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Riddles For Adults

Puzzling riddles for adults to solve and scary stories with hidden meanings. These brain teasers will boggle the mind. Try and figure out the creepy hidden meaning in each story and come up with a solution.

Riddles For Adults

Riddle 1. Strange Note

A few years ago, my older brother went crazy. He stabbed my sister to death and attacked my parents. The police managed to subdue him before he killed them too. He’s been in a mental hospital ever since and we never visit him.

This morning, we got a letter from him in the mail. The postmark was yesterday. I opened it and inside, I found a strange note:

“Tonight the wind blows colder still.
All I know is darkness, never light.
The pain will break strongest hearts.
My dreams still escape my grasp.”

I couldn’t make sense of it, so I went to the kitchen and gave it to my mother. As soon as she finished reading it, her face went pale and the note slipped from her fingers. She rushed to the front door and started screaming.

Riddle 2. Poor Girl

A girl endured terrible bullying every day at school. Some of the girls in her class would even take her to a secluded place and beat her up so nobody would see them doing it. One day, the girl was found lying dead in a pool of blood in the school toilets. The teachers said it was suicide. She had sliced her own wrists and bled to death. They said she left a note behind. It read:

“Please excuse the unfortunate mess. I committed suicide, but it was not because I was bullied.”

Riddle 3. Taking Out the Trash

This morning, I was awakened by banging and clattering. My wife was downstairs making breakfast. She doesn’t usually make this much noise. I went downstairs to the kitchen. My wife had her back to me and she was cutting something up in the sink. I said, “Good morning” but she ignored me.

Then, I remembered what happened last night. My wife caught me cheating on her and we had a violent argument. So, today she must be giving me the silent treatment. How long can that last?

I sat down at the table and asked her when breakfast would be ready, but she continued to ignore me. Then I looked at the clock. It was almost time to go to work. I raced upstairs and hurriedly changed into my suit. When I came back down, my wife was out in the garden doing something.

I always take out the trash before I go to work, so I grabbed the big black plastic bag in the kitchen. It was unusually heavy. She hadn’t just double-bagged it. She had used about 4 or 5 black garbage bags. I dragged it out to the end of the driveway and left it on curb.

It was so heavy, I wondered what was in there. My curiosity got the better of me. I untied the knot and took a look inside…

Riddle 4. Dead Body

One day, I was watching the news when the house I used to live in as a child came up on the screen. It was a breaking news story. They said the dead body of a girl was found buried in the back yard. I was so shocked, I grabbed my phone and called my dad immediately to tell him about it.

“Dad, are you watching the news?” I asked.

“No,” he replied. “Why?”

“You’ll never guess what happened,” I gushed breathlessly. “Remember that old house where we used to live? Well, it’s on the news. They found a dead body buried in the backyard. The police are questioning the owners right now.”

“What?” he replied. “Are you serious? Wow, that’s scary!”

“Yeah, it is scary,” I said. “What if it was there back when we were living in the house. We could have been walking back and forth in the garden, all the time unaware that there was a corpse beneath our feet. It freaks me out just to think about it.”

“Me too,” he said. “I never noticed a thing while we were living there, but it’s a scary thought. Of course, I feel bad for the parents.”

“Yeah, I do too. They must have been worried sick.”

“I wonder who buried her there,” he said. “It give me the creeps just thinking about it.”

“Well the police are investigating it now,” I said. “They’ll probably get to the bottom of it eventually.”

“I hope so,” said my dad.

Riddle 5. Apartment Building

There’s an old, vacant apartment building near me. The city is planning to demolish it soon. I often pass by it on the way home from work. A number of people have committed suicide there by jumping to their deaths. Because of that, they say the ghosts of the suicide victims still haunt the building. At night, the area is quite eerie because there are no street lights.

One night, I had to stay late at work and it was almost 11PM when I was walking home. I was passing by the apartment building and it was creeping me out. Just then, I looked up and spotted a shadowy figure on the roof.

I thought it was a ghost. My heart almost stopped. Then I took a closer look and I could make out a person standing there on the roof. All of a sudden, the person jumped. I watched as the figure fell to the ground and landed with a sickening thud. It was horrible.

I rushed over and saw that it was a woman. She was lying in a pool of blood on the concrete. Her head was split open and her arms and legs were twisted at odd angles. I immediately called an ambulance on my cell phone. The whole thing upset me so much, I was shaking and I thought I was going to be sick.

