Oh Mommy

Oh Mommy is a short, creepy story about a young man who desperately wants his mother to love him, even though he knows she loves his brother more. The story is told through text as well as emoticons.

Oh, Mommy (^ o ^)

My mother loved my older brother very much. (‘· _ · `)

She never cared much for me. (- _ -)

Ever since I was young, I knew it was true. (. – _ -.)

It made me very sad. ( ಠ╭╮ಠ )

Then, one day, my brother was killed in an unfortunate accident. ∑(°Д°〃)

The shock of my brother’s death affected my mother very badly. ∑(;°Д°)

She had a complete breakdown. (((╬⁽⁽⁰⁾⁾Д⁽⁽⁰⁾⁾)))))

I worked very hard to take care of my mother. ( `_´ )ゞ

I don’t have any other family.

It’s just me and my mother. (> _ <) Oh Mommy, get well soon! (> _ <)

After a few months, my mother started to recover.

She regained her energy (^ _ ^)

Eventually, my mother was able to get out of bed.

“Mommy!” I cried. “You got better!” (^ Ω ^)

“Yes, Sebastian,” she smiled. “I got better thanks to you.”

“No, Mommy…” (· _ ·)

“It’s true,” she insisted. “Thank you, Sebastian.”

My mother says such nice things to me. (· _ ·)

“Oh, Sebastian, you take such good care of me.”

My mother really appreciates me. (· _ ·)

“Oh, Sebastian, I love you so much.”

She always tells me how much she loves me. (· _ ·)

One day, I asked my mother a question.

“Mommy, do you remember Samuel?” (‘· _ ·`)

“Samuel? Who’s that? Oh, that was your brother.”

I remember that my mother’s voice was full of kindness.

“Oh, Sebastian, If one of my children had to die, I’m glad it was Samuel and not you.”

(‘· _ ·’)


( ・_・ )

( ._. )


“I see… OK!” (*^ _ ^*)

Sorry for the late introduction. ( ^ _ ^ )

My brother’s name was Sebastian. ( ^ _ ^ )

My name is Samuel. ( · _ · )

Oh, Mommy… ( ^ _ ^ )

Soon you will be killed in an unfortunate accident. \ (^ o ^) /


  1. avalancheee says

    How can d mom not love both her sons equally????? Goshhhh i feel sooooo sorry for this guy

  2. Dark_Destroyer says

    Oh that’s terrible. So cold and messed up. Is he ever gonna correct her or is he forever going to let her call him by his dead brother’s name? Poor kid, that’s harsh.

  3. starfire says

    Oh poor boy :'( his mother is such a bitch she wanted him to die insted of his brother :( and it’s great that he is going to kill her she deserves it because all he ever wanted was her love and she never loved him (-_-)

  4. Sp00ki says

    @princesstori he killed his brother and posed as him so his mommy would love him (^-^)

    Scaryforkids says: For anyone who doesn’t get it… The son eventually realized that ever since her breakdown, his mother had mistaken him for his dead brother. When she said she wished he died instead of his brother, he got angry and decided to kill her. Maybe this one should be in the riddles section, if its hard to figure out.

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