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Monkey Dream

Monkey Dream is a creepy urban legend from Japan. They say that after you read this story, strange things will start happening to you in your dreams. If you are easily scared, you might want to skip this one.

Monkey Dream

This is the story of a dream. You know the kind of dream where you suddenly become aware that you are dreaming. That was the kind of dream it was.

I was all alone, standing on the platform of a deserted, dimly-lit railway station.

“Wow, what a boring dream,” I thought to myself.

Just then, I heard an announcement come over the loudspeaker. A dull, monotonous voice was saying, “The train will be arriving shortly. If you get on board, you will experience something very scary.”

Soon after this cryptic announcement, the train pulled into the station. However, it wasn’t really a train. It looked more like the kind of train you see at amusement parks, like a rollercoaster or the monkey train they have at the zoo. There were a few men and women sitting in the cars and their faces were very pale.

“What a weird dream,” I thought, but I was curious about the announcement I had heard. Would I really see something scary? What would it be? I decided to get on the train and find out. After all, how scary could it be if I was aware that I was just dreaming?

I sat down in the third car from the back. The air around me felt uncomfortably warm. Everything seemed so realistic that I began to wonder if I actually was dreaming.

“The train is now departing,” said the announcement

As the train began to move, my heart was pounding with anticipation and anxiety. I wondered what was going to happen. Soon after the train left the platform, we entered a tunnel that was illuminated by an eerie purple light.

“I’ve seen this tunnel before!” I said to myself. It was the tunnel from a ghost train ride at an amusement park I used to visit as a kid. That’s why I was dreaming about this weird monkey train. I was just remembering all the haunted house rides from my childhood. “This isn’t anything to be scared of,” I told myself.

Just then, there was another announcement. “Next stop, Ike-zukuri! Ike-zukuri is next!”

“Ike-zukuri?” I thought. “That’s not a station, it’s a rare Japanese dish!” A skillful Japanese chef can cut up a fish and cook it in such a way that it’s still alive when they serve it to you. The poor fish lies on your plate, gasping for air while you eat it. It’s grotesque, but in Japan, it’s considered a delicacy.

I was still thinking about it when I heard a loud, piercing scream coming from behind me. I turned around and saw four hunchbacked midgets, dressed in rags. They were surrounding the man in the last seat. As I looked closer, I saw that the midgets were wearing monkey masks and brandishing large, sharp knives. Right before my eyes, they began cutting the man into pieces.

They were preparing him just like a chef prepares Ike-zukuri!

An overpowering stench filled the air and the man kept screaming and screaming as they pulled his bloody organs out of his body and scattered them all around the train car.

I noticed a sickly-looking woman with long hair sitting directly behind me. When the screaming started, she began to panic, but only for a moment. Then, she just became silent and faced the front, as if nothing was going on.

I was terrified by the horrible things that were happening behind me and I started to wonder whether or not I really was just dreaming.

When I turned around again, the man in the back seat was gone. All that remained were bloodstains and chunks of red meat. The woman behind me was still staring straight ahead, her face expressionless.

“Next stop, Scooping!” the announcement said. “Scooping is next!”

This time, two of the monkey-faced midgets appeared, carrying spoons with serrated edges. They began to scoop out the eyes of the woman behind me. Up until now, she had been expressionless, but the pain twisted her face in a look of horror. She began shrieking so loudly that I thought my eardrums would burst. Her eyeballs flew out of their sockets. The stench of blood and sweat was unbearable.

I was bent over, shivering in fear. This was my cue to leave. I couldn’t take any more of this.

“Wake up!” I told myself. “I have to get out of here! Please, wake up!”

Then, a horrible thought struck me. Judging by how things had been going, I was the next in line…

“Next stop, Minced Meat!” came the announcement. “Minced Meat is next!”

I felt sick. It wasn’t hard to imagine what was going to happen next.

I concentrated as hard as I could, trying desperately to force myself to wake up from the dream.

“Come on! Wake up!” I told myself. “It’s just a dream! Wake up! Wake up!”

Suddenly, I heard a loud, metallic whirring noise. It sounded like a grinding machine. This time, the two midgets were sitting on my knees. They were holding a strange-looking contraption that I assumed was a mincing machine. I was terrified.

“It’s all just a horrible dream! Wake up! Wake up!” I closed my eyes and prayed as hard as I could. “For the love of God, please wake up!”


