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Pink Tights

The Pink Tights is a scary story about a young woman who is worried about a series of murders in which young women have been strangled.

Pink Tights

There was a young woman who lived alone in a studio apartment. It was just one large room with her bed at one end and the front door at the other.

Recently, she had heard rumors about a series of murders that happened in the apartment building. All of the victims were young women and they all lived alone. Each one had been strangled with a pair of pink tights. The killer left it wrapped around their necks like a calling card. The police had no idea who the killer was or how he managed to convince the victims to let him into their apartments at night.

The young woman was very worried. Every night, she made sure her door and her windows were securely locked and left one lamp on.

One night, at about 2AM, she was awakened by a faint noise. By the light of the lamp, she was able to see the doorknob on her front door was slowly turning. Her heart skipped a beat. She knew that if she didn’t do something fast, she would be killed.

Thinking quickly, she grabbed a chair and tip-toed over to the front door. As it slowly opened, she hid behind it and waited. She was so scared, she was afraid to breathe in case he heard her. A shadowy figure stepped into her apartment and as soon as she saw him, she brought the chair crashing down on his head. She hit him again and again until he stopped moving.

The man was knocked unconscious and she quickly raised the alarm, shouting for her neighbors to come and help her. Then, she called the police. When they took off the unconscious man’s mask, the young woman recognized him. It was her landlord. In his pocket, they found a pair of pink tights and a key ring that had a key to every apartment in the building.


  • Landlord: *tries strangling with pink tights*
    Me : WAIT STOP!
    Me: can you strangle me with red or blue tights? I hate pink.
    Landlord: okay lemme go to the store brb.*make way to door*
    Me: not on my watch! *runs up to landlord and pushes him out of way* BOOM BIT*C GET OUT THE WAY, GET OUT THE WAY BIT*H GET OUT THE WAY.

  • What the hell is this? Was there anything paranormal,? Seriously sfk you are just posting random stories to fill your website!!!! Really boring….. You will get flopped soon.

  • @DemonicQueenzilla I don’t know how to explain my reasoning – but all I can say is that it seems a bit sexist…

  • I wonder how it feels to live in an apartment and read all these God forsaken stories of apartments.

  • It’s just so shameful! If you have to murder, then keep it classy and cool, such as killing with a knife (like me) or scissors. But, seriously, pink tights?! Get some manners! And even if you do murder, what’s the purpose behind it? Why did he choose all the young women?
    NOT REALLY a good story. There should be some explanations otherwise no readers will like this story…

  • Forget PINK tights. Why is this landlord killing young women with TIGHTS? Are there not more appropriate weapons that you can use to kill people? I know that sounds weird, but I feel like killing someone with tights is a shame to the history of murders lol.
    Cool story XD

  • Pink because what? They’re women? Dude y didn’t they just see what man bought loads of pink tights? Just saying…a man buying a lot of pink tights would cause attention and cameras r everywhere these days…u know the eyes in the sky haha.

  • why pink tights?? …. why not black for death or red for blood?PINK tights?? PINK?? Why??? I mean pink reminds me of flamingos which make me happy lol… good story anyway (sorry if I’m over reacting)XD

  • Why did she not use the flippin baseball bat? Jeez, people these days -.-

    Scaryforkids says: Sorry, I was originally going to have her hit him with a baseball bat, then I changed it to a chair but I Forgot to remove the reference to the baseball bat at the start. Fixed it now.

  • Good! Nice move by the woman. Glad she is not dead. By the way, why did the landlord kill these women?

  • Where the hell did he get those pink tights anyway? Oh god, he better not used my drawer.

  • I was thinking the ending would be like, the woman accidently killed one of her friends or something

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