Scary Riddles

Mind Puzzles

These Mind Puzzles each have a scary hidden meaning. Can you identify the creepy story in each one? Spend some time thinking about the stories, and if you can’t figure them out, look for the answers in the comments section below.

Mind Puzzles

1. Witness

My neighbors think I am a nosey old woman, but today I witnessed a murder. I was looking out my window when I saw something through the window of the apartment building opposite mine. A man was in the middle of murdering a woman. The strange thing was, after he finished strangling her, he turned around and our eyes met. It was eerie. Then he pointed at me and kept staring at me for a minute of two. All the time he was staring at me, his finger kept moving. I called the police a few minutes ago and they told me I will have to go down to the police station and give a statement tomorrow morning. I’m sure they will catch him. I saw his face very clearly.

2. My Son is Psychic

It’s hard being a mother. I recently found out my son is psychic. He’s got this habit of pointing at people’s faces sometimes. My husband and I realized that whenever our son points at somebody like that, it means they’re going to die within three days. Last year, he pointed at his grandfather. Three days later, his grandfather died of a heart attack. A few months ago, he pointed at a picture of a famous actress in a magazine. Three days later, she was killed in a car accident. Today, when I went to turn on the TV, my son was pointing at the screen. When I turned it on, the President was giving a speech. I can’t believe the President is going to die, but my son is never wrong.

3. Murder on the Second Floor

My wife and I took a much-needed holiday in England. It’s a long flight from New York to London. We checked into a nice hotel. After a long day of sightseeing we just collapsed into bed. Just a few minutes ago, we were woken up by some noises outside. I looked out the window and the police were everywhere. They yelled up at me that there was a robbery and a murder on the second floor. I’m on the third floor, and I can see that the cops have the stairs and elevators locked down. The murderer can’t get up to our floor, so we’re in no danger. My wife and I are tired, so we’re going back to bed. I really hope they catch the guy.

4. Train

My job means I’m always on a train. I was on the train again today when suddenly a woman appeared in front of me. I can remember her face clearly. It’s really depressing.

5. My Wife Was Attacked

My wife was attacked by a burglar when I was on my way home from work. She stabbed him with a butcher knife and killed him. The police say it’s an obvious case of self-defence.

When I went to pick her up from the police station, she said, “When I heard the doorbell I thought it was you, but then a masked man jumped me as soon as I opened the door!”

“You must’ve been so scared,” I said, “but you’re safe now.” I hugged her tightly.

6. Little Brother

I used to have a little brother. The only memory I have of him is when I used share the boiled sweets I bought at the shop with him. My little brother still lives on in our hearts, even though he was only one month old when he died. I still miss him.

7. Murder Weapon

Sometimes I wonder what the police are doing these days. They never seem to be able to solve any crimes. I live in a city that has a lot of crime and lately it’s been getting worse. Last week, there was a murder near the factory where I work. A young woman was stabbed with an ice pick. Not just an ordinary ice pick, but one with a skull and crossbones on the handle. Everyone who lives in the area is really freaking out. It’s a big city, but this latest murder has everybody talking. It’s been pretty heavily covered in the media. My mother, who lives with me, is scared to go out at night. I keep telling her not to worry, but she knows the police are not going to solve the murder. They haven’t even found the murder weapon yet. The police are so incompetent.

8. Diary

My wife died of cancer in April. For the past 4 months, it’s just been me and my son. I don’t know what I’d do without him. He’s my reason to live. We both miss my wife so much. Today, I was rummaging through some drawers in the bedroom and I found a diary. The handwriting inside is definitely my wife’s, but she didn’t write very much. The few entries she did make are very strange. I flipped to the end to see what she was writing just before she died. This is what she wrote:

02/15: My life with you had just begun.
02/21: I was made to be with you.
03/12: Death cannot separate us.
04/13: I will never let you go.
04/21: I don’t have much time.
05/06: Do you understand?

I keep reading it over and over but I can’t figure out what she was trying to tell me.

9. Prison

I got out of prison last week. I killed four people. Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad about it now. The reason they let me out of prison was they said I was cured. My mother and father don’t work, they just spend all their time sitting around the house. My sister is shut in her room, with the radio on. She stopped going to college. Before I went to prison, I used to play with my little brother all the time. Now he just lies in front of the TV. Nobody in my family talks to me anymore. I feel so alone. I have to make all my own meals. Worst of all, I’m probably going to have to get a job now.

10. Apartment

Today has just been a disaster. I woke up late and had to skip breakfast. Then I forgot to lock the door when I went to work. To make matters worse, my boss spent the entire day yelling at me. I barely make enough money to pay the rent. My apartment has just two rooms, a bedroom and a kitchen. It doesn’t even have a window facing outside. I missed my bus this evening, so I got home late. Worst of all, when I got back to my apartment and unlocked the door, I found my kitchen had been ransacked. Someone must have broken in while I was at work. I don’t know why, I mean, I have nothing worth stealing. I’m so tired, I just want to go to bed. I’ll file a police report in the morning.


  • 1. The man was counting up to which floor she was on so he could murder her. ( That’s why his finger was moving. )
    2. The boy was pointing at her reflection before she turned the television on, so his mum is going to die.
    3. The murderer is same floor as the man and his Girlfriend.
    4. The train driver ran over the women. The fact that she is a ghost makes her look depressed.
    5. The women planned to murder her husband but instead a burglar came at the door. ( That’s why she was holding the knife. )
    6. The 1 month baby choked on the boiled sweets his older brother gave to him.
    7. The boy knows what the identified murder weapon looks like because he is the murderer!
    8. The mans wife is writing from the dead, April is the 4th number of the month and May is the 5th month.
    9. The inmates family is the 4 people he killed (Mom,Dad,Bro,Sis.). That’s why he was an inmate in prison.
    10. The murderer or burglar is in her house. He broke in when the girl/boy left.

