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Russian Bride

The Russian Bride is a spooky story about a girl who meets a man she wants to marry. Will it turn out to be a scam?

Russian Bride

It is said that, in a small town in Russia, close to the Ural mountains, there lived a young woman of incredible beauty. She was endowed with such a perfect face and such a pure soul that every man who met her instantly fell in love. However, she did not seem to be interested in any of the men who lived in her town.

One day, while walking down the street, she happened to bump into a young English man who had come to visit the town on holiday. He was quite a handsome young man and when he invited her for a drink, the girl happily accepted. THey spoke for hours and at the end of their date, it was clear that the young woman was falling for his charms.

Over the next few days, the went out together every night. She was quickly falling in love with the young man because he always acted like a perfect gentleman. He seemed to return her affection. Time passed and the couple decided to get married. The girl was ecstatic and felt like she was the luckiest girl in the world. However, the young man did not seem to feel the same way.

He kept asking the girl if he could borrow some money. He told her that he was expecting a big cash lodgement in his bank account and he would pay her back when it arrived. The young woman willingly gave him all her life’s savings, trusting that it was only a temporary loan.

When their wedding day arrived, the girl looked immaculate in her long, flowing white dress. Her face glowed with happiness and she lit up the room. Her father bought her an expensive wedding ring and engraved her name in the band. Eager to tie the knot, she arrived at the church early that morning. Everyone who was of any importance in the small Russian town was there to celebrate her wedding. Everyone, that is, except the groom.

After waiting 10 or 15 minutes, she was still hopeful that he would show up sooner or later. Unfortunately, when several hours passed and he still hadn’t arrived, the wedding guests began to leave. The poor girl was humiliated and burst into tears. Nobody could console her. She just kept asking why her fiance had chosen not to come to the wedding.

Her parents took her home and tried to calm her down. They put her to bed and stayed by her bedside to comfort her, but it was no use. SHe soon fell into a deep depression and nothing could bring her out of it. She simply could not come to terms with having lost the love of her life.

After her parents went to bed, the Russian bride got up and stood in front of a mirror, staring at herself. In a fit of madness, she took a knife and ripped her beautiful wedding dress to shreds. Then, driven mad with anger and despair, the poor soul took a knife and sliced her wrists open. As she lay on the floor, her life ebbing away, she clutched a crucifix and swore that she would have her revenge on the man who had ruined her life.

When her parents found her the next morning, they were devastated. Her funeral was held a few days later and she was buried in the shredded remains of her wedding dress. Before they lowered her into the ground, her tearful father placed a ring on her finger. The ring that was engraved with her name. The ring that was to have been her wedding band.

The news of her death was made known throughout the community. The Russian people began to gossip and soon there was much talk about the young man who had abandoned the poor girl at the altar. He had been seen, the day after the wedding, in the company of another woman. They had been spotted many times hanging out in bars together, drinking, laughing and joking and spending money freely. They were acting as if nothing had happened.

A few nights later, the young man was found lying outside the church. He had been stabbed to death. Everyone wondered who had murdered him. Many people were of the opinion that a thief had seen him spending all that money and taken the opportunity to rob him. However, when the police examined his body, they found a ring on his finger. A ring engraved with the name of the girl he had abandoned at the altar.


  • He deserved it. WOW, IT’S LIKE DÉJÀ VU! Except, like, a lot.

    Emma Bloom does not fly!!!!!!
    Join the rabbit!!!!!!
    So much randomness!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @XxdeliciousscreamsxX u must be my twin!!!!!!!
    trye fact
    Teacher. now what happens with depression???
    Me. puts hand up depressed peeps kill them selves bruttally with heaps of gory bits…..
    Tezcher. u r a malicious child
    me. XD

  • when it said “SHe soon fell into a deep depression and nothing could bring her out of it” SHe should just be She and the “h” shouldnt be capatilized.

  • hey SFK when it said “THey spoke for hours,and at the end of their date,it was clear she was falling for his charms”THey should just be They,the “h” was not suppose to be capatilized,dont you hate typos?

  • Hmm, i wonder if they married in afterlife lol just kidding!! Nobody should be stupid enouugh to marry him. Poor girl :( atleast she got her revenge

  • I SO AGREE WITH U “Rainbow Phantom” WHY couldnt the Russian Bride not kill herself and find tht cheating little loser instead?

  • thnx guys for all ur support of my story, an soulserenade im 12 right no and i turned 12 last month in may 8

  • @XxdeliciosscreamsxX I loved your story!!! So that provokes this next question: Wanna go murder Makayla Niedowicz with me? Makayla, if your idiot mind is reading this, I would just like to say this, “Im fricking coming for you, Stupid!!!!!!!!!! Go take a 💩 now!!!!!!!!”

  • thnx so much soulserenade! and htfnutty4575 ikr! oh if u want the full verson with more charachters and levels, go to the search result that says :total jerk face, home of happy wheels. but if has 2 that say it, dont click the 1 that says download it, go 2 da free 1 :P

  • hey xpinkbloodx! i havnt seen ya in a long time, and the picture wont show up on my computer either :(

  • darn i cant see the picture can somone tell me what it is my computer is not woking on this stroy

  • htfnutty457 ikr! i love flippy! im fao him lol. oh i read cupcakes yesterday and it was amzing! oh have u ever heard of this game called happy wheels?

