Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery is a game you can play at your Halloween party. It is also known as “Murder in the Dark” or “Murderer and Detective”.

Murder Mystery

To play Murder Mystery, you need at least 4 people. The more people you have, the better the game is.

To begin the game, you have to assign people their roles. Get a piece of paper for each person playing the game. On one piece of paper, you write “murderer”, on another you write “detective”, and on all of the rest you write “guest”.

Shuffle the pieces of paper and hand them out to the players. The person who is the detective must leave the room and wait outside. The person who is the murderer must keep it a secret and pretend to be one of the guests.

Everyone walks around the room, pretending to be at a party. Someone counts to three and then turns off the lights. (The room has to be pitch black, so make sure you play this in a room where no one will bump into any sharp things.)

The murderer wanders around in the dark and choses a victim. He taps them on the shoulder or the head. When someone is tapped on the shoulder, they have to scream out “Murder!!!” and then fall down on the ground and pretend to be dead. When you hear the person shout “Murder!”, you turn on the lights again.

The detective comes into the room and surveys the scene. He can ask everyone questions and try to determine who the murderer is. Finally, he must accuse someone of being the murderer. Then, if the detective gets it wrong, the real murderer must reveal himself and confess to the murder. The murderer now gets to be the detective and the game starts again.

If the detective gets it right and solves the murder mystery, then he stays in the role of detective and the game begins again.


  • Somehow a little boring, but I’m gonna play this tomorrow, maybe It’s not that boring as i think =3

  • There is another variation of the game called “detective”. I played it with my friends once and accidently revealed that I was the murderer

  • haha sounds fun ive played a game similar to this at a friends birthday party, but pretty different. This game sounds fun i’m gonna try it! XD ;P

  • I played this game at my friend birthday party but when someone tapped my shoulder they got mad at me because I didn’t scream loud enough. Also mafia is a different variation of this I played mafia with my sister an her friends. Two people are the mafia people and there is one dectective.you walk around with the lights on an the mafia person has to “cut” your neck with their fingers when someone else sees the body they yell murder. The dead peron goes to another room and the rest discuss an vote on who killed the person. I don’t really remember what the dectective does. Whoever gets chosen goes with the dead person even if they aren’t the mafia person. You keep repeating that until everyone “dies”

  • Ok I tried this but it became a fail for the first time actually my friends sister came too and she didn’t know what was the game about so we made her the guest and as soon as the lights went off she started crying but after she went it was fun!! 😃 😉

  • @cookiesgoRAWR: Ow what happened to you ?

    Anyways this game sounds fun but they forogt a missing instruction there has to be an operator of the game who writes down on the paper and turns off the light etc.

  • Actually the turn off the lights part really helped a game I just made.it goes like this:(edited now) one person anyone has to assign roles.you probably get 3 cups and hide items under.(the cup has to be turned upside down) all the items are the same except one.the person who gets that different item is the murderer.YOU CANNOT SHOW YOUR ASSIGNED PARTS TO ANYONE PLAYING! Anyways, one person will turn off the lights like a black out and the game starts.throw out any sharp or dangerous things and tell them to move carefully.you can scream to make the game more scary if you get caught.after everyone is dead then you can start over assigning roles

  • This game sounds like something me and my friends play in P.E. ‘cept it’s called Mafia. It’s fun, though! :D

  • Me and my friend Krystal and a bunch of other friends played something like this except it was during the day and we used the whole block.Krystal would write a bunch of clues on paper and hid the around her front and back yard and we had to go to those places and find the next clue.Then we would finally find a piece of paper that said who the killer was.It was fun until me and someone else started fighting and she hit me in the back i couldnt breath and then i went home……

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