The sound was getting closer and closer.

I could feel the wind from the machine on my face.

I was sure there was no hope for me. It was over. I was a goner for sure.

Then, all of a sudden, everything went silent.

I woke up in bed, soaked in sweat. Tears were streaming down my face.

Somehow, I had managed to escape from the nightmare.

I scrambled out of bed and went to the kitchen, where I got a drink of water and tried to calm myself down.

“That was horribly realistic,” I thought to myself. “Thank God it was only a dream…”

The next day, at school, I told all of my friends about the terrible dream I had experienced. I expected them to be horrified, but they all just thought it was funny. I guess it was, in a way. After all, it was just a dream.

Four years passed and I finished college. I had completely forgotten about the dream.

However, one night I was working late at the office. It had been a busy day and I was very tired. I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes, just for a moment.

That’s when it happened.

“Next stop, Scooping! Scooping is next!”

It was the same. Everything came flooding back.

The same two crooked midgets in monkey masks were gouging out the eyes of the same expressionless girl.

“It’s just a dream! Wake up! Wake up!”

I started praying, but I couldn’t wake up.

“It’s just a dream! Wake up! Please wake up!”

“Next stop, Minced Meat! Minced Meat is next!”

“No! This is too much!”

Whiiiiiirrrrrrrr! It was getting closer.

“It’s just a dream! Wake up! Wake up! Please, wake up!”

Suddenly, there was silence.

I had escaped again, or so I thought.

Just as I was about to open my eyes, I heard a voice say, “Are you running away again? The next time we come for you will be the last!”

I opened my eyes and this time I was really awake and in my room. But, the announcement I heard definitely wasn’t in the dream. I heard it here, in the real world. I know that I did. There’s no mistake about it.

Why me? What have I done to deserve this?

I haven’t had the dream since then, but I know that the next time I have that dream, I will die.

It will probably be from a heart attack or something else like that.

In this world, it might seem like a heart attack, but in the other world, I know, I’ll be minced meat…


  • Ok here s my scariest nightmare!
    I was little kid. Me and my parents were visiting some relative in a house in the mountains. When we were leaving my parents stayed at the door just talking and saying bye or whatever.. So I get bored and decide to wander out. Around the house there are woods and talk line trees. I’m just inspecting these when suddenly I hear our car engine rev up. I am in shock realising that my parents are leaving without me! They must think I’m already in the car! There’s nothing I can do. (and no in the dream going to my relatives house was not an option.) So I get scared And decide to Cry And Wait.. Suddenly A School Bus comes Along. Theres nobody Inside excepT FoR A Middle Aged Man. HE Tells me To Hop On. So i Do. I TEll Him To Take me To My Parents. He Says ok. Then suddenly a few minutes later…. He laughs evily and slows down a bit. He stops the bus. And pulls out an axe! I scream as he comes closed … THen… BOOM I wake up!

  • by the way, replace the tree at the beginning with bush please. :I
    banana trees are actually banana bushes, they just look like trees, kind of like palm trees, witch are really a type of grass

  • MONKEY DREAM!!!! IN SONG FORM! (this is the monkey dream song but it is a monkey’s dream)
    a monkey sat in the tree one day
    eating bananas in the usual way
    he got hit in the head with a brick,
    so he smashed it with a stick
    how do you smash a brick with with a stick?|
    the more logical explanation would be a brick smashing a stick,
    is it the other way around,
    or is the stick still safe and sound?
    while the monkey laughs at illogical things,
    the doorbell to his banana bush rings!
    it is the pizza delivery guy,
    with his banana pizza pie!
    he gobbled it up, and became fat!
    have you ever heard something as crazy as that?

