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The japanese version of the Ouija Board is called Kokkuri San.


Two girls, sitting across from each other over a paper scrawled with the hiragana alphabet grasp a pen between them, chanting the name softly. “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, tell me, when is the date of my death?”

The question hangs in the air as the pen slowly begins to move, spelling the answer out on the sheet of paper. The rest of the group watches in breathless anticipation.

Kokkuri-san, Japan’s answer to the Ouija board, has graced schoolrooms across the country for years with answers from the beyond.

In this game, the hiragana alphabet is drawn on a piece of paper, and two people hold a pen, ballpoint touching the paper, in the center.

Closing their eyes, they ask “Kokkuri-san” a question, and the spirit is supposed to move the pen in an answer.

According to a Japanese friend, much like Ouija, most people realize that the other person is moving the pen purposefully, but everyone makes their dutiful squeals of “sugoi!” and “kowaii!” anyway.

Also, in line with its Ouija board counterpart, the game has been subject fodder for horror movies such as the aforementioned “Shinsei no Toilet no Hanako-san,” and one called simply “Kokkuri-san.”

Ouija Board Rules

Ouija Board Rules

1. Never insult the spirit. If you are rude or disrespectful, it can attract evil spirits.

2. Never play alone. When you’re alone, you are vulnerable and evil spirits may try to possess you.

3. Never use the board if you are sick, drunk, depressed or mentally disabled. When you are in a weakened state, you are vulnerable to possession.

4. Do not force anyone to use the ouija board against their will.

5. Never use the ouija board in a cemetery or any location where a murder or an unnatural death has occurred. It could cause terrible manifestations.

6. Never trust a spirit. Evil spirits will use lies and false flattery to gain your confidence and trick you.

7. Do not ask questions about God.

8. Do not ask when you’re going to die.

9. If you encounter a spirit called ZOZO, stop playing. Many people have had bad experiences with this evil spirit.

10. If the planchette moves to the four corners of the board it means you have contacted an evil spirit.

11. If the planchette keeps moving in a figure 8, it means the spirit is trying to gain control of the board.

12. If the planchette begins to count down through the letters of the alphabet or the numbers it means the spirit is trying to escape from the board.

13. Never let the planchette fall or fly off the board. It could allow an evil spirit to escape.

14. Do not leave the planchette on the board when you’re not using it. This could allow evil spirits to enter the world.

15. When you’re finished, the board MUST be closed down properly. Say “Goodbye” and do not leave until the spirit moves the planchette to “GOODBYE”.

16. Do Not burn the board. There have been cases where people burned the board and:
(A) it later turned up in perfect condition,
(B) they heard an unearthly scream,
(C) it released an evil spirit or
(D) the board wouldn’t burn at all.

17. To properly dispose of a ouija board, you need to break it into seven pieces, pour holy water on it and then bury it.

18. Do not become addicted. Evil spirits may try to make you dependent on the board in order to gain control of you.

19. If the ouija board starts freaking you out, stop using it.

20. If you are religious, do not use the ouija board. The Catholic Church warns against it and they have done many exorcisms to cast evil spirits out of people who were possessed through ouija boards.


  • I am not religious and I don’t think holly water is a real thing but also I am never doing this because the board stuff would be too scary

  • dang it i reallly wanted to try the ouija board but now im not so sure…i think ill make one and ask it who im gonna marry :)


    trust me on this my dads a serious
    parnormal investigator no joke DO
    NOT TRY OUIJA american or
    japenese version! When you play
    ouija, you are opening yourself up
    to bad spirits. Ouija is not a game,
    it’s serious buisness! and @xXDead BoltXx
    is right but no completely. Ghosts don’t
    decide when you die if you do ouija but
    they can attach themselves to you and
    once that happens, well , all you can do
    is tell them they are not welcome and hope
    that works 0_0 any way, OUIJA IS A BAD

  • I Played Ouija With My Fav Cousin, Christian (He’s A Boy) When We Played This He Got Really Freaked Out And Kept On Saying “OMG OMG OMG, YOU’RE NOT MOVING IT RIGHT?”
    Me: No, But This Is Cool
    We’re About Ten And It Was Glow In The Dark. We Started Enjoying It My Cousin Always Started Freaking Out But Then I Said:
    “It’s Not The Ouija’s Board’s Fault, If You Don’t Want To Be Scared, Don’t Make Creepy Questions.”
    One Of The Questions: Are Aliens Real?
    Answer: NO!
    One Of The Questions: Are Monsters Real?
    Answer: YES!
    (Thanks For Listening My Story)

  • My dad’s friend played this with his friends and Kokkuri-san told them that one of them would break their arm that day and one of them did

  • Death Bolt is like my best friend. LMAO. :P
    BTW, I let my friend do this. She will die at 19/1/2013 :(

  • Banana phone, you probably shouldn’t do that. That’s kinda like giving permission to the spirits to decide the world’s end.

  • this wasnt very scary but that would be cool to be able to do that I would ask if the world will ever end

  • I played the Ouija before. Nothing bad happened(thank god!) I didn’t want to at first, so my friends had me write stuff in the notebook until I eventually came around to it. My friends and I were young and didnt think anything bad would happen, but now we know not tO do it anymore.

  • My dad said that when you play this game be careful because you could be playing with a demon or angel…
    sometimes they give you bad dreams if you play this :/

  • My friend cristie and I were playing the ouija board and I asked “who will die,when and how it said I would,stabbed,and right now the things in the kitchen were moving all crazy and this knife cut me in the arm and then i said goodbye a chant and closed it. That was so close! But I still play with it but I’m more careful.

  • my grandma and her friends played with a ouija board once and it predicted who and when she would marry and how many kids she’d have 100% correct

  • not scary but it is the same with wuigi boards and my momma says the same thngs bout them and u opening urself to demons i believe her

  • My advice to you is to NOT use the ouija board or any other game similar to it… Why, you may ask…
    When using the board, the ouija board really does summon a spirit, yes. But… But, but…
    When you ask the spirit a question, specially if it has something to do with your life, you are allowing the spirit to decide what will happen to you and when… Yes, its hard to believe but true, eg, I asked the spirit when I was going to die and the spirit replied 29 September, car accident… And thats exactly what happened only that I managed to cheat death and I doubt I will be able to do that again…
    So, guys/girls, remember to think twice before taking the ouija board the spirit may ruin your life.,.
    This is just some advice from me to you, from my personal experiance, you may ignore this or think I’m crazy, I don’t know but I played my part by warning you… I appreciate you reading this, take care

  • I played the ouija board once with my friends… The first question I asked was, “How and when will I die?” the indicator slowly moved and spelt out “29 September 2011, car accident”. (we played this on the 24th of september)
    29 September is my birthday. On my way to school, a car lost control and almost hit me, luckily I jumped out of the way…
    I cheated death, (imagine dying on your birthday).
    My next comment will be of some advice from me to whoever reads this…

  • This can be seen on the game “The World Ends With You”
    But instead its not typically used with a pen its mostly used with a coin of some sort like a 100 yen

  • OMG I had a Ouija board in my classroom last year and kids would play with it at recess and one of my friends said: “When Is Sam going to die and how?” (I’m Sam) And the this moved around and spelt out: “80 years old of a head concusion.” Soo now I’m really scared of Ouija boards

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