The Refrigerator is a funny story about two ghosts who meet and have a conversation about how they died.


Two ghosts were having a conversation.

“How did you die?” asked the first ghost.

“I froze to death,” replied the second.

“How did that happen?” asked the first.

“Well,” said the second ghost. “I accidentally got locked in a refrigerator. Once I was inside, I couldn’t open the door. At first, I just felt very cold. Then, I started shivering. I felt very sleepy and it was hard to think. My arms and legs began to go numb and my heartbeat got slower and slower. As my whole body started to freeze, I slowly lost consciousness. It was like falling asleep. Fortunately, I died without suffering too much… How about you? How did you die?”

“Well,” replied the first ghost. “I died of a heart attack. I ate too much fast food, chips and sweet things. My arteries were clogged and I was very overweight…”

“So that was what killed you?” asked the second ghost.

“Not exactly,” said the first ghost. “I suspected that my wife was cheating on me. One day, I came home from work early to catch her with her boyfriend. I saw a pair of men’s shoes in the hallway, so I knew he was in the house. I rushed upstairs and burst into the bedroom, but my wife was alone. I threw open all the wardrobes and checked inside. I ran into the other bedrooms and checked under all the beds. I hurried downstairs and checked the garage. Then, I ran into the living room and checked behind the sofa. After that, I searched all the bathrooms, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. With all that running around, I suddenly felt a tightness in my chest and a shooting pain down my arm. I broke into a cold sweat and it became hard to breathe. Then, I collapsed on the floor. It was incredibly painful and in the end, I lost consciousness and died.”

The second ghost sighed. “Why didn’t you check the refrigerator?”


  1. Shadow_of_Darkness says

    I was worried when I read the title…
    I thought, “Oh, crap, now ScaryForKids has to make me fear my REFRIGERATOR, too?”
    LOL XD

  2. the_dreaded_terror says

    so basically the second ghost is the boyfriend who got locked in the refrigerator when he was trying to hide from his girlfriend’s husband and the first ghost is the woman’s husband who was so fat and overweight that he got out of breath from searching and died of a heart attack.
    Dude that is messed up but still interesting!

  3. Requiem says

    Ah! I’ve heard of this but there the man tossed the refrigerator outside, it hit some other guy down the balcony, and then the first guy got his heart attack.

  4. lizett says

    At first I didn’t get it but then I started thinking and I was like dada he was the guy that the first guy was looking for.

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