  • the scariest nightmare I ever had. here it goes: I call it, the Dolls
    so it started out all happy, but then it was bed time. So my Dad turned off the light, left the room, and closed the door. then this is where it started. It was sort of like a video game, because there was an objective: get out of the room. and I wondered why. so I was walking around my room when all of the sudden I saw these 3 big dolls. two boys and one girl. the boys were about 3 quarters the size of me and the girl was barely shorter than me. They had no eyes, just black, gaping sockets. I was scared. then they lunged at me. then I found myself back in the bed, at the exact moment my Dad left the room. I was scared to death. Because this was the first nightmare I ever had that was looping. I realized I would need a different approach to escape. I walked towards the door. one of the boys stood there, staring at me with non-existent eyes. I turned around and the girl was there and she lunged at me… and I was back in the bed. I was so scared, I thought the nightmare would never end. I decided to stay in the bed this time. I rolled over and saw one of the boys staring right at me. then I was back to when my Dad left. I. Was. So. Freaking. SCARED!!!! I went to the window this time. there was a candle. man, I wish I didn’t blow it out. the second I turned around they were there and I was killed again and I was back in the bed and I realized the objective couldn’t be done and I was so scared and then I woke up and it was still night. then I went back to sleep and had yet ANOTHER nightmare(this one no where NEAR as scary) where there was this little boy and he was walking around his backyard and then I saw something blur over the fence. the boy decided to check it out. then I heard a twig snap behind him and then I woke up and it was morning and my heart was pounding like crazy.

  • I like violence, I’m gonna read it, still. As long as nothing dares to hurt my Peter, it’s fine.

  • don’t be worry guys, they say if you die in your dream you will wake up, I actually died in my dreams for a million times ;P and it doesn’t even hurt…lol

  • well if all of you are posting your greats nightmares here’s mine that I’v dreamed about a year ago:

    So I’m in my room lying on my bed the cool air coming from the AC making the hairs on the back of my neck stand was somewhat comforting. I was using my iPhone 5C. I was also in the Safari app for some unknown reason. Then suddenly the zooming circle ( you know the one in the iPhon’s when ya wanna correct a word or something ) mysteriously leaves my sight and when I look around to see where it is I find it hovering in front of me. I look at it with a look of pure horror for a couple seconds before running out of my room to the living room and collapse on the couch.

    I’m breathing frantically when i see all of my books being thrown out of the room. my eyes widen but i just keep watching tell I see, still on the living rooms couch, my room ignite and light on fire. I jump and run to the pantry feeling a burning sensation in me. like i’m burning on the inside. i grab a bottle of water and try to drink. here’s the scary part of the nightmare, every time i try to swallow the water, i feel two fingers going down my throat causing me to spit out the water. sweat starts running down my forehead as i start running to my parents room. i tell them my rooms on fire and when they com to see all they saw was a burnt down room…

    while my mom and dad were busy looking at my burnt down room, i hear a feminine voice call my name, snapping my head towards the voice.. i wake up all sweaty and instantly run to my parents room to find that they had left with the rest of my family leaving me home alone.

    i was shacking all over… waiting patiently for my parents arrival.. it was only about 20 minutes before the cam back.. but during all those twenty minutes all i could hear was that feminine voice calling to me…

    when my parents arrived they said that i was asleep for a while and that they didn’t want to wake me.

    To this day i still hear the same exact voice calling my name over and over and over again…

  • This is really scary but I can relate to this person. I used to get sleep paralysis a lot and nightmares too(Sometime i can tell I’m dreaming and would just play along). My first similar experience to this person’s dream is that I dreamed that i was in the restroom washing my hands and this lady walked in the restroom then gave me a strange look. She walked up to me and said, ” Who are you?! You’re not suppose to be here!” She was shock and frightened at the same time. She then start telling me to go back where i came from. Then after that i woke up. For the first time, i never encounter of a person in my dream asking me a question like not in that kind of way. Few months later, i dreamed i was at school in class sitting next to my friend and we were watching a history movie. All of a sudden i was in the movie. Not remembering how i got here but i had to use the restroom. I found one and right before i was going to one of the open stalls a lady came out of one of them and was shocked that i was here.(She wasn’t the same lady from the last dream) She said to me,” What are you doing here?!! You’re not suppose to be here” I was confuse and i also need to use the restroom too. She told me there is this girl that traps them there and they cant escape. She knew that i wasn’t one of them. She gave a me a vision what the girl did to them(she tortures them badly) and quickly rush me out of the restroom and told me to follow this guy who was my friend. “He will lead you out of this place quickly go!” She push me to run after him. For some reason i knew his name “Clear” that was his name. I yelled at his name to wait up. We ran to doors to doors to this backyard full of dead birds and the soil was dry with no life around. He told me to hurry to the another side where there was a door. He went ahead and i followed. When we got to the door there were stairs going up. We kept going up and i turned around and the girl who trapped all those people(souls) was following us. She was like floating to us than looking like running to us. She had a very normal face but at the same time abnormal. She was so close to me and i felt far from clear. Then when we got to the “top” there was crowds of people but it was like shadows. You only see shadows of peoples crowed together getting to places. I lost clear in the crowd and i thought i lost the girl who was chasing after me. But she was there still there coming after me but not as close this time. I kept on calling Clear’s name, i was lost and i couldn’t get through the crowds. i was getting scared. Clear called out to me from the second floor above waving his hand. There was an escalator going up and i try to get through and cried for his name. It was so difficult to get through the crowds and the girl was getting closer to me than ever. Clear ran down the escalator to grab me and we went up to the second floor running and i woke up! He saved me. I sometime feel like I’m in the spirit world rather than a dream…I’ve been spirited away….

