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One By One

One by One is a story submitted by XxWiltedGraceXx, who is a user on this Website. It’s about a boy who takes a picture in a haunted house.

One by One

One by One

One by one, my family was killed. One by one by one. I know I must be next. It was a curse. And it’s all my fault.

I went into a house that was said to be haunted. I wanted to take some pictures. I was a little disappointed when I saw nothing out of the ordinary, yet I still had an uneasy feeling. I decided to take a picture to show my friends that I had actually been brave enough to venture inside the haunted house. I shouldn’t have done that.

I got home late that evening. For some reason something felt different.

“Nicki, dinner’s ready” my mom called from the kitchen.

I told her I was going up to my room and would be down after I put away my things. I went up to my room, took out my camera and started browsing through the pictures I had taken. There was nothing interesting in the pictures, but I decided to keep them and threw the camera on my bed.

I went downstairs and met my parents, my older sister and my younger brother at the kitchen table. I thought I saw a shadowy shape lurking under the kitchen cabinets. It resembled something human.

Why didn’t I pay more attention?

After dinner, I went up to my room to relax. When I got there, the camera was sitting on my desk. A little freaked out, I tried to believe that I probably forgot and put it there myself. I was just about to brush it off when I saw something strange. Something had showed up in the photos on the camera. There was an image of a family of five. A mom, and dad, two teenagers, and a little boy. They were all a blur, like they were barely there. I was starting to get scared. there was something wrong with the picture. Before I could figure it out I was called down to do the dishes.

The next morning, I awoke to the smell of breakfast cooking. It smelled delicious. I heard my mom call out that breakfast was ready. I went to check what she was cooking, when I stopped dead in my tracks coming across a horrible sight.

My mom was in the corner sprawled on the floor. She was lying in a pool of blood. Her head was missing.

I fell to my knees then and there, not wanting to believe my eyes. I smelled something burning in the kitchen. Hesitantly I got up to to check and saw smoke coming from the oven. I was too scared to open it.

My dad came running into the house saying he thought there was a fire. He hadn’t seen my mom’s body. He quickly opened the oven and screamed. Inside, I saw my mom’s burned head. She was missing her eyes. I passed out.

I awoke on the couch with a cold towel on my head. The cops were asking questions. I personally didn’t think that it would do any good. It went on for almost an hour when my sister got tired of it.

“You’re not doing your jobs. Our mom, his wife just died and you’re asking pointless questions? go get the monster who did this!” and with that she stomped out of the house.

After a few more minutes of questioning I went up to my room. The camera was now back on my bed. There was something different about it. The mother in the picture appeared different. I was scared when I realized she was missing her head.

Nighttime came fast. Dad decided to sleep with a shotgun and he had our little brother sleep in his room with him. My sister had locked herself in her bedroom. I could hear her sobbing time to time. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t know what was going on but I had the strangest feeling that something bad was going to happen. But I managed to fall asleep.

I awoke to the sound of a gunshot. It sounded like it came from my parents’ room. I quickly jumped to my feet, ignoring how tired I was. At first, I thought I was hearing things, but my sister barged into my room telling me she heard it too. We rushed to our parents room. When we got there my sister started screaming.

There was blood spattered on all of the walls and our little brother lay dead in the bed. He had been shot in the face. But where was our dad? The bathroom door slowly opened and then we saw him. He was hanging from the hook on the ceiling. He had tied the bed sheets around his neck.

My sister ran out of the room sobbing. I started to run after her but something caught my attention. Our family photo. Our parents and our little brother had disappeared from it. I felt dizzy. I almost blacked out when I heard something.

I head a voice say something that sounded like “One by one by one…”

I ran to my room to look at the photos on my camera. The father in the picture had changed. His head was hanging at an odd angle, as if his neck had been broken. There was bruising around his neck as if he had been hung. The little boy in the picture had a hole where his face should have been.

The lights suddenly flickered and turned off. I heard my sister scream. Then, I heard a voice, a ghostly, inhuman voice. It sounded like it came from the depths of hell. It was saying “One by one by one…”

I took the camera and ran out of my bedroom. I stopped at the foot of the stairs. There was a trail of blood leading into the bathroom. I followed the bloody trail, with my heart in my throat.

My sister was lying face-down in the bathtub. She had been drowned. I looked at the camera and saw that the daughter in the picture looked different. Her face was tinged with blue and her tongue was hanging out.

I called the police and they said they were on their way. Was there a murderer in the house or was it haunted? I didn’t know which, so I ran to my room and locked the door. I was afraid. Afraid of who or what did this and afraid of what might happen.

