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Riddles For Kids

Here are some riddles for kids. See if you can figure out the solution to each puzzle. As usual, you will find the answers to these riddles in the comments.

Riddles For Kids

Riddle 1. Christmas Presents

On Christmas day, a young boy finds three presents under the Christmas tree. Opening the first present, he finds a pair of shoes and begins to cry. Opening the second present, he finds a soccer ball and cries even harder. Opening the third present, he finds a pair of bicycle shorts. He buries his face in his hands and starts sobbing. Outside, Santa Claus is having a big laugh. Why?

Riddle 2. Locked Room

In a locked room, a man is found hanging by the neck from the ceiling. His feet are not touching the ground. The room is completely empty. There are no tables or chairs or anything else. There is a puddle of water under his feet. How did the man kill himself?

Riddle 3. Murdered Sister

A woman proves in court that her husband was murdered by her sister. Even though the judge finds the sister guilty of murder, he can’t send her to prison. Why?

Riddle 4. Doctor

A man is driving down a highway with his son in his car. They get into a car accident and both are critically injured. Two ambulances from two different hospitals arrive. The man is taken to one hospital and his son is taken to another hospital. The doctor walks into the operating room, looks at the boy, and says, “I can’t operate on this boy. He is my son.” How can this be?

Riddle 5. Hole in the Suit

A man was just doing his job when he accidentally tore a hole in his suit. Three minutes later, he was dead. Why?

Riddle 6. Frog

There is a frog, dead in the middle of an island. If he swims north, the distance to the mainland is 2 meters. If he swims south, the distance to the mainland is 3 meters. If he swims east or west, the distance is 4 meters. Which way should he swim?

Riddle 7. Desert

Two men are lying in the desert. Both of them are wearing backpacks. One man is alive and the other is dead. The backpack of the man who is alive is open. The backpack of the dead man is closed. How did he die?

Riddle 8. Tracks in the Snow

The police find a dead man lying in a field of snow. The man was murdered. The police find a set of tire tracks leading away from the field. They follow the tracks to a nearby farm. At the farmhouse, they find an old man and a disbaled woman sitting on the porch. They question the man and woman and discover that neither of them can drive. Then they arrest the woman for murder. Why did they arrest her?

Riddle 9. Holiday

A married couple flew to Florida on holiday. They booked into a nice hotel. During the vacation, the husband was murdered. The police searched the couple’s hotel room and found a camera, a plane ticket and a bottle of sun-tan lotion. The police immediately arrested the wife. How did they she murdered her husband?

Riddle 10. Three Rooms

10. A man is captured and condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms. The first room is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven’t eaten in three years. Which room should he choose?

Riddle 11. Who Was the Killer?

There was a rich man who lived in a mansion with his wife and servants. One Sunday morning, the man was murdered in his study. The police came to question his wife and his servants. The wife said she was asleep in the bedroom at the time of the murder. The cook said she was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast. The butler said he was in the dining room, polishing the silver. The maid said she was in the driveway, collecting the mail. The gardener said he was in the garden, picking vegetables. Who murdered the rich man?


  • 1. The boy has no legs.

    2. The man stood on an ice cube.

    3. They are Siamese twins.

    4. The doctor is the boy’s mother.

    5. The man is an astronaut in outer space.

    6. The frog can’t swim anywhere. It’s dead.

    7. The backpacks are parachutes, and the dead man didn’t deploy his.

    8. The woman is disabled, so she is in a wheelchair. The tire tracks came from her wheelchair.

    9. The police only found one plane ticket. The wife planned on leaving on her own.

    10. The man should pick the door with the lions because if they haven’t eaten in 3 years, they’re dead.

    11. The maid killed him. There is no mail on Sundays.

  • 1. He has NO legs. He can’t kick a soccer ball, Wear bicycle shorts, Or Wear shoes.
    2. The man was standing on a block of ice, He tied the noose around his neck and when the ice melted, he suffocated.
    3. The sisters are Siamese Twins, (Conjoined Twins). He can’t send one to jail without sending the other one.
    4. The doctor couldn’t operate on the boy because the boy was the women doctors son.
    5. The guy was in space. He can’t breathe if he tore a hole in his space suit.
    6. The frog cannot swim. The frog is dead. ( Plays “In the arms of the angel”).
    7. The other mans parachute didn’t successfully open. So he died. The other mans parachute successfully opened so he lived.
    8. The women was in a wheelchair. The tracks were wheelchair tracks, She murdered the man.
    9. The wife only had a ticket for herself. No one else could go with the women.
    10. He should of chosen the third room, Lions who haven’t eaten in three years are dead.
    11. The maid is the murderer. There is NO mail on Sundays.