  • So I have this reoccurring dream that goes like this

    I wake up and it’s 7:30. My mom forgot to wake me up. For a second I thought I was late but the I remembered that it’s a 2 hour late start. Not being able to fall back asleep I get dressed. I walk into the bathroom and do my makeup. I watch tv for the remaking hour and 30 minutes that I have. I walk to the bus stop and my friend is there. She looked like she was really upset then I remembered. A few days ago she asked her ex out again but said no. He started to say bad things about her. When the bus got there and we got on she told me what he said to her last night. I get a little upset. When the bus gets to school,I walk up to her ex. When I start talking to him he says stuff like “but she’s so ugly” and “I didn’t like her in the first place” and I was getting pissed off. My friend walked up to him and punched in in the chest. He fell over and stopped breathing. Having CPR training I helped him breathe until the paramedics came. For a few days he was in the hospital he was alive. I wanted to visit him but my friends didn’t want to. I got pissed off at them for not wanting to visit him. After school I went to his house and asked his parents if I could see him in the hospital. They were glad that he had a friend that actually cared. When the took me to the hospital they decided not to go into the room with me. When I walked into the room he was apologizing. I said it was ok he did nothing wrong. We talked for a while but it was time for me to go. Before I left I whispered into his ear “I love you and always will.” He stopes breathing and the line went flat. The doctors rushed into the room and tried to revive him. But in the end he died. I started to cry. I felt as if it was my fault. His parents tried to calm me down and tell me it wasn’t my fault. When I got back I locked my self into my room for days. I even missed his funeral. In the middle of the night I started crying and saying “it’s all my fault” over and over again. Then out of nowhere I heard “it wasn’t your fault. I was surprised because I love you too.” I started crying because I knew that I was hearing things. Then he appeared in front of me and hugged me. Then he disappeared. When I looked around my room I realized that I was dead because I starved myself for weeks not days. So when I saw him again he grabbed my hand and we went into the light.

    After that I woke up. I’ve had that dream about 15 times. I wonder if that will really happen

  • And since we’re sharing our nightmares… here’s one that that traumatized me:

    So it was a normal day when suddenly my mom was injured really bad so me, my mom, and my little sis had to go to the hospital. An hour or two later, we were back and my mom sat back and rested. But only a few seconds later I saw something weird… from underneath the tiny gap of the bedroom door I saw a shadow moving around. I was sure that no one was in there, but still, I had a feeling that something was wrong. It was almost like the area near the bedroom was dark and foreshadowing. I immediately told my mom. She said that no one was in there, and that I was just being paranoid, so I said that if there wasn’t anyone there she should check and prove herself. So she grabbed a large bat and slowly walked toward the room. She violently opened the door, only to find… MY SISTER building a pillow fort. I was dumbfounded. I swear I didn’t see my sister go in. “See? You are just paranoid…” my mom sneered. For a second I thought my mom was right; I WAS just being paranoid. So I said to my sister “Well, you sure tricked me this time!” and I laughed. but then, my sister, or at least the THING THAT I THOUGHT WAS MY SISTER said, “No more guns, no more knives, ONLY DEATHS!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”
    And the thing said it ALL in a creepy robotic voice. I thought that she was trying t trick me again, so I laughed and pulled her ponytail. Just as I turned around… I realized something was wrong. My sister was sitting on the sofa, watching T.V.
    WHO THE HECK WAS I TALKING TO? I freaked out. Just then, I understood hat was happening… first my mom was hurt because someone or something tried to kill her. And what the thing in the bedroom said about deaths…it meant we were all in danger. Before I ran to my mom, I heard “BEEP,BEEP,BEEP…” The imposter in the bedroom was a BOMB! ” THERE’S A BOMB IN THE HOUSE!!!!!”
    But it was too late. “BOOM!” the house exploded into flames…but you know what was weird? I could still hear the bomb beeping.
    Now I was awake…(for real) ad I woke up hearing the same creepy beeping sound. I was so scared for a minute. but it was only my alarm clock…..LOL
    (I had this dream in 2013, but I still remember it, cause I REALLY AM traumatized… I don’t think you guys will think its scary because I’M the one who saw it and suffered…But still, please tell me if you thought it was good. i’d really appreciate it. ^_^)

