Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the Wall is a collection of spooky short stories and creepy little tales about mirrors. Looking at your own reflection for too long is unsettling, but realizing your reflection has a mind of its own is simply terrifying.

Mirror Mirror

Bedroom Mirror

A man was awakened by a clap of thunder. He lay in bed, looking at the shadows cast in his darkened bedroom. He was looking at the mirror on his bedroom wall, when suddenly, a flash of lightning illuminated the room.

The man was terrified. For a split second, he had seen faces staring at him from inside the mirror, their eyes blackened, their mouths hanging open.

Unsettled, by the weird apparition, he was unable to sleep for the rest of the night. His mind kept replaying the memory of those disturbing faces staring at him intently.

The next morning, he removed the mirror from his bedroom wall and locked it in a storage room. The next night, he slept like a baby. Days passed and the memory of those horrible faces began to fade.

One morning, he woke up and went into the bathroom to take a shower. He got out of the shower and was drying himself with a towel, when he happened to look up at the bathroom mirror. The steam from the shower had fogged up the mirror and revealed a message written in the moisture.

It read: “Please return the mirrors. We miss watching you sleep at night.”

Bathroom Mirror

A man was taking a shower in his bathroom. He was reaching for the towel when he saw something in the bathroom mirror. It was a strange shadow and as soon as he laid eyes on it, it darted out of his line of vision. He stared at the mirror for a while, trying to figure out what he’d seenr. When he began to dry himself again, out the corner of his eye he saw another shadow flickering past in the mirror. He walked towards the mirror , put his hand against the glass and began rubbing it.

When his wife arrived home, later that evening, he was nowhere to be found. After searching the house from top to bottom, calling her husband’s name, she became very worried. The only trace she could find of him was a wet towel lying on the bathroom floor. She phoned the police and reported her husband missing.

Two days later, the man’s wife disappeared too. It appeared that she had just suddenly vanished. The clothes she had been wearing that day were lying on the bedroom floor and the shower in the bathroom was still running. Police found her handprint on the bathroom mirror. Neither the man nor his wife have been seen since.

House of Mirrors

Somewhere in America, there is a house that at one time was owned by a family of five. Nobody really knows what happened to them. Their neighbors said they were a completely normal family. One night, loud noises were heard coming from the house. When the neighbors came to investigate the strange sounds, they found all of the windows locked and all of the curtains drawn. The following day, the house was empty. Since then, nobody has lived in that house, but some people have gone inside. In every bedroom, there is a mirror facing the corner of the room. If you turn the mirror around, it won’t show your reflection. The area you’ll be standing in will be inexplicably empty. They say that on rare occasions, you will catch a glimpse of the person who used to sleep in that room, horribly mutilated and bandaged from head to toe…

Cleaning a Mirror

One night, a woman was brushing her teeth before going to bed. Looking into the mirror, she noticed there were smudges all over it. Looking closer, she saw that it was covered in fingerprints. She took a towel and tried to rub them off. No matter how hard she tried cleaning the mirror, the fingerprints would not disappear. Upon closer inspection, she realized that the fingerprints were on the other side of the glass…

Mirror Handprint

As a man got out of the shower in the house he owned, he saw a child’s handprint on the steamed glass of the mirror. The man lived in the house by himself. Frightened, he tried to wipe the handprint off, only to find that the print was on the other side of the mirror…

The Note on the Mirror

A man woke up one morning to find a note taped to his bathroom mirror. “Don’t worry, I took care of everything,” it read. His clothes had been freshly laundered, his bathroom was spotless and his garage has been organized. Even his old, rusty toolbox had been replaced with a shiny new one. Later that week, there was another note on his bathroom mirror. It read: “GET OUT OF TOWN.” Beside the sink, he found several grainy photos of police officers in a taped-off section of a field. One of them was wearing latex gloves and he was examining an old, rusty toolbox.

Toilet Mirror

An old man was in the bathroom, taking a poop on his toilet when he noticed a dark black stain on his mirror. He reached out an scratched at it. A small circular piece of mirror fell to the floor. There was an eye behind it, a dark red eye staring directly at him. Ever since then, the old man keeps the bathroom door securely locked and poops in the kitchen sink.


  1. Devil_on_the_moon says

    The real horror in toilet mirror is, wouldn’t the sink overflow with poop?

