Red Eyed Creature

The Red-Eyed Creature is a scary story about a family that moves into a new house and is plagued by a monster with red glowing eyes. It was featured on an episode of the TV series Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction and it was supposed to be a true story.

Red-Eyed Creature

The Sterling family fell in love with the house the moment they laid eyes on it. It had everything. There was a big back yard for their son, Billy, could play, a large kitchen where the mother could cook meals and a separate servants’ quarters for their nanny.

Red-Eyed Creature

The trouble began on the first night after they moved in. Billy woke up in the middle of the night. he decided to go down to the kitchen for some cookies and milk.

Red-Eyed Creature

All of a sudden, he heard a low, growling noise and when he looked around, he saw a pair of glowing red eyes floating towards him.

Red-Eyed Creature

The boy let out a terrified scream and ran upstairs to tell his parents what he had seen.

Several days went by without any other incidents, but Billy was still shaken by the red-eyed monster. No matter what his parents told him, he kept insisting it was real.

Then, one night, the mother was in the kitchen, washing the dishes. All of a sudden, the lights went off and she heard a low growling noise.

Red-Eyed Creature

Then, to her horror, she saw a pair of glowing red eyes floating towards her. She got such a fright that she dropped the dishes and they smashed on the floor.

Red-Eyed Creature

The next morning, the father called the real estate agent who had sold them the house and found out that there was something she hadn’t told him. The original owner had committed suicide by hanging himself in the garage. He left behind no note, no explanation and no one could ever figure out why it happened.

That evening, the parents and the nanny held a family meeting in the kitchen to discuss what was going on.

“We’re all a bit on edge,” the nanny said, “but there’s got to be a logical explanation.”

“I know what I saw,” the mother insisted. “How can you explain what Billy and I saw right here in this very room?”

Red-Eyed Creature

Just then, the father noticed that the thermostat on the wall had two red lights that, in the dark, could easily be mistaken for glowing red eyes. They also realized that when the heating turned on, it made a low growling noise.

“Well, there’s your explanation,” the nanny said.

Red-Eyed Creature

That night, when Billy went to bed, the nanny went upstairs to tuck him in. He was still afraid and she tried to reassure him that there was nothing to be afraid of.

“Sometimes we imagine things that make us happy,” she said with a smile, “and sometimes we imagine things that make us afraid. Then, as we grow older, we pay less and less attention to our imaginations and live very boring lives indeed.”

Red-Eyed Creature

She gave Billy a kiss goodnight and turned out the light. As she was leaving the room, she paused for a moment and looked back. To his horror, Billy saw that her eyes were glowing red.

Red-Eyed Creature


  1. STEREK! says

    Omg I was sitting in class and the picture wouldn’t load so I was sitting here like 😒 and then the picture came up and I jumped back with my hand on my heart and about screamed. 😱

  2. terror beauty says

    Didn’t see that coming… was nanny posessed by the creature? The picture was creepy

  3. xXHERRAARRXx says

    @princess of the dead me too! I tapped it and it took me to the Honda dealer site. What does that gotta do with anything?


    Woah! Awesome twist… The last picture is creepy. I love my Nanny I don’t mind if she has red glowing eyes.

  5. Saliq says

    So, the monster possessed the nanny? Or it disguised itself as nanny? Anyways its good. Any backstory on the origin of the monster? And last, the monster dosen’t seems that powerful or harmful.

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