My door suddenly started to vibrate. Then it slowly creaked open. There seemed to be a something peering through the crack in the doorway. The door opened wider and I saw that it was the body of a woman.

I was frozen. I couldn’t move. The woman began to crawl towards me. It was dark but as she got closer I could see a slit mark on her neck just under the chin, and empty eye sockets. I couldn’t breathe. I tried to scream but no sound came out.

She opened her mouth and screamed, “One by one by one…”

(Sorry that it’s so long. I’m no pro at writing scary stories.)


  • Maybe the mom committed suicide and wanted her family to be with her wherever she went . So she killed them one by one and that’s why she has no eyes and a slit mark. Just my thoughts🤔

  • so the mom chopped off her own head, then her body cooked it, then took out it’s eyes. then it put it’s head back on while the main character was passed out and the dad was looking away, and it fled. it then proceeded to kill everyone else. tell me if I got it right XD

  • Once again, HORRIBLE parenting. And a really bad wife. XD
    I loved this story, it was my favorite kind of story. The kind where you can’t sleep. The kind where fear seeps through your skin and runs through your blood. The kind where the shadows of terror seem to stalk you like the killers and creeps that haunt your mind. The kind where you’ve fallen into the deep, black pit of fear. Where you can’t even stay home alone without seeing faces in the windows and voices in your head.

  • WOW! I could never pull off such a story! I mean, this story is something that a master author could come up with. @ xXDeadSoulxX, didn’t really get it.

  • I just want to say, all the stories in the comments are good/interesting. But Scaryforkids has a tell me your story section. So people please don’t go writing your stories on other people’s stories comments.Maybe keep it between compliments and constructive criticism. Thankyou

  • The Curse– There was once a boy named Xander, he was one of the kids who were not scared of anything. One evening, he and his buddies decided too chant the haunted curse that was supposingly true. They went into the bathroom, turned off the light, and chanted the words. “The Curse… The curse… The curse…” after they all chanted the words, they turned on the lights, and laughed historically, noticing the curse didn’t work, they all went home. Xander was in his room alone right after his friends has left, he then went too his friends’ house, then noticed something, he went into their rooms, and saw their corpses, laying on the corner of the rooms. Their eye sockets were replaced with buttons, and throat slit open, just as he rose his cranium too take a glance at the room, he noticed that something was written in blood. It said, “THE CURSE”, and then he looked at the wall, there, also written in blood, said “IM RIGHT BEHIND YOU”, just as Xander looked behind him, their, was a creature, holding one of his friend’s head, then everything, went black. ((Hope you guys enjoy this story, I hope this ones on the site))

  • I hate when people- much like Ghost Girl 12354 TRY to act cute by typing those STUPID work—– ex: It all i can do n i hopes uz all likes it tanks uz all!!!— I HATE IT!!
    hehe one of my peeves or whatever. Im just saying its NOT cute what so ever..

  • @ xXwiltedGraceXx what are you talking about .. not good at scary stories…. that was amazing!

  • Really good,very creepy.And Innocent Vampire,I liked your story too
    Though Innocent Vampire,couldn’t this have avoided if she hadn’t yelled at her? Maybe she wouldn’t have taken her eyes

  • o my god that was the scaryes one on this website jeuse! i am still shaking i think it was very scary just because i am home alone and it is way to quite and i did not think it was long it was perfect!good job make athor story

  • Hey guys this is my story – hope you like it . If you like it please tell me ( comment )

    Alice had beautiful eyes . They were a stunning light green and very sparkly . Everyone was jealous of her eyes and everyone complimented her.One day a little girl named Mary moved in across the street. Being the friendly person she was , Alice went over to greet Mary. She knocked her door and asked if she wanted to play. The two of them sat on the swings for a while. Alice couldn’t help noticing that Mary kept staring at her eyes. Finally Mary whispered
    ” Your eyes are beautiful , i am ever so jealous ”
    Alice thanked Mary and headed home . She told her mother how sweet Mary was. Alice went to bed feeling happy. The next day Mary called round and they both watched television together. However , Mary still kept staring at her eyes. “Your eyes are stunning , i am ever so jealous”
    she whispered once again. Alice looked at Mary’s brown eyes. They didn’t sparkle like hers did.Alice was a little creeped out and told Mary she had to get into the bath . The next evening Alice’s mother invited Mary over for dinner . Mary was very polite. She wore a clean white dress with a pink bow around the waist.Whilst Alice’s mother was puring some more drinks Mary whispered gently
    ” Your eyes are amazing , i am very jealous ”
    Alice was so creeped out she shouted for Mary to leave . Mary did – with tears brimming in her dull eyes. That evening as Alice slept , she awoke to someone standing over her bed. She tried to scream but she was so terrified she couldn’t make a sound. The person above held a long butchers knife. The next morning Alice’s parents went to wake Alice up but , they discovered a horrifying sight. Alice’s body had stab wounds all over her body . And her eyes were just empty sockets. Alice’s parents were utterly distraught. The next month , hundreds of people filed into the church for Alice’s funeral. One of the people attending was little Mary , her eyes were full of tears and she was carrying a single rose. However , there was something different about Mary . She looked the same , but her eyes were sparkly for once . Sparkly Green .

