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Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald is a funny urban myth from Mexico about a haunted bench at McDonalds.

Ronald McDonald

The legend about the haunted Ronald McDonald bench is believed to have originated around 2004 or 2005 in the city of Cuernavaca in Morelos, Mexico.

As the story goes, two young men were out drinking one night. They had just left the nightclub and were very hungry and went looking for a late night snack. After discussing where they wanted to eat, they settled on McDonalds.

Once they had gotten their food, they both took a seat outside on a Ronald McDonald bench. While they ate their Big Mac meals, they talked about the night. One of the friends stood up to throw his trash away, while the other lay his head down on Ronald McDonald’s lap and said, “I’m tired!”

Just then, Ronald McDonald’s head turned and looked down at him

“I’m tired too,” it said.

They say that one of the young men died from the shock and the other is still in a coma.

Apparently, the security cameras outside recorded everything. It is rumored that McDonalds paid a huge amount of money to the local authorities for the security tapes in order to cover up the incident.

Whether this urban legend really happened or not, word of the incident has spread throughout the country and more and more McDonalds restaurants have had to remove their Ronald McDonald benches.

Ronald McDonald has been the subject of some other strange tales.

Ronald McDonald

In 2001, in Billings Montana, pictures emerged that appeared to show Ronald McDonald being arrested by police. In fact, what happened was that the Ronald McDonald statue was stolen and police found it hanging by the neck from a tree. Not only had the mysterious vandals lynched poor Ronald McDonald, they had also scribbled “Burger King Rules!” across his chest.


  • Mario and Luigi was hungry so the went to McDonalds to order food.
    *after ordering, they sit beside the statue to eat.

    Mario: Hey, Did you take my burger?
    Luigi: Nah ah.
    Mario: Well, it’s missing.
    Luigi: I don’t know, ask the clown (Sarcasm)
    Mario: Ha! Ha! really funny (Sarcasm)

    Mario looks at clown.

    Mario: Hey, he’s got ketchup on his chin. He took my burger.
    Clown: Sorry, I was tired and hungry.
    Mario: Nah ah, no one takes my food without my permision. Hey Luigi grab him.

    Both grab him and ties him on the tummy and hangs him.

    Mario: That should teach him a lesson, C’mon Luigi, lets go to Burger King. McDonalds suck.
    Luigi: Hold on!

    Luigi writes on the clown “Burger King rules”

    (Sorry if was too long and abit weird)

  • haha that’s funny….especially that second pic. looks like the statue is being arrested. i think it’s funny that one dude died from fright. haha

  • Well in my opinion, Burger king is probably a bit better then Mcdonalds. I mean do you know how unhealthy McD’s is? Heck the fries don’t even get moldy if you leave them out for a couple of weeks. But overall, any type of fast food is practically unhealthy for you, which is why i’m glad I hardly eat fast food.

  • Would it be possible to keep the parodies to a minimum or even none at all? They aren’t really funny and they ruin the intent of this site, which is to be scary. I don’t think it’s very “scary” when you look down and see a Mario and Luigi parody that isn’t even the least bit amusing. I’m pretty sure that SFK isn’t amused either.

  • @superscary i like the kids they replaced him with even the cartoon ones. i like the commertial with space man stew

  • Well SFK is mad @ me ‘cuz Whenever I tryed talking to Flamefleatcher the comment didn’t show up on the page on my screen but then I said it for like the 500th time and SFK got super mad at me

  • I’m a newbie. I like ronld mc Donald. I hate the stupid kid and animals they replaced ronld mc Donald with.

  • I agree with you @lookbehindyou :)
    I’m Not Flamefletcher and I gotta shut up about Mario And Luigi SFK’s really really mad @ me

  • @iscareyoutodeath
    Its not really my business but just posting my opinion. Flamefletcher rights parody stories which are funny and entertaining to read. You just summarized the story with Luigi and Mario in my opinion

  • Thank you for posting this one I would always talk with my friends about this one but the story is true…..yup O.0

  • Mario and Luigi at a bar.
    Mario: Let’s Leave The Food Here Sucks!
    Luigi: Wanna Eat A McDonalds?
    Mario: Yeah Fine.
    Luigi: Two Big Mac Combos Please!
    Worker: Ok Sir
    10 minutes later…
    Worker: Here You Go!
    Luigi: Thanks. Mario Lets Eat Beside Ronald McDonald!
    Mario: Yeah!
    30 Mins Later…
    Luigi: I’m Done My Food!
    Mario: Here take my garbage too.
    I’m Tired.
    Mario Lies Down On The Clowns Lap.
    Clown Looks Down.
    Clown: I’m Tired Too! I sit here 24/7 how do you think I feel?
    Mario: Mamma Mia!
    Mario Dies Of Shock
    Luigi: WTH!
    Luigi then passes out.

    @flamefletcher I hope you like it!

  • I always knew that clown was evil. Did anyone listen? Nope. It takes a guy dying from shock for anyone to get it. *sigh* Typical.

  • I’m not a dude,dude. O3O Lol I changed the names to Mario and Luigi XD I picked out german names. It’s not funny or anythin’ I’ll post it later Dx Too lazy right now. Spare with me. Ehhh.

  • No we are not partners it’s just that he was the first person to write a Mario and Luigi parody like me .. So I want him to try writing it again. This is not a business to get a partnership dude. And u can post ur story right here I wanna read it now.

  • @FlameFletcher I know dude . I’m just saying I have one ,I’ll post it sometime. You and Iscareyoutodeath are now partners ? :3

  • Ok carcass u can write one too…..
    There is no rule that only I should write a parody anyone can write…

  • @LadyGamerMia He does but now he wants to try collaberating with other users ,iscareyoutodeath for ex. :D I cant wait to read it. I have a parody for this but not a Mario And Luigi one x3

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