  • OK. IM DEFINETLY NOT SLEEPING TODAY, cuz im scared even though im like 13 freaking years old…

  • Oh here iz my dream lol : OK, when i was little i would have these dreams where I would end up in different places either being chased by something/someone or being trapped in a room with scary monsters. In more recent versions of these dreams, I would be walking with my friends and we would find a portal that we would go through but we would end up trapped in a room full of creatures and ghosts taunting us. The thing was, during these dreams I would only be able to move or talk the way i wanted to during the part leading up to the scary part. After that, i would be paralyzed and I wouldn’t be able to scream or protest, or even open my eyes/wake up. I would be completely helpless. After what seems like a few hours of pure terror, i would be transported to a dark room with nothing but a cloud with thunder and rain pouring out of it. I would be delighted to see this, since this means the dream is almost over! After a minute, I would see a red phone booth, and I would enter the booth. I
    would start seeing flashes of my room, and the I would open my eyes and see my room, exactly as it looked in the flashes.

  • @furrykinz2234 it might have been a ghost in your dream, but it wasn’t what you said. It’s possible there is a demon or something messing with you, not what you said. Also, the second ‘dream’ might have been real, but the guy was lying. You are not his daughter. Well, maybe if you believe in past lives in stuffs you were his daughter. I dont really know. 0_0 btw @sas1509 scary dreams!

  • I have to tell u 2 of the dreams I had when I was 2 (which I think is very weird) ok the fisrt one I will tell u was the scariest one I have ever had………….
    ok so me ben(my moms friend) and my brother and my dad were all sitting at the couch in the basement then my brother went upstairs to get some popcorn cause we were watching a movie so then I followed him and then my brothers dad (we have diff dads cause we are half bro and sis)took my brother by the neck (while I was still right behind my bro) and strangled him then everything went black and then I saw a picture of my brother as a baby, but instead of a normal picture he was strapped up to a hospital bed and was connected to wires in almost every place on his body (yes I also mean that “place” that oys have) and then I woke up… but the SCARIEST thing is that me and my mom had the same dream the same night woke up at the same time and screamed at the same time.. CREEPY HUH? then the next day my brother got bitten by a dog with rabies andhe had to go to the hospital and when I saw him he looked like the baby pic I had but he was 7 instead.

    I am in a cave.
    I am sleeping on a bed made of rock.
    (I used to have a big elmo pillow when I was little)
    I saw a big toy thing come out with every toy I had over the past two years. but the one on top was the big elmo teddy… but it didn’t look the same. it had hypnotysing eyes. I looked into them and then I look at the other side of the cave were there are a bunch of people (who I didn’t know ack then but I know now) watching tv and on the tv is a caribou having “it”


  • I had a dream like this and first I didn’t know what to o and woke up then I tried not to die woke up and a few days after I read this sorry I tried to just die but I know that I will have a gruesome killing last scared


  • Since We’re Sharing Nightmares Here’s Mine (3 Dreams In One): I Was In A Room It Was Dark, A Demon-Like Ghost Was Hovering In Front Of Me. I couldn’t see her face, but she kept on repeating “Beware.” I Fell, And I Was Just Walking Until I Got Kidnapped, They Threatened to kill me. And Said they were watching me for quite a while. They stopped and took me in a dark alley, raised their knife and.. I Think I Saw Satan For An Hour After That O.O so yeah my dreams are Short. Isn’t It Weird That In Our Dreams We Know Who Satan Is, But Don’t Know God. To Be Honest I’ve Never Seen A Picture Of Satan. Think About What I Just Said.