  • Come on guys, these are very easy riddles here and yet you guys got it all wrong. Here are the real answers:

    1. The kid is a brat and he cries because he didn’t get the latest Iphone Six, that’s why Santa is laughing because brats crying are funny to see.
    2. Before he hanged himself, he told someone to remove the chair and there was a bucket of water in that chair so it spilled under him when he hanged himself.
    3. Because the Feminists give the world a new order that girls will never be arrested expect men. That’s why, since Feminists are working for power
    4. She’s the Grandmom!
    5. He was a fashion show-off, when his suite rip off he got scared for life and die of that.
    6. South, because it’s warmer in the south.
    7. They’re enemies in Iraq, the guy pulled out his bomb rifle out of his backpack and killed the other guy.
    8. After Feminist give the new order, the men fought back and change it the other way.
    9. “How did they she murdered her husband” Sorry, I don’t know what that word means. The answer to this is unknown but I can say she murder him because the husband used all the sun-tan lotion.
    10. The second room because that’s a quick way to die without pain.
    11. The wife and the cook. The cook because he was preparing breakfast which the food is the guts of the guy. The wife because the story said she a cannibal so it must be her!

    See how obvious that was guys? Just be smart next time.

  • I have heard these before…. feeling so cool by reading this again. My memoirs are refreshed again… :)

  • 1. The boy has no legs, and so he can’t wear shoes/shorts, or kick a soccer ball.
    2. He stood on a block of ice, tied the noose around his neck, and waited for the ice to melt. When it melted, he couldn’t touch the ground, and he suffocated.
    3. The sister and the woman are Siamese twins. The judge can’t send one of them to jail without sending the other one as well.
    4. The doctor was a woman!
    5. He was an astronaut. If your space suit has a hole in it when you’re in space, you’ll die.
    6. He’s dead, so he can’t swim. Also, you can’t swim when you’re on land.
    7. The backpacks had parachutes in them. The dead man didn’t/couldn’t open his, so he died.
    8. The disabled woman was in a wheelchair. The tire tracks were wheelchair tracks.
    9. She ordered a round-trip ticket for herself and a one-way ticket for her husband, because she knew he wouldn’t be going back…
    10. The third one – lions that haven’t eaten in 3 years would be dead!
    11. The maid, because there’s no mail on Sunday.

  • 2.he stood on the ice.
    4.the doctor was his mother.
    7.their was parachute in the backpacks.
    11.the maid is the murderer theirs no mail on Sunday.

  • #1~He has no legs
    #2~Block of ice
    #3~The title is murdered sister, she must have been murdered by the other sister
    #4~The doctor is his mother
    #6~He was shot?
    #7~The frog is already dead
    #8~His parachute didn’t open
    #9~She was in a wheelchair
    #10~Only one ticket was there
    #11~The lions are already dead
    #12~Mail doesn’t come on Sunday so it’s the maid

  • 1.The boy has no legs
    2. Hmmmm……maybe he stood on a block of ice
    3.The lady and her sister are siamese twins?
    4. I have heard this riddle. She is the mother of the kid
    5. No idea
    6. How can a frog swim if he’s dead!
    7. Ummm….confused
    8. The lady was in wheel chair
    9. The wife only had one ticket
    10.lions are dead. Chose the third room, man!
    11. Arrest the maid. No mails on sunday
    Yay! Awesome riddles

  • Answers: The 1st, electrocuted as there is a power cut.
    The 2nd, Whatever your name is as you’re the bus driver.
    And last, but not least, the one which neither me, or my brothers got when dad told us.
    The answer is he was a fisherman, so he was chatting to his mate and said, “I caught a fish that was THIS big!” Then he stretched his arms out and smashed the glass by accident and bled to death.

  • I know a few riddles!

    There’s a power cut and you’re caught steeling. You’re condemned to death. You get to choose which way you die out of being shot, stabbed or electrocuted. Which do you you choose?

    Say you’re a bus driver. You go to Belfast, pick up 12 passengers, travel to Dublin, drop 9 passengers off, collect 24, go to Belfast again, drop off 24 passengers and go to a city center and drop the remaining passengers off. What’s the bus driver’s name?

    There is a man who is dead in a phone box, the glass is smashed but he was alone. Nobody shot him, nobody killed him. The phone is dangling down and he’s a fisherman. How did he die?

  • The one where the doctor’s the mum, I knew that one because my brother has told me it multiple times.