  • Well i see this situation many times many weekly but instead of being killed they went to jail and i agree he deserve more than just being stabbed

  • @XxdeliciosscreamsxX He’s my favorite!my 2nd favorite is flippy. I’ve seen that one lol xD

  • htfnuty4575 that 1 is good, have u seen the 1 at the dentist? that 1 dosnt kill anyone but it injures the crazy candy green squirell very bad lol

  • oh my favorite happy tree freind episode is when flippy kills everyone at the party they set out or him

  • htfnutty4575 thnx, oh yesterday i was watching cupcakes on youtube, but it was differnt, pinkie had rainbow dash strapped down on a table, then she cut out her symbol on her rear, then ct off her wings. her eyes closed then when she awoke she could see her insides. but ill look it up on google and thnx again :)

  • @XxdeliciosscreamsxX your welcome and I know about happy tree friends cause in 4th grade I saw a happy tree friends apisode and then I became a fan of it and I suggest to read the cupcakes fanfic. Just type cupcake fanfic (cause if you just type cupcakes you get pictures of cupcakes) on google. It does have the disgusting junk it did in sweet apple massacre. It starts with pinkie pie drugging rainbow dash with a cupcake and make rainbow dash into cupcakes and if you read it you’ll run into the name gilda often. Gilda is a bitchy griffin that used to be rainbow dash’s friend. And i’m 12 by the way. =3

  • oh htfnutty4575 theres this show called happy tree freinds and u can go on the website or on youtube, its a show about these adorable little animals but every episode shows them being murdered or dieing

  • omg im just so shocked and dramatized when i finished reading it, oh and any1 who can handle blood and gore and know what woo hoo junks r can mabe read it and hfnutty4575 that was the most disturbing story i have ever read in my entire life, and im only 12. htfnutty4575 thnx sooo much for telling me that story, i owe u 1.

  • ok thx hnfnutty4575 thnx so much i gonna look it up, and who knows it might inspire for a new story :)

  • @julissa he took her money and didn’t show up to the weddinh and to add insult to injury he began to date another woman without felling guilty ._.

  • It’s called sweet apple massacre. It’s a mlp fanfic that has big mac getting tired of his baby sister apple bloom and her friends sweetie belle and scootaloo and teaches them a lesson by doing horrible things to them I can’t describe cause this website is scary for kids. It’s on google,deviantart,youtube,and the creepypasta wiki. If you hate gory stuff I suggest not read it. Just because it has mlp don’t think of it as a joke.

  • @XxdeliciosscreamsxX I’m not trying to be negative. You’re really creative and that’s a better scary story then I could ever write and if you want to know about the disturbing story I read,tell me,and sorry for offending you. =(

  • well htfnutty475 and xfenirwolfsbanepotterx, at least my story is better than nothing and at least give me credit, i know its not much of a story but u guys dont have to rub it in and say its not that disturbing

  • So the man just borrowed the girls money and was with another womann!!! He should not go to heaven and he’s a -itch!! I feel bad for that girl the man should be burned to death

  • @XxdeliciosscreamsxX I know you tried your best but i’ve read disturbing things. I can’t look at my favorite cartoon character without getting disturbed on the things he did in some disgusting fanfic =(

  • guys it takes me a lot of effort to make just 1 story, just cut me some slack

  • XxdeliciousscreamsxX Sorry chap, but I agree with @htfnutty4575. Really barmy.
    But, I liked this story! (The Russian Bride one, that is.)

  • @XxdeliciosscreamsxX that’s disturbing,but it’s a kiddy story compared to what I read. ._.

  • oh @bannalover101 welcome to the world of commenting im just so glad there r new useres here everyday, oh and srry i had spoke so violetly in my comment earlier

  • dis is terrible, i know it happens literally everyday, but wat is not fair dat all the damn men get respect everywhere,like when theyre presidents, they think there so cool and theyre always the boss!!!!!! oh srry i got a lil carried away but i made my point

  • That guy was a jerk. ._.
    I wouldn’t do that to someone…
    But it would’ve been more interesting if he died a more painful and slow death.
    …Grimdark MLP fanfics have spoiled me.

  • @bananalover101
    congrats xD having an account is a great opportunity :D
    have fun :P

  • Omg this is my first comment EVER on this site! I’ve read these stories for years but I finaly made an account! HOORAY! Btw Great story!:)

  • Poor girl.
    Wow, SFK is putting up new stories so much now! This site didn’t used to update much, but now every time I go on there are more! It’s great! ^_^

  • Such a sad tale, but the things really do happen all the time, with greedy men out rid money and seducing innocent girls.

    Scary For Kids – There are two words that have typos with an uppercase letter in the middle of a word. :)

    BTW, have you thought about automating the site? Authors can make accounts and upload the stories, but you can still verify them and accept those you want. Then people wouldn’t have to clutter up the reviews by pasting their stories in it. I can help you install the efiction script if you like, because I run two sites on it.

  • Nice story… The bride should have hanged the man with barbed wire… That way, that sharp wire will rip his head off, slowly but painfully…
    That would do the trick

  • Nice story , & i agree w. htfnutty . He should have died ina more brutal way .

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