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Morrow Road

Morrow Road is a spooky legend about a lonely road in Michigan that is haunted by the ghost of a woman who is searching for her missing son.

Morrow Road

The Legend of Morrow Road is one of Michigan’s oldest legends. It begins sometime in the late 1800s, there was a woman living on Morrow Road, with the initials “I.C.” Today, the road is paved, but at that time, it was just a dirt road.

One night, during a severe snowstorm, she was home alone with her young son. A little past midnight, the woman went to check on her child, but when she reached the boy’s bedroom, she found it empty. Someone had broken into her house and kidnapped her little boy.

The frantic mother dashed outside into the storm, wearing nothing but her nightgown, and searched desperately for her son. It is said that the woman froze to death while looking for her child. Others believe that the kidnapper lay in wait for the woman near the bridge and viciously murdered her. In any case, her frozen body was discovered days later. The body of her son was never found.

Many people believe that her ghost still haunts Morrow Road to this day, searching eternally for the missing boy. Some witnesses claim to have seen the woman roaming along the old dirt road at night. Sometimes she comes onto the road and chases cars from the property. They say she wears a blue nightgown that is torn and bloody. Some people said they heard her screaming, “Where’s my baby?” as they drove past and others claimed she attacked their car, slamming her bloody hands against the window.

According to the legend, if you park on Morrow Road at night and honk your horn three times, you will either hear a baby cry or you will see the woman appear.

One man was driving along the darkened road when he saw a woman that was holding her head in her hands and crying. He stopped and asked if she was ok and when she looked up, she had no eyes and there was blood all over her face. Then, she pointed at him and screamed, “Where is my baby?” Before he had a chance to react, she came running over and started banging on his window with her fists. Frightened, he took off, but the woman followed, chasing his car down the road. Later on, apparently, he ended up in a mental institution due to this experience.

One night, a group of teenagers went out to Morrow Road. They had heard the legends and wanted to test it out for themselves. They parked their car and honked their horn three times. All of a sudden, a woman appeared from the bushes. The teenagers began screaming and floored the accelerator. They pealed out of there so fast, they thought the wheels were going to pop off their car. When they finally stopped and examined the car, they found fingerprints all over the door as if someone had been trying to get in.

In another story, some teens went out there with a ouija board. They were looking to contact the ghost and when they started playing the ouija board, it started going crazy. It spelled out that one of them would die in 6 years. Then, they heard screaming in the woods and got scared. They decided to leave and after a while, they forgot about their strange experience. However, on the same day, exactly 6 years later, one of them died in a car crash.

One night, some drunken college students went out to Morrow Road, but when the ghost didn’t appear, they grew angry and decided to light the bridge of fire. The flames shot up over their heads and they saw the face of the woman appear in the fire. She was screaming, “Where is my baby?” They had to be taken to hospital, suffering from severe burns and all three were disfigured for life.


  • That’s so sad
    And really, why would people be so stupid and go to the road after reading the legend, do you HAVE a death wish?! …

  • lot’s of stories about women trying to find their lost children isn’t there?
    still good though..yep…still good.

  • well to me its similar to sarah jane but you have to park your car on the road then then the Woman will Appear screaming at you saying wheres my baby! or you will hear the baby crying.

  • To me, this story seems very similar to the pig lady story. One example is that in both stories you have to do something three times, both involving cars. But it’s probably just me.

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  • @DoICareNoWay the description you gave about the guy in your story kinda sounds like Dante from DMC(devil may cry) 5.

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  • Hi guys. I wrote a story but its too crowded there like DoICare NoWay said. So here’s my story.
    Stop it.
    One day there was a kid who was reading scary stories online. Then he saw a comment which was a story. This pissed him off and exited the web. The end.

    Guys seriously can you stop. Cuz i dont think many people read those stories anyway. No offense to anyone.

  • But its no longer a baby! PS Imagine if someone didn’t know the legend and was like “Hey!!! What happened to your eyes?! Come, I’ll take you to hospital :P”

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  • I wrote a story. Pleaaaaase SFK tell me if its good. The reason I didn’t put it on the tell me your story page is because it was too crowded so yeah enjoy “Animals”:

    Hello little piggy, you seem fat and juicy. Maybe it’s time to have bacon, or pork chops. Doesn’t that sound good. You have gotten plump these last few days haven’t all you little fatties. Pretty soon it’s time to eat cuz I’m getting hungry for pigs. Hello little deers nice and tender, you look good today. One of my favorite foods are freshly roasted deer. I can’t wait to dig my teeth into that fat juicy slab of deer meat that I can have when I get my hands on you. But remember, it’s almost hunting season for deer… Hello dear little lamb, how are you today. You look yummy and good. Soon it’ll be time to harvest all of you, my little lambs when you all become nice and fat with lots of chewy meat on the bones. You my sweet will make a special someone very, very happy.

    News Alert: Yesterday at 6:35 that evening the police found a man in his basement surrounded by the dead caresses of 10 preschool aged girls and boys. Each one had a sign that said ether pig, deer, or lamb written on it. The 10 children fit the description of the children missing two weeks ago. The man that seemed to have murdered the children thought that they were animals and he was going to cook them and eat them. He is dubbed as highly disturbed and and does not have any family in this area. If you think you know this man call the police.

    News Alert: The man escaped Friday night from the insane asylum armed with a gun and a knife . Before he escaped he gunned down two workers and his doctor. He he was charged for murder because he kidnapped and killed 10 preschool children and was about to eat them before the police arrived. He is a white Caucasian male with brown hair and blue eyes. He is about six foot four and is wearing a white vest with jeans. If you see him call the police. We repeat call the police. He is armed with dangerous weapons.

    SFK please put it up for everyone to see. Pleaaaasssse

  • That is so sad, she just wants to find her child. If that was me then I would wanna find my child… :(

  • @rakshasa- i agree.

    @SFK- u should do some research on Indian legends n folks, dey r way beyond creepy as India is full of superstition n myths mysterious incidents

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