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Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter is a spooky story for kids about a woman whose daughter died.

Mother and Daughter

There was a woman who lived in a small apartment in a country town. She had one daughter who she loved with all her heart. Ever since her husband left them, the woman had done everything in her power to make sure her daughter had everything she wanted.

When the girl was 13 years old, she fell in love with a young boy who lived on the other side of town. Her mother was against the relationship, telling her daughter that she was too young to have a boyfriend. The girl was very headstrong and argued with her mother, refusing to break up with the boy.

One night, after her mother had gone to bed, the girl decided to sneak out and meet her boyfriend. She quietly opened her bedroom window and planned to climb down a nearby tree. However, as she was reaching out for one of the branches, the poor girl slipped and fell.

Early the next morning, her dead body was discovered lying on the pavement outside her apartment building. Her neck was broken. When the mother found out about the terrible accident, she was devastated. The distraught woman cried her eyes out and nobody could console her.

One year after her daughter’s death, the mother was still in mourning. People who lived in the town would often see her walking around, dressed from head to toe in black, speaking to no one. She felt that she could not go on with her life without her beloved daughter by her side. What bothered her most of all was the fact that she never had a chance to say goodbye.

One day, the mother decided to consult a fortune teller. She hoped that there was some way she could communicate with her deceased daughter or even just see her one last time. The fortune tellerlistened to her story and told the woman that there was one way to see her daughter again.

“At exactly midnight tonight, you must go into the thickest part of the forest,” said the fortune teller. “There you will find a clearing. Stand there and wait for your daughter to appear.”

The mother was delighted with this news and, after paying the fortune teller, she went straight home. She was overjoyed at the prospect of seeing her beloved daughter again and her mind was racing with all the things she wanted to say to her.

That evening, as the mother sat at home, she heard a knock on her front door. When she answered it, she found a strange, old woman standing there, dressed all in white.

“If you know what’s good for you, you will take my advice,” hissed the old woman. “If you really want to see your daughter, go to the woods fifteen minutes early. Find the tallest, most robust tree and climb to the very top. Secure yourself to the branches with a strong rope, then wait for midnight to arrive. Only then will you see your daughter.”

Before the mother had a chance to reply, the old woman in white scurried off down the street and disappeared around a corner. The mother was confused, unable to decide what to do. As night fell, she still couldn’t make up her mind.

At 11:45 pm, she found herself standing at the edge of the woods, trembling with fear and anticipation. Making her way to the thickest part of the woods, she came to a small clearing. There, she spotted a tall, robust tree. With great difficulty, the woman climbed to the top and clung to one of the branches. She wrapped a rope around herself and tied her body securely to the branch.

At the stoke of midnight, she looked down and saw her beloved daughter standing in the clearing below. The young girl was dressed in white and her face was deathly pale. She seemed as if she was transparent, drifting across the clearing like a ghost.

The mother looked more closely and happened to notice something strange. Instead of legs, her daughter had cloven hooves. As the mother watched in horror, the ghostly girl looked up and chuckled.

“Well, it seems you have guessed our secret,” said the daughter in a deep voice.

The girl’s face began to shimmer and change. Her features melted away and in their place was the face of the devil. He grabbed the base of the tree and began to shake it with all his might. The mother clung to the branches for dear life. She knew that if she fell from the tree, the devil would tear her to pieces.

Hours passed and the mother’s arms grew tired from holding on to the branch. The devil kept shaking the tree, a malicious grin on his face. The ropes came loose and the woman feared that she would fall. Just then, the first rays of the morning sun began to shine through the trees. When the sunlight touched the skin of the devil, he burst into flames and crumbled into ash.

The mother slowly and carefully climbed down from the tree and ran home. She was shaking with fear. That morning, the mother finally accepted the death of her daughter.


  • Nice old lady (that is, of course, if the lady that told her to stay on the tree was old) for those of you who don’t get it, the lady that came to her house was warning her about the Devil. She knew that no matter what she said she would go to the forest, so she said stay on the tree, that way when the Devil appeared she was out of reach if I am correct. But honestly, how is that scary?

  • @xXPhantomFangWolfXx: your story had my heart racing more than the first story did, i loed it very much, but for some reason, I was reminded of Charlie St. Cloud

  • Thanks everyone for reading my story any feed back would be appreciated and phantom I’d like u to elaborate my story :D

  • Hey Creepy Girl! Are you there? Do you want any of my help elaborating your story plot?

  • @nightlock: SFK already posted a story like that just without the floorboard thing. Its under Recent posts. Its called Read the sign.

  • UnderThe floor boards

    One day a mother was watching tv with her 3 kids when a comertial came on. It wasn’t much, just a sign that said “send them to bed” written in messy hand writing with a black sharpie. The mother wasnt shaken and stayed where she was. About 10 minuets later the phone rang, when the mother answered the only thing she heard was ” send them to bed” this time it worried her and sent her kids to bed. Another 20 minuets later the comertial came on again this time this time the sign said thank-you but it was written in red and was dripping the mother was terrified and ran upstairs tO check on her kids. When she got to their room she barley made it in time to pull them Out from the claws of a half rotten corpse attempting to drag them under the. Floor boards


    Please post this sfk and Srry for any spelling errors

  • My story XD

    First Words

    A mother and baby lived in a small cottage. The father of the baby had a terrible accident when he was scaffolding the mountain the lived on. The mother was very distraught but had no choice but to raise her baby alone. What added more to her sadness was that she had no memory of her beloved husband. So she set on the path to teach her child to say his first days. Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned in to months yet the baby could not say a simple word. (except for the occasional goo goo gah gah). All he did was point at the space behind the mother. However the strange thing was that there was nothing there. The mother was starting to lose hope. She shouted at her child. The baby pointed at the space behind the mother again and said…


  • That’s actually a really good story idea, Creepy Girl! You could improve upon it by elaborating it and making it longer. Doing so could get it submitted. :)

  • Im Nine Years old. I have a brother that hates me and a sister that loves me. My parents died and everyday when my sister is gone or sleeping, He Beats Me until i cry. Im “Fat” And “stupid” as he says.
    Hes was mostly playing a game when He Wasn’t hitting me.
    One day something big happened. After That, I Decided to take revenge. I took stools and lit a candle. I Put it up near the alarm and it sounded.
    I Smiled and lit the curtains. He ran out of his room and he didnt see me. I Vanished. He later died.
    Now I Can Rest In Peace

    (Im really nine years old And I Have 2 Brothers Thanks for listening)

  • @xXPhantomFangWolfXx
    That was an AMAZING story. I thoght it was well thought out. Great job (^_^)

  • Omg! Poor mom! All she wanted to do was tell her daughter goodbye. Lol but I guess it’s good that she got over the death of her daughter. But I think that was the fortune tellers plan the whole time, i mean she knows the future so I bet she knew what would happen that night.

  • Hey SFK! You should totally post some Pokemon CreepyPastas. Some of them that I think are good are Tommy Boy, Snow on Mt. Silver, Lost Silver, and Strangled Red. :)

  • Wow. Pretty creepy, if a little weird. Why would that woman tell her to do that? Did she know it would be a devil?

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