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Onion Head

Onion Head is a scary legend from Louisiana about a grotesquely disfigured man who haunts a cemetery.

Onion Head

The legend of Onion Head begins sixty years ago in the small town of Slidell, Louisiana. There was a giant of a man with a grotesque face who roamed the woods. He lived there in a shack with his mother and seldom left his home.

He was disfigured by a childhood disease that distorted his head. The locals cruelly nickname him Onionhead. To escape their taunts, he stayed out in the woods with his mother and never ventured into town.

One day, a young girl was found murdered out in the woods. The local people decided that Onion Head must have killed her. Before the police had a chance to investigate, the townsfolk formed a mob and went out in the woods to capture Onion Head in his shack.

When he saw the angry mob approaching, Onion Head fled from the shack. His mother tried to reason with the townsfolk, but it was no use. They were baying for her son’s blood. She told them she would put a curse on anyone who harmed her disfigured son.

The mob hunted Onion Head down and found him hiding in a ditch. Filled with rage, they killed him and dismembered his corpse. They cut him into thirteen pieces and buried him in the graveyard.

The next morning, the police captured the real murderer. It was a drifter who was passing through town. The townsfolk realized that Onion Head had been innocent.

As time went on, there were a series of grisly murders in the town. The victims all had something in common. Every one of them had been part of the mob that killed Onion Head. At every crime scene, the unidentified killer had scrawled a message on the wall in blood.

It read: “If you were there, I’m coming to kill you too”

The message was signed “Onion Head”.

According to the legend, Onion Head is now the perpetual caretaker of the cemetery in Slidell, Louisiana. He took his revenge on the townsfolk who murdered him and now he lies in wait for anyone who is foolish enough to enter the cemetery.


  • Here a story i write…
    Tom is a boy who have 13 years old. he live with his mother, he don’t know his father: he leave them when tom was a young boy. one night, his mother go out, and leave tom alone. she sayed she come home at midnight. he is agree, and when his mother is no longer at home, he switch on the TV. after a few movies, a special bulletin begin…: WARNING! A DANGEREOUS MAN ESCAPE FROM THE ASSYLIUM!…
    Suddenly, he heard the door creak, and the madman appears… he sayed: “hi… it’s daddy!”

  • @scarelover123
    – you’re welcome :P Actually tbh I don’t really know what a book deal is either (I just heard it and thought “eh. Sounds fancy”) – just write it in a book is basically my idea :D

  • I wonder if you peel him, then he makes you cry? I’m such a bad person XD

    @scarelover123 cool story btw… Certainly worth ignoring 7th grade class to write it! Why not get a book deal? :D

  • eeeekk!!!!!! If i see that onion head person by any chance, the next minute i’ll be found dead!!!!! O_O OMG its soo real and scary!!!!!!!!!! O_O Im really shivering! brrrrrrrrrrrr!! >.<

  • Heres another scary story i made during school (i got bored, 7th grade sucks)

