Red Birthmark

The Red Birthmark is a creepy true story about a 3-year-old boy who solved his own murder. The story was supposedly witnessed by an Israeli doctor named Professor Eli Lasch and the boy’s story was recounted in a book about reincarnation called “Children Who Have Lived Before”.

Red Birthmark

There was a 3-year old boy who lived in a village on the Golan Heights in Israel, near the border with Syria. The boy was born with a red birthmark on his forehead. As soon as he was old enough to talk, he told his family that he had lived before. He pointed to the birthmark and said he had been murdered with an axe. The boy’s parents took him to the village where he claimed he had lived. There, they met with the village elders.

The boy said he remembered his old name. It was the name of a man who had gone missing from the village 4 years before. He also showed them the house where he had lived. The boy said he remembered the name of the man who killed him. When the boy saw the man, he walked right up to him and said, “I used to be your neighbor. We had a fight and you killed me with an axe.”

The man’s face turned as white as a sheet. Then the boy told the village elders, “I even know where he buried my body.”

They followed the boy to a nearby field and he stopped in front of a pile of stones. When they removed the stones, they found a skeleton underneath. There was a wound in the skull a exactly the same place where the boy’s red birthmark was. The boy showed them where the axe was buried as well. At that point, the man broke down and confessed to the murder.


  1. XcreamycatX says

    whoa this story is creepy. Good for that kid though. I’m happy he showed the police where his body was.

  2. MR.MASK says

    @an0ther1 you don’t believe in reancarnation that’s cool it’s ok to be wrong

  3. an0ther1 says

    still don’t believe in reincarnation. i call bull crap. I’d believe he was possessed over reincarnation.

  4. Sticking Knife says

    OMG! Very very very very vvvvveeeerrrryyyy ssssscccccaaaaarrrrryyyy!
    I am going maaaaddddd! LMFAO LOL!

    anyway, got to give it 9.5/10 red birthmarks

  5. BurningTwist says

    This story is true. I was reading it in a magazine on my native language. 10/10 eyeballs

  6. honestgirl@28 says

    i like the story
    i think it should have 9/10 birth marks
    but the problem is the story is very short but on the other side the story is good.

  7. xX-Eat Rainbowz-Xx says

    My cousin has a red birthmark on her forehead that runs down to her left cheek she’s getting laser surgery to get it removed because her mom doesn’t like it.
    Does this mean she’s lived before?! :O

  8. evil-kittens says

    hi Miss_Terious_Potato how r u long time know see
    story was awesome been a long time since sfk has posted a STORY and it was cool but finished too fast 9/10 birthmarks

  9. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    OMFG! That is DOWNRIGHT creepy! And this is TRUE? OMG! Wow, now I have another reason to believe in reincarnation… 10 outta 10 Birthmarks!!!

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