  2. Junebugs1 says

    @Paradise And @ScareKid3211,
    Someone Who Lives In The Mirror Cleaned Everything For Him. To Return The Favor, The Mirror Does Something Bad, Thinking The Good Thing Would Cover Up The Bad Thing. I Beilive The Mirror Person Murdered Someone, With His Toolbox.

  3. Junebugs1 says

    The Bathroom Mirror Has A Spelling Mistake In The First Paragraph, It Says “Seenr” Instead of “Seen” :3

  4. bullies are losers says

    well he basically got something that stole stuff or replaced it for better stuff and replaced it on the way

  5. tophatmiss says

    I posted a story I wrote in the comments of another story before and it was called Mirror, Mirror… I saw the name of this story and started freaking out… Turned out it wasn’t my story
    These are good, too, tho!

  6. Rainbow Phantom says

    Why is it always “toilet” and not “bathroom”?And why are these people always pooping?

  7. XxNightmaregirlxX says

    You probably won’t believe this but once I looked into the mirror and I couldn’t see my reflection and another time my reflection was delayed . . . creepy right?

  8. slendy_iz_scary says

    Toilet Mirror = ????????? o_O
    and the hand mirror thing isnt real… you probably will feel wriggling
    but thats because youre expecting wriggling and hoping to feel it,
    so youre brain thinks its feeling something but its not :D

  9. Evalynne Keith Hayward says

    if you truly study physics, you’ll figure out how your reflection is made, so no need to be scared of mirrors. It has to do with the light refraction.

  10. SpookyChick says

    Story 1: Awkward…
    Story 2: I wanna know what happened!
    Story 3: Gotta try that!
    Story 4: Darn kids! Always putting their dirty fingers on my mirror!
    Story 5: Science huets my brain…
    Story 6: What the..?! Who watches someone taking a dump?!

  11. moggy99 says

    im gonna try the hand mirror with my friend but i wont do the mirros reflection cuz thts just creepy all over

  12. MerrBearBallet says

    I have a dressing table with three panels of mirror glass and I swear I get creeped out just staring at the reflections for too long…

  13. Anastasia says

    For the “Hand Mirror” story, what if there are vibrations? :l
    Oh but the Mirror’s Reflection worked. :c

  14. deerrose6 says

    My favorite was the first one, “we miss watching you sleep” XD that always makes me laugh, it’s like they’re stalking you.

  15. The.depressed.ghost says

    A long time after i read these for the first time, I forgot about it, and once, I kept my hand on the mirror. And suddenly, I felt something moving. I took my hand off, and put it back on the mirror. It happened again. Believe it or not, I just proved to myself that the ‘Hand Mirror’ legend is true. And strangely, right in front of my bed, we have a mirror.

  16. Dead Girl XXx says

    @ Morpho menelaus
    Omg were u almost killed because its freaking scary…or because it was freaking gross??? XD XD XD

  17. Yanga5000 says

    Something similar to the cleaning mirror happened to me once… I was taking a bath and it was so foogy… When I opened the door the steam exited the room.. It left a hand print on the top of the mirror.. Claw like… I tried tow ipe it out with my towel.. I even tried to wash it off. IT WOULDT COME OUT!

  18. Dead Girl XXx says

    Mirrors Freak me out!!! After reading this i didnt look in the mirror the other day while getting ready for school and all my friends were laughing at me, my hair was a mess up and my uniform too… I was soo embarassed, we NEED a mirror to live but what to do im even afraid of my reflection!!!!!!!!! O_O O_O

  19. queen of chills says

    i like the story “hand mirror” and the story “The Mirror’s Reflection” but the last story is just … wierd…. i dont like mirrors a lot of people believe that they’re passage ways to another world

  20. something.wrong says

    that toilet mirror one is sooo freakin’ hilarious! Lol! imagine yourself poopin’ in the kitchen sink while someone’s preparin’ dinner or somethin’.. XD totally disgusting. Bwahaha! Lmfao

  21. sakura says

    ok this stories get me shakin’ my heart is beating really fast and my hands are icy cold i can’t really feel them it actually becuz’ of the kashima reiko story i read it T_T

  22. Superstitious83 says

    The worst thing the mirror reflection can do is rip off my B-e-a-utiiful hair. Worst nightmare XD

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