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Red and Blue

The Red and the Blue is a creepy story for children about a glass-blowing shop that sells beautiful red and blue glassware. It is based on an urban legend told by Russian children in summer camps.

The Red and the Blue

In a big city in Russia, there was a vacant shop. It was located on the main street, in an old two-story building. One day, the “Vacant” sign was taken down and a new store opened. It was a glass-blowing shop and dealt in all manner of intricate and artistic glass pieces.

They sold hand-blown wine glasses, vases, crystals. All of the pieces only came in two colors: Red and blue. But these colors were so exquisitely interwoven that they captured the eye and were a delight to behold. The red color ranged from an anxious, frightening color of burgundy to a gorgeous pink haze. The blue color rannged from the shimmering cobalt of the deep sea to the pale azure of the cloudless sky.

Naturally, the store had many customers for their unique glass creations and the word spread for miles around. People heard about the unusual designs and formed huge queues, just waiting to buy the beautiful red and blue products. Many even came from other cities to buy their glassware in this glass-blowing store. Everyone wanted to own one of the pieces, even though the cost was very expensive.

Meanwhile, in the same city and its suburbs, a series of strange murders were taking place. Young men and women between the ages of seventeen and thirty years old were dying at an alarming rate. There didn’t seem to be any pattern to the crimes. The corpses were found all over the city and none of the victims seemed to know each other.

All of the crimes apparently lack a motive. Police scratched their heads and struggled to understand why these people were killed. Their valuables were never stolen and the bodies were often found with money or jewelry still in their pockets. The police were puzzled. Why didn’t the murderer steal the victim’s belongings? The victims were always killed in the same way. They were either chopped up with an axe or sliced open with a knife.

Two detectives arrived from Moscow and were tasked with solving the crimes. They questioned and temporarily detained all of the usual suspects, criminals and mental patients, but they came up empty. They did not even come across the slightest clue that might solve the mystery. Still, the hacked and slashed corpses continued to turn up in alleys and back streets.

Then, the chief of police decided to gather a task force of over two hundred policemen. They were ordered to go undercover. They dressed in civilian clothes and placed themselves on duty throughout the city. The murders suddenly stopped. For weeks, there was not one corpse littering the city streets. The citizens began to think that the reign of fear had finally ended.

One of the policemen was about to go off duty, when he remembered that he had forgotten his wife’s birthday. He needed to buy her a present before he went home. He had heard about the famous glass-blowing shop and the unusual glassware it sold. His wife had often remarked on how beautiful these glass pieces were.

He asked his partner to wait for him while he went into the store and bought something nice for his wife. When he walked into the shop, he was greeted by a bored storekeeper who stood behind the counter and showed him what pieces of glass were on offer.

The policeman looked over the whole range and was surprised by how drab and uninteresting most of the pieces were. He had been expecting to see something of rare beauty, but all of the pieces seemed to be just ordinary clear glass. The storekeeper told him that they were awaiting a large shipment of the red and the blue glass, but it had been delayed.

The policeman looked around for a few minutes, but nothing caught his eye. He picked up one of pieces of ordinary glass and began to make fun of it, saying there was nothing special about it and he could easily make it himself.

The storekeeper smiled and listened to him politely, then motioned with his hand and beckoned the policeman closer.”

“The problem is that during the glass-blowing process, we were missing one important element,” he said quietly.

“Oh, and What was that?” asked the policeman.

“Your heart!” said the storekeeper as he snatched an axe from under the counter and stuck the policeman on the forehead.

However, the storekeeper forgot that policemen always go on duty in pairs. The policeman’s partner, who was waiting outside, heard a scream and burst through the shop door with his gun drawn. He found the storekeeper at the back of the shop, crouched over the dead body of the policeman. The storekeeper had two large syringes in his hands and was extracting blood from the policeman’s corpse.

Blood from a vein for the blue glass and blood from the heart for the red glass.


  • FLAW!!!! blue blood turns red when it hits oxygen. still okay story; although i was expecting the blood.

  • This is a creepy story but like other people have said blood is red no matter where abouts in the body it comes from.

  • Creepy story… I will never look at my glass animal collection the same way.

  • I don’t know if you guys are stupid or what but I happened to look into research and I’m a doctor myself…blood on the inside of the body is blue before it hits oxygen.the blue vein on the inside contains unoxidated blue blood and once it hits the heart oxygen is put into it and it is pumped throughout the body (after it’s oxidated it turns red)..oxygen must be in the blood and whenever you suffocate to death of lack of oxygen this is why your face or body turns blue after death because the blood in the body is no longer being oxidated…also if blood hits oxygen and stays exposed to oxygen for too long it turns black because of all the oxygen hitting it at once (ppl also consider that the blood is old) but if you’re one of the ones saying that blood is red even before it hits oxygen is just a little kid who is trolling

  • hehe…also, police man guy, their is a murdurer on the loose why are you making fun of random people who you dont knows stuff??