Some people must have heard the sound of her hitting the concrete. When I looked up, people in the apartment building were leaning over their balconies, trying to get a look.

Soon, the ambulance came and took her away. When I got home, I couldn’t sleep a wink. I couldn’t get the memory of that horrible scene out of my mind.

Riddle 6. Argument

There was a married couple who lived in an apartment building with their young daughter. The husband and wife never got along and were always arguing. One day, they started to quarrel over something small. Their daughter was sitting on the windowsill, listening to them shout at each other. The argument turned into a big screaming match. The daughter couldn’t stand to listen to it anymore, so she left. When the parents realized their daughter was gone, they looked out the window and saw her outside. They felt very guilty, so they followed her.


  • 1. He escaped 2. I couldn’t quite figure out but I’m guessing the teachers killed her(?) 3. He’s dead, she killed him, cut him to pieces in the sink, ignored him because he is a ghost and she cannot hear him, threw the pieces in a bag while he was upstairs, he opened it, and realized he is dead. 4. The dad did it because he was never told what gender the child was, yet he knew. 5. The place was abandoned so that means it was full of ghosts that why he couldn’t sleep. 6. She commit suicide and they did as well because they felt that it was their fault.

  • 1) read the 1st word of the 1st line, 2nd word of the 2nd line and so on. The message is “Tonight I will escape.”
    2) The bullies killed her and wrots the note to make it look like suicide.
    3) The wife killed him. He was a ghost and that is why his wife couldnt hear him.
    4) The boy’s father is the killer He knew that the dead body found was of a girl.
    5) The apartment was vacant. The people who were looking were ghost.
    6) The girl jumped out of the window as she couldn’t bear their fight (they lived in an apartment) and her parents feeling guilty followed her and jumped too.

  • 3# if you really think about it the wife couldn’t of been the one to get killed because the woman he cheated with would have witnessed so my theory is that the wife killed the woman he cheated with and that’s the body he saw in the trash

  • 1. Read the first word, second word third word, fourth word of each sentence ”Tonight I Will Escape”.
    2. The bullies killed the girl. The teachers mistook it as a suicide because of the note.
    3. The wife didn’t answer her husband because she was chopping up his dead body. He was a ghost.
    4. The boys father is the killer. He knows the person he killed was a girl. He didn’t want to act suspicious.
    5. The apartment is vacant. The people looking from the balcony are actually ghosts.
    6. The girl couldn’t handle the parents fighting. So she committed suicide. Then her parents committed suicide because of their daughter. Scary For Kids can you tell me if these are right?

    Scaryforkids says: Yes, you got them all right :)

  • I have a riddle.

    One night, when I was walking home from a drunken party, I saw a beautiful woman on the road, she didn’t look that pretty but I remembered something. She used to go to my school and I remember saying that I was going to kill her whenever I saw her again. I didn’t really mean to say it. She was right next to me and she was pale as hell. The girl turned to me. Suddenly, she fell to the ground. I’m afraid what to do next. Really. She won’t wake up… I guess the thought stuck in my head…

    Answer: He/She killed the woman

  • #4- The narrator never told their father the gender of the dead body, yet he somehow knew it was a girl, implying the father had something to do with it

  • #1- Read the first word of the first line, second word of the second line, third word of the third line, fourth word of the fourth line… it says “Tonight I Will Escape”, and the postmark was yesterday, so…

  • #5- It said the apartment building was vacant…yet people (ghosts?) go on the balconies of the building 0_0

  • 1. He’s gonna break free and Is Going To Attack The Family Again because if you take the 1st word on first line, 2 word on second line, 3 word on 3 line, etc.
    2. It says I committed suicide which means she was already dead and you cant write if she cut her wrists.
    3. The Wife killed the woman he was cheating on her with.
    4. He never told the dad the gender…Which means he was the killer or he knew about it.
    5. The apartment is Vacant so uh…They were ghosts…
    6. The girl jumped out the window, and the parents jumped because they felt guilty.