  • Damn all of you guys that commented the answers above,
    Just say that u copied sfk’s answers and changed it around

  • 1.The boy has no legs
    2. The man stood on a block of ice and waited for it to melt
    3. The women are siamese twins
    4. The doctor is the boy’s mother
    5. The guy is an astronaut
    6. The frog can’t swim, he’s dead
    7. The backpacks are parachutes
    8. The woman is in a wheelchair
    9. The wife was planning it because there was only 1 return flight plane ticket
    10. The lions because they would be dead
    11. The maid because there is no mail on Sunday

  • #9 There was only one plane ticket because the wife planned to go back home after she killed her husband?

  • #1 is sad. The boy has no legs and is crying, and Santa is laughing. How sad and mean.

  • I was thinking secret service agent for #5.. Got shot as a part of his job and bled out.. And the frog one says dead in the middle of the island.. I interpreted “dead in the middle” like “dead center”… In that case he can’t swim cause he’s on an island.. On land.

  • 1)He doesn’t have any legs.
    2)He stood on a block of ice. Sound like something I’ve seen in the movie saw.
    3)Don’t know. I agree that they were probably siamese twins.
    4)The doctor is the mum not the dad.
    5)He was an astronaut.
    6)The frog can’t swim because he is dead.
    7)The backpacks are parachutes. The man who is alive has an open backback because his parachute opened but the other guys didn’t.
    8) The tracks were left by the disabled womans wheel chair.
    9)There was only one plane ticket so she must have known that only she would return.
    10)The third room. The lions would have starved to death if they hadn’t eaten in three years.
    11)The maid. There is no mail on Sunday.

  • 1. The boy has no legs.
    2. He stood on a block of ice and waited for it to melt. (rather dumb if you ask me -.-;)
    3. Maybe because she’s a mental patient or maybe because she killed in self-defence?
    4. Maybe because the doctor is the grandfather of the boy. Or maybe the doctor is the father of the man?
    5. He was in space? Dunno…
    6. Why should he swim? The frog is dead.
    7. The 2nd one’s parachute didn’t open that’s why he died.
    8. The woman was on a wheel chair. The tires left tracks in the snow.
    9. The wife had carried only one return plane ticket. It was a pre-planned murder.
    10. The 3rd room. No one can live without food for 3 years.
    11. The maid was the culprit. Mail on Sunday? Interesting, huh…

  • 1. the kid have no feet
    2. he used a block of ice to climb then waited for it to melt and hung himself
    3. because her husband has attempted to rape her sister?
    4. the doctor is his mother
    5. working on a nuclear job,, the radiation got in
    6. the frog is dead
    7. backpacks are parachutes. the one dead didnt open his parachute
    8. the woman was in a wheel chair
    9. the woman only bought 1 ticket
    10. room with lions, theyre already dead for 3 years with no food
    11. the maid.. theres no mail on sundays

  • #5-I also believe that he could’ve been a cop…’cause if he tore a ‘hole’ in his suit it could also be caused by a bullet (bullet hole) wich would cause him to die :] most of the time

  • 1. He doesn’t have legs/ he can’t play because it’s too cold out?
    2. EASY. He stood on an ice block until he died.
    3. Because they’re Siamese twins
    4. The doctor is the mom
    5. I don’t know…he tore the skin, too, and bled to death?
    6. He can’t swim because he’s dead?
    7. I heard this before, I think the answer is that the backpack had water in it?
    8. ‘cuz she didn’t make them a SAMMICH. …I don’t know.
    9. Left him out in the sun with the sun tan lotion on him?
    10. Third room, if the lions haven’t eaten in 3 years…they had to of starved, right?
    11. THE MAID. *dun dun duuunnn*

  • Aren’t these all in a book or something?

    1. The boy has no legs (Santa! :c )
    2. He was standing on a block of ice.
    3. The sisters are Siamese twins.
    4. The doctor was the boy’s mother
    5. He was an astronaut.
    6. The frog was DEAD
    7. They had been skydiving and the dead man’s parachute malfunctioned.
    8. The disabled woman had a wheelchair.
    9. The wife only had one return ticket O_o
    10. Umm.. the lions? OMG they are dead from starvation right?
    11. Mail doesn’t come on Sunday.. but newspapers do xD

  • 1.) The boy doesn’t have legs
    2.) He stood on a block of ice
    3.) Her sister is dead…?
    4.) The doctor is the mom
    5.) He was an astronaut
    6.) No way. He’s dead.
    7.) The dead man’s parachute didn’t open
    8.) The disabled woman was on a wheelchair, thus making the tracks
    9.) The wife only had one ticket for herself…?
    10.) He should choose the room with the lions because if they haven’t eaten in three years that means they are dead.
    11.) The Maid killed him because there is no mail on Sunday.

