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Organ Transplant

The Organ Transplant is a gross and creepy story about a team of doctors and medical scientists who develop a new way to harvest organs from pigs and use them to cure humans with fatal diseases.

Organ Transplant

In the year 2045, scientists made a breakthrough in the field of organ transplant. Before then, all transplants of animal organs to humans had failed miserably. Scientists had tried transplanting the hearts of pigs into human beings, but the organs were not compatible. However, one medical team decided to use a different process during a trial operation and had an unexpected success.

The first trial operation was performed on a 60-year old man who was suffering from cancer. He was thin and withered, almost skeletal, and could no longer digest food. Doctors told him that he had less than a month to live. The man volunteered for the daring new procedure because his days were numbered and he had nothing to lose.

Surgeons removed almost all of his internal organs and replaced them with those of a pig. The operation was a resounding success. Within a week, the man was eating several meals a day. Within two weeks, he had returned to his normal weight. In fact, the patient’s recovery went so well that he was released from hospital and allowed to return home. Doctors arranged to visit him once a week to monitor his progress.

However, on their first visit, the doctors were shocked by what they found. His kitchen was completely empty and the cupboards were bare. The man had sold his fridge and oven. When they questoned him, the patient finally admitted that he had grown tired of normal food. Instead, he went out at night and ate from garbage cans. He liked nothing better than to root through the rubbish and gorge himself on the putrid meat, rotten fruit, mouldy cheese and decomposing vegetables that he found.

The doctors conducted a series of tests on their odd patient and were surprised to find that he was in extremely good health. In fact, he was stronger and fitter than he had ever been in his life. Because of the extraordinary success of the procedure, it was decided that all cancer patients would be treated using a full pig to human organ transplant.

This led to a revolution in healthcare. People no longer had to die from cancer. Instead, they thrived with the new pig organs beating within their bodies.

Politicians began to wonder if the new organ transplant procedures could be used on healthy humans as well. Poor people often couldn’t afford to buy food. If all of the poor people in the country had their internal organs replaced by pig organs, they could dine on garbage for free. Malnutrition would be a thing of the past.

In due course, poor people were given the operation. Pretty soon, it proved so popular that it caught on among young people too. Everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon and as time went on, thousands of people had their organs traansplanted by those of pigs.

People were no longer ashamed of eating garbage. Restaurants had to close down due to lack of customers. A dietary revolution was sweeping through society. Garbage became valuable and people began selling it for higher prices. Soon, garbage became a delicacy that only the rich could afford. Poor people had to resort to eating grass and could often be seen on their hands and knees in public parks and fields, grazing contentedly.

However, nobody seemed to notice that the number of stray cats and dogs in the cities began to drop drastically. Then old people began vanishing without a trace. Mothers who had turned away momentarily were finding their baby carriages empty. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to work out what was happening. The organ transplant patients had become cannibals.

The government reacted swiftly. In a matter of days, the army was called in to deal with the grisly problem. They arrested anyone who had received the organ transplant. The patients were rounded up and sent to camps on the outskirts of the cities. No provisions were made for food in any of the camps.

The story was the same in every camp. First, the patients resorted to eating their own clothes. Then, the weak, sick and infirm gradually disappeared. Then the rest of the women, followed by the men. All of them were killed and eaten by the stronger patients. It was survival of the fittest.

By the end of the month, there was only one patient left in the camp. After murdering and devouring all of his fellow prisoners, he went for seven days without a morsel of food. He begged the guards to give him something to eat, but they refused. They were under strict orders not to feed the patients.

Days later, he began eating his own toes. Desperate and screaming with hunger, he chowed down on his legs. Then he sliced off his own ears and nose and gobbled them down as the guards watched in horror. After 30 hours of incessant screaming and crying, he choked to death while trying to consume his own arms.

Pig to human organ transplants were never performed again and the procedure was outlawed.


  • Idk if it’s allthe talk of pigs and their organs but I really really really want bacon🐖🐷🐷🐖

  • what an original piece of writing! I love the idea of pig organ’s through human transplants, it’s virtually engendered the humans to downright and literally become pigs, behavior wise.