  • I Didn’t Read This Yet, But It Said It Will Make Your Dream Strange, OR WAS IT DREAMS? I really want to read this but i’m a scaredy cat O.O

  • omg just like little finger i read that like 3 weeks ago it said in 7 days you will have the dream, lol whatever

  • Well since everyone else is sharing dreams I guess I will. Only I am going to share my older brothers dream. He was probably 10-12 when it happened.
    So it started out normal and he was just laying it bed. All of the sudden though he started hearing scratching noises from his wall. It sounded like something was trying to break through it. After about ten minutes of this, it happened. A huge hole in the wall appeared and out crawled…..lobster. About a hundred or so lobster (lobsters?) were crawling out of a hole in his wall and all over him. He woke the entire house up with his screams. He was an emotional mess and was crying for hours. I have never laughed harder than I did that night.

  • read the warning at the beggining and skipped all the way to the comments :I. Going to use this on my sister XD

  • Since were sharing dreams I want to share my strange dream:
    I found myself surrounded by cold , black dakness . I was positive the ground was solid and smooth so I assumed it was a room with marble floor. I was walking around in the dark for long not calling out ” hello ?, anyone there ? ” cuz if there was anyone there lurking in the darkness They would know I’m there and it was dark , very dark so there ain’t gonna be good people . Wen out of the blue I noticed light in front of me and I instantly I began to run toward it . It didn’t seem as far away as I thought. The whole area was lit up and full white. It was then I noticed a girl bout’ my age sitting there , knees up to chin and head was hanging down and arms were hugging the legs all curled up in a ball you know . She was crying , sniffing and sobbing . Interrupting the pin drop silence. I walked up to her , I was always a person to care for almost anyone , not sure why , I said ” hey , hey you alright ? you all alone here ? Cheer up I’m here too !” the girl wiped her tears and looked at me and smiled . ” thanks for being here” I couldn’t move nor talk cause’ to my horrors that girl was me?…… ” I was crying.. Bcuz of them !” she said pointing behind me . I immediately looked behind to be greeted to the sight of mutilated people coming toward us or me ? As they came to the light , darkness began to be eating it up. My legs and arms moved on it’s own . I grabbed the the girl , myself? .. And ran just ran ahead without looking back when after a while she let go of my hand or did I let go of myself?…she whispered to me ” it’s alright ! ” and faced the mutilated people . Then she screamed and a huge gush of wind carried those dead people back to the darkness and restored the light . Then she turned and skipped toward me and hugged me and said ” we’ll be there for each other right ! Were perfect !” I felt all happy and cheerful like none in the world is going to make me sad . ” I’ll always be there for you ! He might crack you up but remember , I’m always and forever here ! You will be there for me too right ?” she said with a smile ” always and forever ! ” came out of my mouth as I began to smile…
    I woke up in a gr8 mood and I was automatically smiling whole day through . It makes me happy…thinking about the dream and I’m not sure why ? Anyone hav any explanations ?? Thanks for reading

  • U need to put it in a more understandable way horrorfansforever darlin’ cuase I’m not sure I understand the old lady out I, the yard part ( :|)

  • Is it just me, or do deformed midgets make things scarier? XD. Since we are dream sharing, I hope no one will mind reading one of mine. Here it is for the interested ones, I was considering writing it into a story and posting it if people like it, So tell me what you think please.
    Well, about two years ago my family was driving along the highway and we noticed another family,s car had broken down. They needed a jumpstart and we helped them out. When they left, my mom noticed that a book was on the ground. Being a family of avid readers we took it with us. I still remeber the title “Witch Diggers”.
    I was about 15 and since it was a long trip we were onI read it. It wasnt a scary book. It was about historians investigating the salem witch trails. But a couple days later(after we got home) I came down with a really bad case of pnemonia. I was running a really high fever, and was bedridden for almost three weeks. The medication the doctor put me on basically stoned meout of my skull and I was seeing some funky stuff. But toward the end of it I was taking a nap and dreaming I was perfectly healthy.
    I remeber I was sitting at the desk and I heard someone calling me from outside. One of my friends does that so i assumed it was her. When I looked out the window there was this old lady standing in my yard looking up at me. Not a normal old lady though. I was duly freaked out, especially because she didn’t just look old, but like mummy old. And EVIL!!! Have you ever seen a picture of charles manson or another crazy guy and thought “man he looks nutso”? That’s how she looked to me.
    That wasn’t the scary part though, because when I opened my window and asked what she wanted the ground started to ripplelike water. I was seriously flipping out but when other women began popping out of my lawn I totally thought I was going to die of an anurysm or something. I was home alone in my dream, but I remeber the old ladies walking towards my door and shouting up that they had my youngest beother and were going to kill him. He was only two at the time so I was crying andfurious at the sametime. I woke up after that because my older brother was shaking me. He asked mewhat I was dreaming about but I was still medicated and could barely form a coherent sentence. After I calmed down though I was so glad my littlest brother was alright I didnt let him out of my room the rest of the day. I love that little guy. And I havea phobia of windows now as stupid as that sounds. I told my friend if she wants to call me she has to use the phone because windows are officially boycotted. Fevers do crazy things to your brain. And steroids dont help much. UGGHH!!!