  • 1)the boy didnt have legs
    2)he stood on a block of ice and the ice melted
    3)they were identical but they were blaming it on eachother
    4)the docter is the mum
    5)he was in space
    6)he was dead,he couldnt swim
    7)the parachute didnt open
    8)if she is disabled,she would be in a wheelchair
    9)the wife had only one ticket for herself,not 2
    10)room 3,becauze the lions would be dead if they didnt eat for 3 years
    11)the maid,there is no mail on sunday

    i hope here are right!:)

  • @scaryforkids Is there a way to pm or email you? You never told me if I was banned or not…
    scaryforkids says: You were never banned. i didn’t write that comment. It was another user just writing “scaryforkids says” in their comment. So don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong, youre not banned or anything like that.

  • @werewolfgirl
    I think 5.he was an astronot on a moon walk,but very good guess though.

  • 4.It is his mom
    5.His job was something underwater and when his suit ripped he drown?
    10.The third room because a lion that hasn’t eaten in three years would be dead(I can’t take credit for this,I’ve heard it before)
    That’s all I got :( More riddles!!!

  • The Santa Claus was so mean!!! Poor the boy…anyway, it was a very nice story. Thanks for sharing.

  • 1.)Either he doesn’t have legs or its the belongings of a friend who died.
    2.)There was a big piece of ice and it melted.
    3.)Either they’re twins or the other sister is dead.
    4.)The doctor is the boys mother.
    5.)The man is in space.
    6.)He can’t swim if he’s dead
    7.)The mans parachute didn’t open
    8.)The woman was in a wheelchair
    9.)There was only 1 plane ticket
    10.)Third room: the lions haven’t eaten in 3 years, they must be dead.
    11.)The maid; there is no mail on Sunday… :D

  • 1)i dont know
    2)still dont know
    3)the sister is dead?
    5)oh i heard this riddle before the man is in space
    6)what how can he swim if he’s dead
    7)i’m clueless
    8)she is in a wheel chair
    9)oh there is only one ticket for going back or something like that
    10)ok i think he should choose the third room cause i dont think anything would last that long without eating like seriously three years???
    11)i’m clueless again
    oh well i think i got most of them

  • 1: the boy has no legs
    2: he stood on a big block of ice
    3: they might of been identical but they were both blaming it on eachother
    4: the doctor is the boys mum
    5: he might of made a hole in his skin
    6: none hes dead
    7: the mans parachute didn’t open
    8: the lady was in a wheelchair
    9: the wife only had 1 ticket for the journey home so she killed her husband
    10: the third one because the tigers havn’t eaten in 3 years so they’re dead
    11: the maid because there isn’t mail on sunday


  • I think the first one is because he’s never had then before so its tears of JOY

  • i have a story:
    erics family had just moved into a new house. eric was the first one in and he swore he saw a shadow with red eyes at the top of the staircase. he blinked and it disappeared. so anyway they do all their moving crap and eric chooses a room. that night he has a horrible dream the shadow man with bright red eyes was glaring at him. “ill kill you all if u dont leave” it said, then with a quick slash, too fast for mortal eyes to track, he scratched erics arm. eric woke up sweating. it was just a dream he thought. then in the morning daylight he saw scratches on his arm. “LEAVE OR DIE” they said. eric panicked. he showed his parents, but they thought he was joking. after school eric went to the library and researched his house. a old man had lived there. his name was emery wite. he had gotten shot by a burgler. “its emerys ghost!” eric thought. he went home and told his parents. they scolded him for being so untruthful. suddenly a lamp flew across the room and crashed against the wall. his dads bowling trophy fell off a shelf and conked his mom on the head. all sorts of objects were flying around the room. his parents grabbed eric and ran out the door, which slammed behind them. thankfully they hadnt unpacked anything too important to go back for. eric glanced back as they drove away, and he thought he saw a shadow with red eyes standing in the window watching them leave.

    XD i know it sucks, but i dont have that much time on my hands sorry!

  • i have a story:


    erics family had just moved into a new house. eric was the first one in and he swore he saw a shadow with red eyes at the top of the staircase. he blinked and it disappeared. so anyway they do all their moving crap and eric chooses a room. that night he has a horrible dream the a shadow man with bright red eyes TO BE CONTINUED I HAVE 2 GO

  • Answers:
    1. The boy has no legs.
    2. He stood on a block of ice.
    3. The sisters are Siamese twins.
    4. The doctor is the boy’s mother.
    5. He was an astronaut on a space walk, doing repairs.
    6. The frog can’t swim, he is dead.
    7. The man’s parachute didn’t open.
    8. The woman was in a wheelchair.
    9. The wife bought only one ticket for the return journey.
    10. The third room. If the lions haven’t eaten in three years, they must be dead.
    11. The maid. There is no mail on Sunday.

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