Optical Illusions

Scary optical illusions that make you jump and freaky puzzles to trick your eye and test your perception. Creepy images, spooky photos and scary pop ups for kids and adults to enjoy.

Scary Optical Illusions


  1. kyubeychoseme07 says

    I was looking at the when you see it section with one of my friends… It scared the hell out of her hehehe…

  2. Ticci Toby is amazing says

    Is it just me or does the picture that pops up for this page look kinda…… Gross

  3. The Red Rider says

    The last one is hard to look straight at. (i mean u can’t see da skull) but when u look up from it, u can see it! :/

  4. RjLovesLifex3 says

    Lmfao I tricked my mom and my dad with the what’s wrong one!!! It looks like a cross between Shrek and Toshio from the Grudge. xD

  5. Micky says

    dudes dat whats wrong wuz awsomes….. i knew it wuz gonna happen…. my neice didnt tho…and i have a busted lip fromit…ha ha, she was watching it, and like always she had her face glued 2 the screan and jumped back and hit me in da face and and knocked me and chair ova, and screamed and screaned and ran in2 my moms room…so funnny…. she can watch it and watch again and she kno`s it gonna happen but she till jumps and screams…so funnny…lolz….

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