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Rosemary is a ghost story by bloodandgore24. It’s about a girl who goes to college and moves into a dorm room that has a bunk bed. She wonders what is going on because she is not supposed to have a roommate.


Hi there! My name is Jenny. I’m a college student and I have quite a story to tell. It’s not that scary but it definitely isn’t a comedy.

It all started when we were picking out the right dorm for me. We went to this place called “Frank West Dorm.” To be honest, I didn’t really like it from the start. The place was dirty, it smelled and there was mold growing everywhere. But the thing that bothered me the most was the uneasy feeling I got. It was like someone was watching me. So, I turned it down.

The next dorm we went to was called “Rosemary.” It was simple, clean and smelled amazing. I felt perfectly comfortable there. Now that’s the kind of dorm I like! We paid for the cost of the dorm. The price was reasonable so my family would never have trouble paying for it.

I settled into my beautiful room. It had pink wallpaper, peach-colored cabinets and a soft bunk bed. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. But I didn’t know why I had been given a bunk bed. All the other rooms came with normal, single beds. Anyway, I was under the impression that I was the only one in the room. Were they planning on giving me a roommate?

Puzzled, I looked for the landlady and asked the her if she could replace my bed with a normal one. She looked at me strangely and said, “Sorry, someone will be joining you.”

I was surprised. I thought I was the only one in that room. Of course I was also very disappointed, because I wanted a room for myself.

So, I asked my parents to throw in some extra cash to pay the landlady for my own room. She refused to take the money and again said, “Sorry, someone will be joining you.”

I was completely puzzled. I had a hundred dollars in my hand and she refused to take it. I just left her alone and decided I could live with another girl in my room. What the hell, right?

Wrong. So wrong. I should have just moved. But I wouldn’t realize that until much later. Three weeks later, in fact.

My mysterious roommate still hadn’t arrived. I figured she had probably just gone to another dorm. I was happy that I was finally going to have the place to myself.

I continued to do my homework but then, I started to feel hungry. I called the landlady and asked her to rustle me up a hot meal and something for dessert.

Moments later, she arrived but, to my surprise, she was carrying two plates. I told her I only ordered ONE meal. She just replied, “Oh, don’t worry, the other one is for your roommate.”

Again, I was completely puzzled. Didn’t she know that my roommate still hadn’t arrived? What the hell, I thought. I’ll just eat both meals. I was hungry anyway.

Haha. I couldn’t. One was enough to make me full. I couldn’t eat two meals. I decided to return the extra meal to the landlady.

I was thirsty, so I went downstairs to refill my water bottle in the sink. Then, I went back upstairs immediately to do my work but, when I walked into my room, I saw that someone had eaten the second meal. It was finished. Like someone had just eaten it.

It creeped me out but then I thought about it for a while. Perhaps the landlay had eaten it. After all, she was a chubby lady and looked like she loved a good meal. That seemed like a plausible scenario, so I just shrugged my shoulders, forgot about it and moved on with my life.

Ohhh college. I hate you. So much to do, so little time. Indeed that is where pressure and stress arise. Every morning, I went to lectures, feeling refreshed and full of energy. Every evening, I arrived back at the dorm looking and feeling like a tired, haggard old woman.

I usually just went to my dorm to sleep. Oh right, sleep. This is where things got really weird.

One night, I was sleeping on the top bunk when I suddenly felt the bed shaking violently. I woke up with a jerk. I thought that it was my imagination. Then, I felt it again. It was like someone was rattling the bottom bunk back and forth.

Since I just woke up, I was in total panic. I screamed at the top of my lungs until I heard every door in the building open and all my neighbors rushed into my room to see what all the commotion was about.

The landlady burst in, pushing people out of her way and demanding to know what was going on. I told her that I felt someone shaking the bed. Everyone started laughing, including the landlady.

I was freaking out. There might be a possible ghost in my room and they were laughing at me? I asked them why they were laughing.

The landlady approached me and said, “It’s ok, it’s only Rosemary.”

I asked her who Rosemary was.

“Rosemary was a girl who lived in this dorm many years ago,” she replied. “Rosemary slept in this very room. She was top student in her class and she had alot of friends. She liked scaring people and playing pranks. But sadly, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. She died in a matter of months but she never left this room.”

I suddenly felt a chill run down my spine. All this time I had been living with a ghost!? I was still freaked out and shocked from what I had heard. I couldn’t stay in the room a moment longer. Luckily, the girl who lived in the room beside me allowed me to stay with her until I calmed down.

The next morning, I woke up refreshed and a little less frightened. I cautiously went back to my room to gather my books. I planned to go to the library and continue my work.

