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Red Dress

The Girl in the Red Dress is a scary story about a little girl who is locked in her room because her grandma tells her she was bad.

Red Dress

Granny locked me in my room and she won’t let me out. She says it’s because I was bad.

Sometimes I do bad things. Ever since my mommy went away. Granny says my mommy is in heaven. I don’t know how she got there.

I can still remember mommy. I remember her long black hair and her dark eyes. I remember her red lips and her white teeth. I remember her soft skin. I remember the way she smelled.

Her red dress still smells like her. It’s hanging in the wardrobe in her bedroom. Granny keeps mommy’s room locked. She says I’m not allowed in there, but I know where she hides the key. Sometimes when granny falls asleep I sneak in there and smell mommy’s red dress.

I have a friend called Mary Ann. She lives across the street. Sometimes she comes over to my house to play. She came over today. We were playing with dolls.

Granny told me, “Don’t go into your mother’s room.”

“OK,” I said.

When Granny took her nap, I told Mary Ann, “Let’s play dress-up.”

I took the key from Granny’s hiding place and unlocked the door to mommy’s bedroom. We went inside. It was almost too dark to see.

“This is where my mommy lives,” I said.

“You don’t have a mommy,” Mary Ann said.

That made me angry. I opened the wardrobe and took out the red silk dress.

“This is my mommy’s dress,” I said. I held it up to show her.

“It stinks,” Mary Ann said.

“No it doesn’t,” I said. “It smells like flowers.”

“It smells like dead things,” she said.

That made me even more angry.

“Who’s that?” asked Mary Ann. She was pointing at a picture.

“That’s my mommy,” I said. “Isn’t she beautiful?”

“She’s ugly,” Mary Ann said. “She has creepy eyes and her teeth are weird.”

“No she hasn’t,” I said. “She looks like the most beautiful girl in the world!”

“She looks like a dead thing,” Mary Ann said.

That made me the angriest of all.

I don’t remember what happened then. I think I heard Mary Ann screaming. I don’t remember why. It was dark and I almost couldn’t see. I couldn’t hear anything except Mary Ann screaming.

I think something bad happened.

Then I remember granny shouting at me. She was crying too. She took the red dress off me. She was really rough and she kept hitting me. I was crying too.

Granny fetched a washcloth and wiped the blood off my face. She told me over and over how bad I was. Then, she dragged me all the way upstairs and locked me in my room.

I looked out the window and saw granny in the back yard. She was burying something with a shovel.

I must have done something really bad.


  • I think the ghost of the girl’s mother killed Mary ann and that happened because they went in that room. Her granny was burying Mary Ann’s body.

  • OOOOKKKKK….. little confused. The story kinda needs more details to understand. Otherwise good story. :-]

  • Sometimes the ads on here go perfectly with the stories. 6 out of 10 red dresses👚

  • Here is my theory,the little girl killed her mom and the grandma kept her body locked in her room to keep the girl from seeing what she had done.
    Then,when she sneaks in there with her friend,the body is probably badly decomposed and the friend insulted her mom,so she killed her too.
    The grandma is protecting a murderer !

  • I get the little girl’s situation i would have done the same thing if someone said that about my mommy
    Ps- she died 6 months ago i miss her really much :’ (

  • @evil-kittens @PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan

    She was the one who killed the little girl, and the granny had to bury the body. Killing people is what she meant by “bad things”, I’m not sure about the whole ugly mom thing though, but I think she killed people when they would talk mean about her mother.

  • @xx scaryboy xx Yeah, I kinda remember you, but i also miss slender woman and bulliesarelosers :( I think most people left because of some connection error, but I’m also glad there are new people. I’m very relieved to find at least one person that i (kinda) know from the past. I wonder if flame fletcher is still around, though………

  • Hey SFK…!!
    Hey guys…….!!
    I’m back…..! After 2 years!!!
    Does anyone remember me??
    Where are our other frnds… Slenderwomen,scarygurl,bulliesareloosers…?
    Well it feels so good to be here again…i remember i started this “story rating system” and now its still on :D
    as always…”7 out of 10 cookies to the story”.
    And yeah…
    “£øvê tö bè hátéð” ;)

  • I think the kid was just messed up or the mom killed her but Mary ann was kinda mean you do not insult someones mom even if they are dead

  • To all those who didn’t understand…
    The girl’s granny didn’t allow her to go in her Mom’s room cos it was haunted by her Mom’s ghost. The mother’s ghost possessed her daughter as she automatically wore the red dress of her Mom (something like connection of a spirit to its belonging). What Mary was saying about her Mom’s pic was true bcoz the ghost’s supernatural powers changed her beautiful pic of past into the pic when the girl’s mom was dead. This certainly made the ghost angry when her friend said bad things about her and she made her daughter kill her friend. Maybe the girl had done many murders while possessed before and that’s why her granny always prohibited her to go in her Mom’s room. Her granny buried Mary’s body. Maybe she had buried others before. Maybe the Granny killed the girl’s mother. (Just this is the thing that doesn’t make any sense coz if that had happened, the girl would have killed her granny also while possessed by her Mom)

  • I think maybe the grandma like killed the mom, and then her mom possessed her and started killing random people?

  • Her mom’s spirit possessed her? and she killed that girl?.. strange story.. could have been more detailed.. 6 out of 10 red dress..

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