    I loved to be told i was beautiful, i absulostly LOVED it. Espeacialy by Henry Smith, the hottest boy in 11th grade. But there was something missing, the two people in my life who i didnt really care what they thought never said i was beautiful, i know i am but…..My brothers dont say anything and i guess i do care. They told me i was an ugly hag. Jay and Harry were my brothers name. Jay was the oldest but Harry was the biggest. Oh crap! “Miss Nia, can you answer the question?” said mrs.line the WORST language arts teacher EVER! she’s so young but acts like a 90yr old hag. She is my LEAST fav teacher. And no, i cant answer the question when i dont know what the question is! “Can you repeat mrs.Line?” I said cooly “No i cannot Miss Nia, pay attention next time or detention, and just in time for the prom too!” She threatened. I didnt say anything but i wanted to murder her. A few hours later Henry smith, THE Henry Smith walked up to me and pushed his wavy bleached blonde hair out of his face. “Hey, ummm Nia, you i dont know….wanna go to the dance with me?” I nearly cheered but i didnt. “sure Henry, i’d love too” “K, i’ll pick you up at 9 k?” he replied “sure” i said, smiling non stop. That night i was putting on my earings when Jay came in, following him like a shadow was Harry “You look magnificent Nia, absolutly beautiful.” Jay said staring at my white dress with the bottem died pinkish white. It was my mom’s before she died in a car accident, my dad was working late tonight. “yeah” Harry shrugged “you look good” he said as i smiled then Jay said “dead” and i was shocked. they just said i looked good DEAD! Well i dont care, i’m cool and cute with or without their approval. I sighed then heard Henry’s car beeping “got to go anyway….jerks” i whispered that last word but i guess they heard. As i walked out the front door i heard Jay whisper to Harry “oooh she is gonna pay when she gets back!” Truth is, i never really do get back. I got into Henry’s sportscar and we’re about to get to the last stoplight before we got to the school when someone jumped out infront of our car with a knife and slashed Henry’s tires! “HEY MAN WHATS THE DEAL JACKING UP MY RIDE?!” Henry yells as he gets out of the car. Just then the man pulled out a gun and shot Henry, time stopped and so did the cars. Henry mouthed “run” then fell to the floor, I ran towards the ditch as fast as i could when i tripped. I figured it was just a fall, nothing to it but the murderer was getting closer so i dragged myself because i had sprained my ankle. I couldnt get out of the ditch without help so i cried “Help….somebody….please!” I felt like simba from the lion king. Exept my dad wasnt the one dead, and i wasnt about to be chased by hyenas. Or was i? the murderer came back with a friend and were laughing like crazy when the second guy pulled out a rope. “lets take this slow, like slow dancing. only slow dying” he said and the other cracked up and looked at me and said “yeah we’re gonna make sure you get it worse than your date!” I knew instantly that they were wearing voice changers. They choked me slowly and just as i was about to die they both said in unison “you do look good sister, DEAD! SAY HI TO MOM FOR US!” They were whipping off their masks when i realized, THEY were in a huge fight with mom when she died. THEY said they had buisness to take care of when she died. And i knew it all from the start. I remembered, i was in the back seat when Harry threw me out the window, car seat still on as Jay slit moms throut with a peice of glass. They wanted me dead because of that! Because i was old enough to remember! My eyes closed slowly and i cried “you….you” but before i could finish Jay closed my eyelids and said “shhhhh we thought you might like to know, you were supposed to die when Harry threw you out the window, now the jobs complete so shut up and die” he said ‘now the jobs complete so shut up and die” in such a cold voice i couldnt believe it was him. I coughed and sputtered then all i saw was black.

    Poor little guy!
    I wouldn’t make fun of him, I’d feel bad for the dude.
    I’d be his bestie, If you asked me.

  • thx and i forgot to add that games grabbed the gun and when he shot the murderer the murderers hand went up and slashed his throut XD i forgot to add that

  • Thats a pretty gd story :) but how could james fight back and kill him when the murderer has a hacksaw and a gun? james will have to be ninja to beat the murderer. But anyway thts still a pretty gd story. :D

  • This is a story about an escaped criminal and a woman and a mystery man.

    One September evening a woman was listening to the radio when there came a knock on the door, she opened it and saw a man in an orange jumpsuit with black stripes. when she left she missed the anouncement that had stated “ALERT ALERT ESCAPED CRIMINAL ON THE LOOSE LOCK ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS AT ONCE!” Since she had missed it she hadnt needed to be suspitious. she let him in kindly and 3 weeks later they were a couple. She forgot about the jumpsuit shortly after he kissed her. “Honey, how was work today?” the man whose name was james asked “oh same old same old, patient after patient and then some man came and demanded to see his client.” the woman replied. Just then the radio that was playing nice country music crackled then another anouncment came on “ALERT CRIMINAL STILL AT LARGE I REPEAT CRIMINAL STILL AT LARGE! THE CRIMINAL IS ABOUT 5,6 AND WAS LAST SEEN MURDERING AN OLD WOMAN! HE HAD DISAPPEARED 3 WEEKS AGO TO THE DAY! IF YOU HAVE SPOTTED HIM GET AWAY WHILE YOU CAN, HE IS DANGEROUS AND WILL KNOW IF YOU’VE SEEN HIM! RUN NOW OR LOCK YOUR WINDOWS AND DOORS!” It was scary so the woman looked at james with concern and he simply said “you think it’s me dont you?” but before she had a chance to answer there was a knock at the door, james got up and answered it, the woman following him with caution. A man was at the door, he was bloody and had a hacksaw and gun. He shot james but james faught back, in the end the man lay dead and james was dying. the woman cried next to him and before he died he whispered “your an angel, i needed to protect you” and those were his last words

  • @Superstitious83
    LOL! i wuz beginning to think they were somewhat related but why just their faces :?

  • That picture is kind of disturbing, but I don’t think I’d say that he looks like an onion….Just creepy and disfigured. But I don’t see an “onion-y” look about his face.XD

  • bulldog man is a story about this boy who was acidentally left at an amusment park and when the park closed he wandered into the woods and found a factory. He grew up the and one time when he was sleeping someone said watch out! but it was to late. Bricks squished his face in so they gave him the nickname bulldog man.

  • I shall not make any funny remarks here, technicaly that image is quite disturbing and its freaking me out…
    Remind me never to eat onions again it will just feel like im eating onion head…

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