  • About ten years ago I moved into a new house. Well, it was new to me, but it was actually a very old house. The inside of the house always seemed to be just a little darker and a little colder than it should be. I had noticed that the first time I went to view the house but as it was summer I figured it would save on cooling costs. Soon after we moved in a friend of mine came by. We were sitting and talking for a few minutes but she seemed uncomfortable the whole time. Then I saw in her face that something in the other room caught her attention. Her eyes got big. She said “I have to go.” I asked her what was wrong but she said she didn’t want to tell me. I kept after her because her reaction was kind of freaking me out. On her way out the door she finally said “This house is haunted” but she wouldn’t tell me what made her think so. Still to this day ten years later she refuses to tell me what she saw. About a week after that night my 3 year old cousin, Penelope, who was staying with me for a week, came over to me and casually asked me who the old lady in the bathroom was.One day I was leaving for work but once I got to the car I realized I needed to run back in the house to get something. I walked in to the house and as soon as I got inside this framed photo on the wall shot off the wall. Now, I don’t mean it fell because of some issue with the nail or anything like that. It shot horizontally away from the wall, not vertically down. And it landed on a mosaic table with enough force to break some of the tiles off of it. I felt like whatever was in the house was pissed that I came back in after it thought I had left for the day! After living in the house for about six months, I noticed a weird square cut into the boards on the deck. There was no handle but I was able to pry it up. The hole was just big enough to fit through, and there was a ladder going down. For some reason I went down and found myself in what looked like a homemade basement. It was basically just a room dug out of the earth, no constructed walls or stone supports or anything like you would expect if it was a basement that was built with the house. It was very dark but I could see over in the corner a suspicious-looking large stone. It looked like one of those light-colored 100+ year old headstones that you see in old cemeteries. Just then some camel crickets started jumping at me so I got my ass out of that “basement” as fast as I could and never went back. Now, this is the part that affected me most and the reason we left the house. One night I was in bed but not yet asleep, laying on my stomach. I heard someone walk into the room. I heard footsteps come from the doorway over to my bed. I didn’t realize until later that the fact that I heard the footsteps was weird because the room was carpeted. When the footsteps reached my bed, I felt someone put their hands on my back. Two hands, just gently laid flat on my back and kept there. I assumed it was Penelope. I said “What are you doing?” but no one answered. I looked up and no one was there. I got up and checked my son’s bedroom but he was in bed asleep.We moved out soon after that.


  • Never going to a shop that sells red and blue jewelery ever in never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever

  • @WolfSpeaker~
    No, that’s not true. There is not even a speck of blue blood anywhere in the body, it’s just the color of some of out veins. But that doesnt necessarily mean that the blood inside is blue.

  • Somewhere, {idk where} I heard that your blood is actually blue, but when mixed with oxygen, it turns red. Idk, I’m not a doctor, {yet :D} and if it’s that important I’ll learn it this year…. ._.

  • I have a little flashback here about a joke I made back then about this story (my grandma told it to me before she died).

    Deranged storekeeper- (holds up dripping, bloody suit) And dees iz da zoot!
    Policeman- (jumps out of nowhere) Hold your hands up!
    Deranged storekeeper-, but eh don’t vont to be arrested!
    Policeman- Well, too bad!
    Deranged storekeeper- Vell, how about eh let you buy da rights to my zoot for three films, a reboot, and multiple comic books.
    Policeman- Hmmm… good idea. I’ll send it to Sam.
    Deranged storekeeper- Why, thank you very much!

    And that is how the Spiderman suit was created.

    *Sorry if the accent was too hard to decipher. I’m part Russian and I tried really hard to sneak the stereotypical accent into the joke in writing form. Hope you guys enjoy it!

  • whoops i mean click on the scary stories tab, and then click on ghost stories. i believe it’s what youre looking for.

  • xO I didn’t find it I think it’s because it’s really old (like 2011) maybe they decided not to put it in..? O.o

  • @Valentine
    No…just no. There is absolutely NO such thing as blue blood. It’s not even blue when it’s inside the body.

  • @ Griffin88 blood is blue when it’s inside the body but once it touches air it turns red.

  • @IcyBlue2441 if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all. I consider this cyberbullying and I don’t like it so stop. I’ve had enough of it thank you very much. Ugh what is with some people!

  • Yuhknow that when you freeze your blood temperature slowly decreases making your blood color change slightly blue owo the only reason your blood is red is becuz it’s warm xO try tying a rubber band to your finger and your finger starts to turn purple or blue o.o it’s cuz the wariness in the blood is cut offff o3o

  • i know that someone caught this, but blood is always red as soon as it leaves the body and hits oxygen. Still a cool story

  • @IcyBlu4211
    Where did you hear that from?
    Blood would only be green because of either contrast dye used for x-rays or if you had sulfhemoglobinemia.

