Really Scary Stories

Really scary stories, short horror tales and urban legends to tell in the dark. Read these creepy bites of horror fiction and figure out if they are based on real life incidents or just made up ghost stories.

Really Scary Stories


  1. Aaron devilborn says

    Guys figured out about the beep beep story.the girl takayo saw a creature through her window that was like slime it entered inside the plane entered inside the pilot and devoured him.With him dead the plane crashed and the creature killed every

  2. I Hugged The Slenderman says

    I Have a story!!!

    The girl

    One day while I was driving down a dirt rode, I saw a little gir crying. I stopped and asked her what was wrong and I could hear her whispering “Not in hell…not in hell…I’m in hell I’m in hell…” I asked her again if she was ok. When she looked up her whole face was gone! I screamed and took off down the street. When I went back to the place I saw her, I saw a memorial. I went over and checked it out and it was my classmate. The exact same girl I saw on the side of the rode the night before. It turns out she got raped and the murderer took her face off because he was crazy. When I left I found a note in my car saying “YOU SAW HER YOU DIE!!!!!”

    Srry if its crappy :( I tried Add more if you want :)

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