Piggyback is a horror story from Japan about a man who murders his wife and tries to hide the evidence.


There was a married couple who had one young son. Even before their son was born, the couple’s marriage was on shaky ground. As the years went by, the mother and father fought all the time. Their arguments became more frequent and they talked about getting a divorce.

In the end, they stayed together for the sake of their son, but the arguments continued and the fights became more and more violent. By the time their son was 5 years old, the couple had grown to hate each other.

One night, after they had put the boy to bed, the mother and father got into an enormous argument. The father flew into an insane rage and murdered his wife.

When he came to his senses and realized what he had done, he set about disposing of the body. He dragged his wife’s corpse into the garage and put her in the boot of his car. Then, he drove out to the mountains. Under cover of darkness, he slung her dead body over his shoulders and carried her out to a marshy swamp nearby. He dragged her out into the foul-smelling muck and watched as her corpse sank into the murky depths.

As dawn was beginning to break, he returned home to clean up take a shower. No matter how much he scrubbed and scrubbed, he couldn’t seem to get rid of the sickening smell of the swamp.

He slept for a few hours and when he awoke, he started to think about what he would do if his son asked where the mother was. He decided to tell the boy that his wife had gone to stay with her sister for a while. However, when his young son got up for breakfast, he never mentioned his mother at all. He just stared at his father and said nothing.

The man could still smell the odor of the muck from the swamp where he had buried his wife. He took an air freshener and began spraying it around the house, hoping to mask the unpleasant scent. It made him feel sick.

A few hours passed and the little boy was watching TV in the living room. The father began to get an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. Every time he went into the living room, he noticed that his son was staring at him with a curious look on his face. It made the father feel nervous and paranoid.

His mind was racing. Perhaps the boy knew what had happened, he thought. Maybe the boy had overheard him murdering his mother. If his son knew what he had done, perhaps he would have to kill him as well.

The father walked into the room, where his son was still watching TV.

“Is there something you want to ask me?” he said.

The boy thought for a few seconds and then replied, “Yeah…”

“Is it about your mother?” asked the father.

“Yeah…” said the boy.

“I suppose you’re wondering where your mother is,” said the father.

“No”, said the boy. “I’m wondering why Mommy’s face is so pale and why you’ve been giving her a piggyback all day.”


  1. SomeRandomPerson says

    There is an anime called “Thriller Restaurant” or “Kaidan Restaurant”, and this story reminds me of the sixth episode.

  2. DeadlyAngel says

    Well kid, I can answer that. He MURDERED her! And was she haunting him, if so, he deserves it.

  3. natikowa11055 says

    Screw you to all the people spoiling Shutter! That was supposed to be a plot twist of some sort at the end and y’all spoiled it!

  4. Percy says

    Wow… Gr8 story. I felt like laughing. If I cud c the father’s face it wud hv been even bttr.

  5. Justwondered says

    The movie “Shutter” is based on this story. THE ORIGINAL IS BETTER than the remake. Hmm… let’s see if my comment gets removed this time.

  6. bishijo16 says

    saw this in a scary tv show forgot the title but it was a little diff … in the show the mother was holding a knife iirc and was about to kill the father who is about to kill the son so the mother was kinda protecting the child

  7. HardCandy says

    This could have been a very effective story if it weren’t for that title and drawing that made the twist predictable and eventually spoiled the ending.

  8. Pixy Stix<3 says

    Younger children can see ghosts… right? It wasn’t as scary as I thought, but would freak me out if I was him.

  9. Banana phone says

    This story is one of the best stories I have ever read
    it really does remind me of shutter now that was a scary movie BTW alanco of beans he didnt see her in the mirror when he commit suicide at the end of the movie the hospital doors swung open revealing the reflection of the ex girlfriend on his back lol he thought he was fat when he went on the scale

  10. julissa says

    THAT IS COOL AND CREEPY U KNOW THERES A story of a man that is skinny and he goes to the doctors but it says he weighs like 100 pounds but it wuzs cuz a ghost wuzs on his back

  11. XxLilyisaghostxX says

    That’s why I don’t give my little brother piggyback rides,he always makes me tell him this story.

  12. angelofblaze says

    i wonder if anyone ever know Indonesian urban legend or myth…Like ghost of women who died during givebirth, she felt so sad for her died child and kidnapping children to replace her child.

  13. xXPhantomFangWolfXx says

    And now for a commercial break! “Try the new perfume from Calvin & Klein, Death Swamp! Perfect for those who are turned on by the stench of dead people.”

  14. NekoPrincess101 says

    WOAH, she returned as a ghost and was on his back all day, thats why he stunk so bad.

  15. 1997PianoGirl13 says

    Aww… poor kid. Lost his mother, but sees her dead ghost-body on his dad’s back… I wonder how would that look if he’s sleeping? …xD Love your stories :D

  16. says

    @inside lingo: No, actually, Saya only translated some of the most well-known urban legends from Japan. What I am doing is researching ALL of the scary Japanese urban legends I can find, so sometimes the ones I post are similar to the ones she has, but I have a LOT more. Also, I research scary legends from other countries like Korea, Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Mexico, Peru etc etc as well. BTW I have loads of new Japanese scary stories that nobody has heard in English before. And I will be posting them over the next few months for you to read. So stay tuned. :D

  17. Dead Girl XXx says

    Reminds me of ‘Shutter’ movie xD But anyway even that creeped me out so even this creeped me out! :O

  18. inside lingo. says

    scaryforkids, do you get a lot of these stories from saya in underworld?

  19. Alcanofbeans says

    LOL Reminds me of the movie ‘Shutter’ when the dead ex girlfriend is on his shoulders when he looks in the mirror :L

  20. MySuperAwesomeUserName says

    Haha that’s so creepy.. it reminds me of a movie I saw one time, “Shutter” about a guy who killed a girl while in Japan, and all through the movie he has this insane neck ache, and at the end he takes a picture of himself and she’s sitting on his shoulders XD

  21. prettydeadgirl5 says

    no, i can’t believe the comments XDD the mother is a ghost and the son can see her. the father didnt know because he couldn’t see her ghost lol.

  22. XxDeathQueenxX says

    That is creepy. Aww..now I want a piggyback ride. Maybe she will let me have a turn. hehe :P

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