Real Stories

Scary real stories and true tales of love, life, crime and ghosts. if you read these creepy real life stories, they will frighten you to death and terrify you to your very soul.

Real Stories

Real Stories
Back Door Children of Bodom Hatchet Man Girl Next Door
Real Stories
Garden Plaza Red Man Pinnacle Mountain Coming Soon


  1. Nadia says

    SFK – You should update this section with “The Black Eyed Children” or sometimes known as BEKs (Short for Black Eyed Kids).

    This is a true legend.

  2. brony4life says

    You should post a informational story about gloomy sunday (don’t listen to it though)

  3. GhostGirl1607 says

    @HEY YALL and @DoIcare NoWay…neither of you are last dont ya’ll no others will post so techincally your not last..No one is ever last

  4. shadow phantom says

    I’ve read all of these stories before. I want new ones. sfk has awesome stories.

  5. DoICare NoWay says

    No you are not, I’m last. It’s not that bad. You might be able to become first next time or at least second HEY YALL😃

  6. iscareyoutodeath says

    SFK You Should Post The Murder Story Of Adam Walsh Look Up Adam Walsh On Google And Post It! It’s Interesting!

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