  • 1. it says i will escape tonight….first word of the first line second word of the second line third word of the third line and the fourth word of the fourth line
    2. the bullies killed her
    3. the wife killed him…he was a ghost that is why the wife couldn’t hear him OR the wife killed the woman the guy was having an affair with……mostly the first one only.
    4. the narrator’s father is the killer…….as the narrator didn’t tell his father the gender of the person killed at all.
    5. how can people be living in a vacant building? They were obviously the ghosts of the people who committed suicide there.
    6. The girl committed suicide and due to the guilt the parents committed suicide too.

  • Wayyy too easy for the master of riddles like me. Watch this guys.

    1. idk
    2. idk
    3. idk
    4. idk
    5. idk
    6. idk

    Okay, maybe that was too hard for me anyways. But still!

  • #1 For the poem, take the first word of the first line, then 2nd word of the 2nd line, 3rd of the 3rd line and 4th word of the 4th line. It’d be read ‘TONIGHT I WILL ESCAPE’ And since the mail was sent yesterday, so this mean the brother has already escaped.

  • i think in the first one the boy went crazy after reading the note and then the mother went crazy after reading the note

  • For 2. It says I “committed” but normally people will say “I will commit”
    So she was already dead when it was written. I think it was a cover up from the bullies, honestly.

  • To “BeLogicalPlease”

    I found it ironic that you have that username to be logical yet you said “giving me Autism” which is sad and not logical. Also just because the ghosts don’t exist doesn’t mean it doesn’t in the story.

    Logical….yea right.

  • 1) He escaped and was standing right outside the door when the Mother opened it screaming in terror of what she saw.
    2) The bullies killed her.
    3) The wife killed the person her husband was having an affair with. The wife simply ignored her husband and she went to garden, hoping he wouldn’t look inside the garbage bag.
    4) The narrators father killed the girl. The narrator was talking on the phone and only mentioned a dead body was found. He/she did not mention that it was a girl. He said he wasn’t watching the news.
    5) The narrator was simply walking by a different apartment building. It says he/she often passed by it on the way home from work. Plus, no lights are ever on the street of the haunted yet vacant apartment building. The narrator couldn’t have seen the woman standing on the top of the building if that street has no lights. It was simply a different apartment building.
    6) The daughter committed suicide. The parents felt guilty about what their arguing caused, so they killed themselves as well.

  • The only one I can’t necessarily answer is 2 but reading the comments is giving me autism. Let’s clear some stuff up.
    A. “she couldn’t have written the note because she was dead” – Well that’s usually why people write suicide notes, they do it beforehand for when people find the body. Also slitting your wrists is very messy and I’m sure she would have known that hence the “sorry for the mess” statement.
    B. “it was the teachers because the teachers called it a suicide” – Come on.. Are you even trying? The only thing I can come up with is that yes she was killed, probably by the bullies because the note said that it wasn’t because bullying, but why day that? no one knew she was even being bullied because they would beat her up in secret areas so no one knew about it except her and the bullies. Also “the only thing they found was a suicide note” if she slit her own wrists there would have been a bloody knife left behind as well. My guess is the bullies killed her, left the note for a cover up, and took the murder weapon with them like idiots.

    Now let’s see if we can’t clear up number 5 – A. He’s not a psychic, he clearly watched her jump. B. Ghosts aren’t real. C. The apartments are vacant, meaning no one should be there. The woman was pushed off the edge and the murderers stood looking over the balcony to see their handiwork and also for reassurance she was dead.

    Most of the other riddle comments seemed pretty accurate otherwise. hope that helped :)

  • 1. It says “Tonight I will escape” if you read the first word on the first line, the second word on the second line, etc.

    2. The girls killed her and wrote the note as a cover up? The toilet is the secluded place, and the note says she wasn’t bullied in order to keep people from suspecting them. That’s the best I can do.

    3. He’s dead, his wife killed him. He is a ghost watching her cut up his body parts and dig a hole in the backyard. She was going to bury the bag, but the ghost carried it to the curb and opened it.

    4. The father killed her. The son only said it was a corpse, nothing about the age or gender. And yet, the father says something about the parents, and refers to the body as a her.

    5. He looks up and sees people living in the abandoned building watching the scene. These are the ghosts of the other people who had committed suicide there.

    6. Group suicide. The girl jumped when she couldn’t take the fighting anymore. The parents, stricken with grief, killed themselves as well.


    1) The boy got the letter from his brother yesterday if you read the first word in the first sentence and then the second word in the second sentence then the third word for the third sentence then the fourth word for the fourth sentences it reads ‘ Tonight I will escape’. So the boy escaped last night and when the mother ran to the door, she saw him.

