy……When the docter called in the mother the docter said im sorry….The mother was confused and said if he was ok the docter said He passed away…The mother went running to the car uncontrolibly and when she got home she went running to his sons bed and cried to sleep….When she woke up she found a not on the pillow and read ….’Dear mommy…Dont worry im in heaven with god and my goldfish that died…I know u miss me i miss u too but i DONT FEEL PAIN im really happy mommmy i was sad i miss u like a child missing a mother when she dies…U can adopt another little boy he can have my stufff u can buy him a pet goldfish…..Dont be sad im happy up here in heaven with god now bye i need to enter m y kingdom ill be watching u from down below!!!Ill see up here in 2 years when u get a heart attack bye luv u!!<3 );

  • I was too shy to say.

    As I was walking in camp, I found a good looking guy named Jake. But my heart was broken when I found out he had a girlfriend today. I was too shy to say anyway.
    Today I have to leave camp, I walked pass him but he didnt even look at me. I live in Las Vegas but camp is in Chicago. So it was my last time seeing Jake. I was too shy to say my good bye.
    Im at Jake’s wedding but im not getting married to him. He is going to marry his girlfriend from the last 7 years ago. I was too shy to say anything.
    20 years later
    Jake had die in a car crash so now im at his funeral. Now im at his house in Chicago, i wanted to see his old memories. I found his diary and it said “I was too shy to ask her”

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