  • Well actually, not all blood is red. He blood behind your eyes is green due to special chemicals that your brain needs.

  • looks at your wrist closely what do you see? a blue and red vein! the blue vein goes to the heart and the red vein is coming FROM the heart and circulates through everything else. so yea the blood is blue before it flows through the heart. @MegIz what did your mom say?

  • new stories please their really good! but i read this one last night and came back hopeing to see new ones! more please!

  • No, there is no such thing as blue blood in a human. Non-oxygenated blood is a deeper shade of red, but no matter what, all blood is red.

  • actually, blood is blue before it goes through the heart. after flowing through the heart the blood turns red. something like that. people who dont know this should really consider going back to school i mean seriously the stuff people dont know is quite fascinating

  • Happy 4th of July!! I even wrote a story for you guys to enjoy. In the middle of September, Katie started receiving boxes of chocolate along with letters that were signed announomous. She had her own secret admirer, she thought! Every day, she would get up to 2 boxes a day, along with flowers. After about two weeks of this going on, one of her letters read “Katie, want to know how you’ll look with a severed head, I know I do. Let’s find out tonight honey!” Signed Announomous. Katie thought it was some kind of joke so she ignored it. She went to sleep with no difficulty that night, but within hours, she was awoken by a sound of a meow. It was weird, she thought, because the only cat that lives in this neighborhood is Dana, the Slones outdoor cat. She then knew that someone had to let her in. Then she got really scared. She walked up to the door of her bedroom, and saw Dana standing there looking at her. She smiled she liked cats. Then out of no where, she hears someone whispering in her ear, “you’re going to die, you’re going to die, you’re the third on my list. You should count yourself lucky, because that means your pretty.” Katie then felt a cold arm on her mouth, then she felt the sharp pain of a knife in her stomache. “Good bye, my sweet, my fourth sweet awaits to be killed.” Katie’s last sight was of him laughing at her, then she passed out, for good. The End. Hope you liked it! Please send me your thoughts at

  • SFK, Is there a limit to user stories? Like two stories per user for publishing?

    Scaryforkids says: No, there is no limit. I’m just looking for GOOD stories to post. Its hard for me because I can’t keep up with all the stories being posted every day and some people copy and paste stories and other stories don’t make sense and others arent scary… If people post some good stories I’ll put them on the site.

  • also quick question: is that a piece of Dale Chihuly glass for the picture? I love his artwork. :)

  • umm…They would only be able to make red glass because all blood turns red on contact with oxygen. Very good, creepy story, though!

  • @xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx, it’s actually still here. You just have to go back to the homepage and click on Scary Stories. Now you click on Tell Me Your Story and you’ll find it there as you scroll down.

  • Hey, did anyone else notice that ‘The eye of the beholder’ story dissapeared???? 0.o

  • Yeah, I’m pretty sure that deoxygenized blood isn’t blue. Just a darker shade of red. It just looks blue because if you’re white then your skin refracts the red color.

  • There is a widespread belief that the blood in your veins is blue. This isn’t true, it’s actually deep red. It just seems blue when you look at it through your skin. This story is inspired by a Russian urban legend that is based on that mistaken belief.

  • How do they make blue glass? Anyway I knew what was happening to get red glass.

  • “Blood from a vein for the blue glass”
    To thoroughly clarify, it means that red blood from one of your veins goes onto the blue glass, while red blood from your heart for the red glass.
    Hence the red stripes/designs in each of the glass pieces. There is nothing in the body that is making the blue color, that’s not what it’s saying.

  • Blood is not blue. We have an iron compound in our blood, hence the color is red. If it was blue, we would have a copper compound. That’s why some spiders have blue blood.

    Blood is darker if it has less oxygen. Brighter it is, the more oxygen it contains.

  • -_-
    the blue color isn’t anything from your body. Its just the blue color of the vase. Read the last line and it should answer your questions.

  • @scaryrose, i was asking about the blue color, what it was made of, i know perfectly well that the red is blood.
    DUH! :P

  • I think it just meant that blood from your veins was used on the blue colored vases while blood from your heart was used on red vases. It doesn’t necessarily mean that something blue came from your body and was used in the vase.

  • …Blood’s red.
    No matter where it comes from in your body.
    Human blood is red.
    Doesn’t matter if it comes from your veins, arteries or anyway else…It’s still red.
    Granted blood from your veins may be a tiny bit darker, but it’s still red.

  • it wasn’t that descriptive, or at least not to me. But that really would burn!

  • I know what would hurt if some sliced you open and wanted to pour something that stings.Achoal would hurt like hell. Burning your insides and screaming in pain…sorry if I was a bit descriptive ^_^;

  • 1rst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good story happy 4th of july

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