  • And did they inherit a love for mud too. But that is horrible. At least we now know what drives Hannibal Lector to do what he does

  • Did the vegetarians also have the transplant? Poor pigs. And humans also. Nice story, by the way. :)

  • Crap! that was so weird… i mean i have heard that humans eat pigs but never heard of pigs eating humans..nor heard of pigs eating pigs… in case if this pig organ transplant humans were eating humans..are pigs cannibals? no, i don’t think so.. why not take the organs of a practical and healthy animal like monkey,zebra,fox etc.

  • Seriously pigs are the most digusting thing ever on this planet!! What happened to monkey transplant? There are so many animals out there… Why pigs!?? I have a morbid fear of pigs. Hopefully nothing like this is gonna happen in 2045

  • Nothing better than allowing yourself to be filled with pig organs and eating your own toes.

  • Could they do that in real life or was it just in the story cuz I wouldn’t like some pig or pigs organ in my body I mean I would rather die cuz it would just be weird and I would so not be eating other people and trach it would be so gross unless the organ would help you and you would still act like a human and not like a pig.

  • Now THAT is why dear readers, in Islam pork is a sin to eat or raise. Pigs are gross. They walk in and eat their own poop. If you take a pork piece, pour pepsi or coke on it, and come back the next day, you’ll find it filled with worms. Plus, a lady (who loves eating pork) had felt this kind of pain in her head. After going to the doctor, it was decided she had to do a surgery. When they got through her head they found DOZENS of worms there…all because of pork.

  • hobo’s deserve to starve then die then……. idk LOL but seriously, those junkies
    deserve what they get but hobo’s that aren’t junkies or acholics ok they deserve good.


  • hey wat is the prediction wen it comes 2045?ciriazly pigs out off all other animals WHY PIGS{eeeewwww}

  • Cool, a future story! Sooo… it begins. Well, it’s nice that sci-fi horror is finally being recognized on this website. Much more interesting than regular horror. You’d know what I mean if you watched that one Irish robot movie that one of the Smosh bros recommended.

  • Wow. thats a pretty amazing story!! And I like how it’s in the future!! makes it more interesting

  • Oh gosh,I’m gonna have so many nightmares after this.I used to have the WORST fear of cannibalism when I was around 6.*Shudder*

  • 2045? Is this story saying that in the future people will get organ transplants from pigs then turn into cannibals? D:

  • If you work out the kinks with biological and technical engineering, along with altering the cells of the pig before the procedure, it could probably work fairly well. You would altar the food digestion molecular structure enough so that the food cells could easily digest, but obviously the pig’s digestion cells would evaporate (most plausible) or be so dissolved by the stomach acid in a pig that it wouldn’t stand as usable matter that could be broken into protein, carbohydrates, etc. therefor making the patient need to eat more and more, leading to the cannibalism. If a procedure possibly just changed the organ itself and hooked up it’s veins to continue making the human stomach acid then i don’t think that there would be a problem.

  • the old stories plus these should make three I remember there is two other legends One are duende’s they resemble fairies with disfigured faces only children can see them and if you go into the woods of mexico alone with out adults as a child they say you will hear child laughter and the duende’s tryin to get you they will steal your soul and eat it they say if an adult goes to where they stole your soul within 2 days and tells them to give your soul back they will comply.They kill and eat children and haunt if you play with them ONCE they will come to your house and find you and will kill you.

    The other is a story is another legend in my pueblo where my families from they say a woman will haunt the men in town she will only be visible to men she will go outside there houses and try to suduce them also she will walk along the fences and make a screeching noise only hearable to the one she wants if suduced have someone snap you out or she will kill you the lady is said to be a sucubbus. Well these could be three short stories

  • There is a legend in the pueblo where my family grew up it’s called Graveman he was a rich man during the revolution who died young and was buried in the town grave where my brother was buried they say he left a treasure what it is, is a legend you must go to the graveyard in the village at midnight and say that you are there with him he will appear he wont say a word but, you must follow him to the treasure he has hidden in the mountains no one knows what happens after that they say he leads you to an abandoned cave and kills you others say he makes you hallucinate and strands you in the desert no one has ever tried it and was heard of again

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