    2) The bullies killed her simple.

    3) The wife was so angry that she killed the woman that her husband was cheating on, but was still angry at him so she ignored him.

    4) The father killed the little girl, and knew about it all along, because the boy never mentioned the gender of the dead body but the father did meaning that he killed her.

    5) The man’s a psychic who can see the future and saw her death, that’s why he said he couldn’t sleep a wink not with that horrifying scene still in his head.

    6) The child jumped out the window allowing her to leave the world, so she committed suicide the parents saw this and wanted to join their daughter in death.

    P.S. This is what I think the answers are.

    P.P.S I would really apreciate if Scary for Kids could review my comment and see if it’s right or wrong.

  • 1: It says I will escape if you read diagonally.
    2: She can’t write a note if she cut her wrists.
    3: The man was dead and his corpse was in the bag and the wife couldn’t see him since he is dead.
    4: The dad knew the dead body was a girl without watching the news, so he must have killed her.
    5: The building is abandoned, so the people looking down must be ghosts.
    6: The child commited suicide and then the parents did too.

  • I’ve got the answer to #1. If you look at the lines in the poem you can see the words “Tonight I will escape” written diagonally. So after the mother reads this she runs to the front door screaming.

  • I’m disappointed that SFK isn’t posting the real answers and we are getting confused by reading different answers in the comment section. No offense though…

  • 2. The girl really commited suicide, but the teacher was the one who write suicide note, because they don’t want to make the school looks bad. So they hide the bullying fact

  • 3. The wife was cutting up, burying, and throwing away the body of the woman who the man was cheating on her with
    4. The dad referred to the body as “her” but the kid never mentioned the gender…
    6. They were in an apartment building. The girl fell to her death and the parents did the same.

  • 1. The mother had metrophobia, the fear of poems, and when she read her sons poem she freaked out.

    2. The ‘girl’ was actually a boy and committed suicide because he was constantly being mistaken for a girl, even being forced into the girls toilets.

    3. She was angry at him so, as a punishment she made him drag heavy things outside.

    4. The father knew it was a girl even though his daughter didn’t tell him because he was actually the police that had discovered her. He didn’t tell his daughter about him being a police because years ago his daughter his daughter stole candy and was talked to by an intimidating police and now she is scared of them.

    5. He said he ‘thought’ he was going to be sick which meant he was psychic because he could tell what was going to happen.

    6. The daughter was sitting by the Windows 8 laptop. She wanted her parents to follow her on Twitter but they were too busy arguing so she ran away, taking the laptop with her. The parents then realised and either followed her on Twitter or followed her outside because she took the laptop and they needed Wikipedia to settle their argument.

    I think I nailed it, don’t you?

  • I figured out the mystery of Poor Girl. -#2
    There are a few things you need to know.
    1) We know she was murdered of course why else would it be here
    2) It says the bullies took her to a secluded place to beat her up. What is more secluded than a restroom, for some people their 1 moment of privacy
    3) We know she couldn’t have wrote the note if she cut her wrists, and how could she have know about the mess.
    Finally the moment you read this comment for the answer:
    It was the bullies of course. WRONG!
    There is always something hidden. A sentence that doesn’t belong. A fact we already know. Authors put it in so we look past it, but no if you read it and follow my train of thought, you would understand. The Teachers did it.
    The sentence: The teachers said it was suicide.
    She was not the ones who said it, the teachers were. A sentence people look past because it is a simple fact. But for all you who look would understand, the teachers did it.

  • For 2. I think someone killed the girl because she sliced her own wrists, but it said nothing about finding something to hurt herself neither a knife and the note she left clearly says NOT BECAUSE I WAS BULLIED so maybe they killed her @sfk am i right? Maybe? Sort of? A ppinch close?

    Scaryforkids says: Yes, you’re right. The bullies probably killed her.

  • 1. Tonight i will escape (read the first letters)
    3.the narrator got killed/is a ghost because he it telling what is happening
    4.The father knows that the body of the person is a girl
    5.the apartment is empty so people would see ghosts.
    6. The girl killed herself by jumping out a window (their parents thought it was their fault so they killed themselves too)

  • WAIT I GOT 3

    3. The narrator is dead. The wife killed him, because of the violent argument. The wife was chopping him up at the kitchen sink. She ignored him because she couldn’t hear him. And inside the bag was the body parts of the narrator.