All of a sudden, the bunk bed began shaking again. I slowly turned and looked behind me. I saw a faint figure emerge from the shadows. It was a girl wearing a blue track suit. She was sitting on the bottom bunk. She giggled a little then disappeared.

I stood there, unable to speak for a few moments. When my thoughts came back to me, I immediately ran out of the room screaming. I swear I heard someone laugh in my room while I was running away.

Hours later, I figured that she didn’t mean me any harm and was probably just playing a prank on me or trying to scare me.

I went back in the room expecting her to be there, but it was empty. No ghosts. No chills. Nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe she decided not to scare me anymore, I thought.

I gathered my books and went to the library. After spending most of the day writing, I finally finished my work and headed home. When I got back to my room, I was so tired that I just jumped into the top bunk without a thought and fell asleep.

Suddenly, I felt a shake and I woke up thinking the worst. But then I thought, “She’s harmless” and yelled for her to stop it because I was trying to get some sleep. The shaking stopped. I felt a cold breeze on my face and opened my eyes. There she was standing in front of me, holding a peace sign with her fingers. I just smiled and went back to sleep.

Everyday she either blows on my ear or hair. Throws my stuff everywhere or hides my homework. And every night she shakes the bottom bunk of the bed and giggles. But surprisingly, it doesn’t bother me anymore. I mean it’s just Rosemary right…?



  • The picture is scarier than the story… I have a bunk bed that I sleep on, and I have had it for like 7 years…now im afraid to sleep in it…

  • 1st the pic looks like my friend if she was in college 2nd HOLY F*** IM LIVING AT HOME WHEN I GO TO COLLEGE!!!

  • Hahahaha, as soon as I saw the name Rosemary I thought it would bear relavance to the Wests!!

  • OMG OMG OMG!! THANK YOU SO MUCH SFK!!! AND @Panda12cool thank you so much :) Yes i will be writing more stories!

  • That’s cool, rosemary is like a friendly sort of ghost and she plays friendly pranks, it’s good how she isn’t evil and tryin to kill Jenny.

  • I wonder who SFK is… would love it if he’d at least post his picture on this website…

  • there were 2 kids named Billy and Dylan they were best friends same school same street evan same friends they hung around with mainly 2 Jack and Ross

    one day a new kid joined their class his name was jimmy,the 4 and jimmy ended up becoming good friends and hanging around day while in class jimmy and ross were talking until the teacher mr mister came up and yelled at jimmy screaming “DONT TALK IN CLASS YOU LITTLE WEASEL” It ended with Mr Mister throwing Jimmys books on the floor and sending jimmy to the office.

    When Jimmy returned to school the next day Billy,Dylan,Ross and Jack were warning him not to go to Mr Misters class but Jimmy ended up being the first one to walk into the room.While Mr Mister was teaching Jimmy could see how bored the class was when he stood up and said “Mr Mister why dont you teach for real these students dont learn shit from you”Mr Mister started to get up but Jimmy continued”Yo start teaching these kids because they will continue to get stupider and stupider unless you show you want to teach them you gotta make them excited to learn cmon and as for yesterday i got one thing to say” “suck it bitch” Mr Mister grabbed Jimmy by the collerand started to drag him out of the room when Billy screamed “STOP” Mr Mister turned around grabbed Billy and threw him and Jimmy out of the classroom.

    For a week nobody knew where Jimmy or Billy was,Jack,Ross and Dylan couldnt get a hold of them evan after calls,texts and calling to their houses.It was the same day billy came back that Mr Mister didnt show for class,noone knew where he was,they just presumed he was sick and enjoyed 40 minutes of no teacher.Later on Ross saw Mr Mister giving Jack money and saying “£200 in cash if i dont see Jimmy again”.Ross told Dylan and Billy what happened and they couldnt beleave it.2 days later,still no sign of Jimmy while the 4 were in class the lights went out, when they came back on they screamed as Jacks body was on the ground and Jimmy was at the back of the classroom with a bloody knife and severed head saying to Mr Mister “lemme put a smile on your face” and with an evil grin cut Mr Mister’s head clean off.
    It was after that a kid had called the cops and Jimmy was cleared as mentaly insane because of what Mr Mister had done.that night as Billy and Ross were sleeping over at Dylan’s house they heard the news on tv “Breaking news a mental patient named Jimmy Mittin has broken out of the mental asylam be on the lookout he’s always carrying a knife.Suddenly the lights went out and Jimmy was behind the 3,the last thing that was heard was screaming.

  • :( I guess SFK doesn’t like my story bcuz this story was posted on the same comment page as mine, on the story Yellow Eyes… Don’t worry, I’ll write some more!

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