  • @romeosami he vanished and I woke up, but strangely you know how when you have bad nightmares like that, and you wake up in sweat,tears falling from your eyes, or you tremble and get goosebumps? well…NONE of that happened to me when I woke. I just woke up calm and normally. Even with the dream I had when I was in 3rd…

  • furrykinz2234- yeah, so how it ended? i mean ur dream of Satan, in fron of u ???
    i wish ,i could also have some thrilling dreams like u, but m afraid a bit too :o

  • @RomeoSami To be honest….I’m not sure how I was able to identify him. I just automatically knew who he was….. strange isn’t it?

  • @furrykinz2234-wow, tham might have given u goosebumps :/
    lol, when i was in 3rd grade, i only had dreams about spongebob, and dragon ball z :)
    how were u able to identify Satan???

  • I remember once I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited about going to my friends sleepover so I went downstairs to the living room to sleep (4am in the morning xD) and between our living room and kitchen there’s a door with glass on it, so look at the glass for a second and though I saw a knife, and there was this weird noise also coming from the kitchen. I though I was gonna die xD 10 mintes later I went out and realized it was the kettle on the cooker and it was actually coming to the boil cuz I wanted a cup of tea!

  • @RomeoSami I didn’t make this dream up. It actually happened, and it wasn’t a story, it was an actual dream I had when I was in 3rd grade, and in October. So therefore,it actually is creepy if ya think about it, just think about how realistic it had been when Having those two dreams.

  • @furrykinz2234- ur story/dream could hsve been a lot more scary n realistic if you would’ve made a creepy ending, n more elaboration in ur dreams.
    btw nyc 1 to read, it deserves the right to be read off

  • ~shrug~ it isn’t as scary as two dreams I’ve had before. I’m gonna go ahead and tell you about these two dreams, and I do not care if you do not believe me or not, all I care is, that I know it is true, anyway here goes. When I was in 3rd, I had a VERY strange dream. In the dream, I found myself in a well-lit place, well actually I was surrounded by fire, every where I looked. As I looked around, I noticed strange mutilated people,but they had shadows covering their faces despite the fire which lit everything up. I looked in front of me,to be greeted by a long line of mutilated people, who also had shadows covering up their faces, and looking farther ahead, I heard screaming, and then yelling, then the sound of a whip travelling through the air. My eyes widened as I saw blood splatter on the dirty ground. I began to realize what would happen to me if I had stepped into that line. I hade thought to soon. I felt something from behind push me into the line. I tried to run, but my feet were literally rooted to the ground. I heard menacing laughter from behind me, but before I could see where it was coming from, and who was making the menacing sound, I woke up. I’m in 6th grade now, and before then I had never known what it was, but I now realize that’s how I imagine Hell in my mind, and that menacing laughter I will never forget…it had come from Satan himself. In fact I had another dream recently, in October. In the dream, I was sound asleep in my bed, and suddenly my eyes jolted open from the sound of my closet door opening and closing. I saw a man standing there,disquised by the shadows. I couldn’t see his face, but I seemed to know exactly who he was. Once again It was Satan. He walked over to my bed,sat down on it, and whispered into my ear “You are my daughter” and then I woke up. I talked to a friend who talked to her mother and her mother knew a physcic. She called up the physcic for me, and when the results came back in, it said he was only trying to corrupt me, and turn me evil. But then I asked myself “Why me?” I mean, does he pick random people, or pick certain people? If he picks certain people, hem ust have a reason right? So either there is something he really likes about me, and is trying to make evil so he can use what he likes about me, or that there is something he REALLY does not like about me, that he wants me to be corrupted, and be fooled to follow him. o.o

  • Not so scary. And I already have been minced meated(??) before in my dreams. It was awesome! My screams felt awesome!

  • Everyone, look at the time right here ———————————————————-^^^^
    Too scared now!!! Did anyone get too scared or somethin?

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