    2. Her note said “I comittED suicide.” Thus means past tense, a person about to commit suicide means would write like they’re about to do it. Like “I’m going to commit suicide.” Or “I’m going to leave now.”. I think the bullies did it, and the clarification “But it was not because I was bullied.” Just made me think it was the bullies even more. Because they wouldn’t want people to think it was them at ALL.

  • 2.) The girl’s note says: “I committed suicide”, which is past tense. That most likely means she didn’t kill herself. The bullies probably did it, because they would take her to a secluded place where nobody would see her be beat up, so they could kill her too. The bit about the suicide not being because of the bullying was to throw off people.

  • Ive got the numbers 3,4,5 and 6.
    My first guess on number 3 was that it was the woman whom the husband had an affair. I never thought it was the husband who was killed. Lol :-P

  • These are really good! I pondered and pondered but still couldn’t get the answer to #1. I tried reading it backwards, then first word of each line, then last one, then every second word! But I still couldn’t. I had to check the comments. You know, that’s what I usually do. :P
    The #2 one, this one is kind of tricky. I’ve tried everything in this also. The only sane explanation that has come to me is this-
    The girl has written “I committED suicide.” Wouldn’t someone who’s about to commit suicide write something like “I’m going to commit suicide.” or “I’m going away.” instead of using the past tense? I mean if she wrote that note, she must’ve done it before dying. Also, the clarification that “not because I was bullied.” just doesn’t make sense.
    Well, that’s all I could come up with. I maybe wrong too…

  • 6: The girl committed suicide by jumping from the window. They saw her body and killed themselves because they felt guilty.

  • for 6 i think the girl jumped out of the window and committed suicide and that’s why the parents felt guilty and decided to follow her.

  • I am the only person that realized that there is no answer for number 2 and number 6??? creepy riddles…even though im not exactly an adult

  • Erm, but SFK, what’s the answer to number 2?

    P.S. Rock on~! I love the stories here! Do you make some of them? *u*

    1. Look closely at the poem. 4 lines. 1. Tonight. 2. I. 3. Will. 4. Escape. The mom screams because the son is at the front door.
    3. The narrator is a ghost. He’s been murdered by his wife. She was dismembering him with a knife in the sink. (mmmchocolate) He opens the garbage bag and sees himself chopped up.
    4. The father knows the dead body is a girl even though nobody told him this info, so he is the killer. (Miss_Terious_Potato)
    5. The apartment building is VACANT. So, the people looking out of the balconies were ghosts (mmmchocolate) and they may have even pushed the woman off to her death.
    6. The girl jumped out the window and killed herself. The parents felt guilty and decided to kill themselves as well.

  • 1. I didn’t really get the poem. I just think it has something to do with something at the front of their house. And that he’s escaped from the asylum.
    2. What if someone also took her to a secluded place and.. uhm, FORCED her into sex? I mean, she said she didn’t commit suicide because of the bullying.. So what else right?
    3. The man speaking is already dead. When they had a violent argument, the wife killed her husband and put him in a garbage bag. That’s why she was ignoring him because she couldn’t see nor hear him. He was a ghost already! OR The woman was really just giving him the silent treatment and inside the garbage bag was the girl’s (the one he was cheating on his wife with) body. And she quintupled the bags because — you know, bodies are heavy and the bag might rip and expose the bloody secret.
    4. It’s the father. He may not be the killer but he was the one who buried the girl. “But you know how these things are. Sometimes so much time has gone by that they just end up being an unsolved mystery…” is a dead giveaway.
    5. “…old, vacant apartment building…” but then suddenly “…people in the apartment building were leaning over their balconies, trying to get a look.” That meant that the people leaning over were the other people before who killed themselves like the girl who jumped.

    hope I helped! SFK, these are wonderful! Make some more please.. =)

  • OH. MY. GOSH. I couldn’t guess ANYthing! Please, please post the answers! :( Ok. So, I thought about it, and here’s what I got.
    #3. It’s him. The narrator is like, a ghost or something? And he’s been murdered by his wife, who has dismembered him.
    #5. The apartment building is supposed to be VACANT. So, the people looking out of the balconies were probably ghosts

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