    Hope you like it , its my first story ita called ” Green Eyes ” . I hope you publish it Scary For Kids

  • Excellent! No, it’s not too long, it’s perfect length, it has plenty of detail and doesn’t drag on either. Props to you, XxWiltedGraceXx.

  • @goshtgirl1666 it cant be the mom, because who killed her in the beginning? Point proven, it was not the mom.

  • I HAVE A SCARY STORY … HOPE YOU CAN PUBLISH IT scaryforkids…. :) :)

    I am sitting in my room on my bed really scared. I have just gone to my friend’s house and returned terrified of what happened there.It all started this morning when I logged into my Facebook account. I received a message from my friend named Carsy. She wrote that “Hey Sandra! I have a really good news! I have been selected for a scary competition being held tomorrow in my neighborhood. Its all about watching a really scary movie with a curse. The name of the movie is “The shadow next to me”. I was reading reviews about it on internet and it was really creepy. In the contest, the rule is simple : “YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE ALONE IN THE THEATER …. IF YOU
    SUCCESSFULLY WATCH THIS MOVIE ALONE …YOU WILL BE REWARDED WITH $9000 DOLLARS ..!!!” The competition is tomorrow …. I will call you to my house after the competition .”

    I wrote her a message saying okay. The next morning when i woke up … my mom called me down and said Carsy called up and called me home. I took my bike and went to her home. I knocked at the door but nobody answered. I saw that the door was open. I went inside and was horrified of what i saw. There was blood all over the walls of the house. I slowly went up to Carsy’s room. I opened the door and was shocked what i saw.. Carsy was hanging from the fan … her eyes have been taken out. I saw a paper in her hand. I slowly took the paper started to read it. It was the paper of the competition Carsy was talking about. It was written “CONGRATS ! YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED FOR THE SCARY COMPETITION!!….. ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS WATCH A MOVIE CALLED “THE SHADOW NEXT TO ME”. THERE IS A CURSE ON THE MOVIE THAT WHO EVER WATCHES IT … THEY WILL BE KILLED THE NEXT DAY. BUT WHO MINDS IT ?… YOU ARE GONNA GET $9000 DOLLARS !! … ”

    After I read this I straight away called up the Police and they investigated the house. As i was leaving … I saw a dark shadow over Carsy’s body.

  • but like OMG THE STORY IS 100% AWESOME!
    How did you come up with it? Well anyways
    can you give an explanation for how it exactly happened
    like what was haunting them. And why the mother was haunting them etc.



  • AHH GOD I shouldn’t have looked at the first comment, spoiler alert xD ahhaaha anyway wiltedgrace your story is so cool

  • Thanks.
    I’m glad you guys like my story! (kinda surprised)
    Btw..Ghost girl 12354 nice story.
    And SO MUCH MONEYY!! I wouldn’t tell anyone :P

  • OMG That was so freaky! Really, really creepy story! And @ghost girl 12354 That was a LOT of money. Decent story, but eight trillion dollars is really more money than could fit in a house. More than could fit in five houses. By a lot. LOL :)
    Good story tho.

  • Money.
    Once a boy found 8,000,000,000,000 bucks
    there was a note not to touch the money he did
    not care tho. He picked it up he showed his family
    his sister asked if she could use some? he yell NO NO NO
    NO ITS MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!! the money turned him
    crazy. that week he told eveyone and I mean
    everyone the teachers the bu;llys his friends
    and even the strangers on the street! the bully’s went to
    his house at night and killed him trying to get the money
    they say if you go to his house at night 12:00 on the nut
    he will give it all to you but you should not take it
    it will turn you crazy justi like it did to the boy! the boyts
    name was tim by the way hope you like it!!

  • Yes! I got the first comment! AWESOME story! So was the killer his mum? That bit confused me a bit

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