  • Here you go.the real answers:
    #1 The man was counting the Windows to know which floor she was he could kill her too.this explains why his finger was moving.
    #2 her son pointed at the t.v. while she was about to turn it on,so her reflection was on the screen.that means she’s the one who’s gonna die.
    #3 they’re in England and in England ground floor is first floor,first floor is second floor and second floor is third floor, so the killer is on the floor where they’re but they thinks it is in first floor.
    #4 he is a train driver.that’s why he is on train every day.he ran over a woman on track that day.
    #5 the wife was prepared to kill her husband and she was expecting him, but it was the burglar instead.
    #6 the little baby died after choking on the boiled sweets.
    #7 the police hasn’t yet found the murder weapon but the narrator seems to know every detail about’s clear that he’s the murder.
    #8 the entry is made after the woman died.
    #9 The four people he killed was his family members.he’s a crazy maniac.
    #10 the person says he forgot to lock the door but when he returns home he unlocks the door which means somebody locked it from inside and the apartment doesn’t have any Window facing outside so the intruder is still in the apartment.

    Btw, really cool riddles sfk!!

  • I got the NUMBERS 5, 6 and 7!

    5) She was ready to kill her husband so when she thought that he got home, she opened the door and killed him immediately before seeing that it was actually a burglar.

    6) Seriously?! You are feeding a month old baby boiled sweets and not expecting him to choke and die?

    7) If the weapon hasn’t been found by the police yet, then how come the narrator knows the description of the weapon? Probably, after killing, he hid the weapon.

    9) The narrator already said he killed 4 people and his family members, excluding him, are 4 in total. That means that after killing his whole family he went to jail. Also that’s why he said that his parents always spent their time sitting in the house. His little brother was killed by him while he was sitting in front of the T.V. He turned on the radio so that his sister’s screams would get covered by it when he killed her and after he came out of the room, he locked it. The neighbors thought that maybe she was listening to music in her room alone. NATURALLY, no one talked to him in his house because every one of them was dead.

  • @TheWalkingDeaderZ I just figured out 8. She died in April, right. And the last section to the diary was written in May.

  • Again, how can you guys get these questions wrong?

    1. He didn’t murder someone at all, he point at her to say it isn’t what it looks like.
    2. The president didn’t die, he’s still alive to this day.
    3. The narrator is the murder!
    4. He’s sad because he’s going crazy for seeing faces
    5. The burger killed the wife and they swap skins.
    6. That’s more of a story than a riddle
    7. The police killed the woman (maybe cause she’s black and we all know that all cops are racist)
    8. She’s a try-hard poet and maybe that’s why she die because I would’ve gotten cancer if I wrote that.
    9. The parents killed the people and blame it on the narrator, that’s why they didn’t talk to him because they don’t want to say sorry to him.
    10. The riddle answered itself, why will someone go and steal something that isn’t important?

    You guys are overthinking this too much.

  • 1. He saw her too, and will kill her before she can confess.

    2. The son was pointing at her reflection in the screen, not the president. She will die in three days.

    3. Read in the comments that in England floors go from ground floor, then go to 1, 2, etc. Being on the third floor from the ground means you are on floor 2. Since they are American, they do not realize the peril they are in.

    4. He’s a conductor, and a woman stepped onto the track and he ran her over.

    5. She had the knife ready upon answering the door, expecting her husband. She was going to kill him.

    6. I don’t really see a riddle here. He gave a 1 month old baby a piece of candy. No duh the kid died.

    7. The police haven’t found the murder weapon, but he knows that it is an ice pick, and even gives serious details about it. He was the killer, and it’s his ice pick.

    8. The last entry was from May, but she died in April. The ghost has continued to write in the book.

    9. He killed his family, and now he remembers them as being eternally in the spots where he killed them.

    10. There is no window, and the door was locked, meaning the intruder is still inside.

  • Plz answer #1 for me

    Scaryforkids says: The man wasn’t pointing at her. He was counting the windows on her building to figure out which apartment she was in. He is going to murder her.

  • #1:- It wasn’t a window, it was a mirror! She warevengeurdered!
    #2:- The TV’s death has been predicted! Run for the hills! The boy was also the murderer and was going to kill Obama :0
    #3:-But how is the elevator and stairs blocked if the police are OUTSIDE?!
    #4:- The woman was actually a train! And he got fired!
    #5:- It wasn’t really a burgler, it was a BUTCHER’s KNIFE!! :0
    #6:- She said he will be in their hearts, therefore, SHE ATE HIM! She cut him into pieces and ate him like a boiled sweet! That monster-!
    #7:- He WAS the ice pick!
    #8:- The wife didn’t really die, she’s just trolling her husbans. She faked her death because she wanted a divorce but didn’t want to split property ir custody of the kid and now she lives in the attic. She writes in the diary to mess with him because he killed her mother in law and qill enact revenge… SOON
    #9:->:O His family were killed by the police in revenge so now he has to make his own meals! That is so sad, I’m actually crying :'(
    #10:- Her boss followed her home, didn’t he? I knew it. He snuck in and stole all her food and is waiting in the closet for her to come in so HE CAN EAT HER TOO!!!

  • #1: If the man’s back was to you, how could you tell what he was doing, if he was a man, or even – if he was actually strangling someone – the gender of the victim?
    #2: He was pointing at the TV before the mom turned it on. That means that the TV is going to die… right?
    #3: The murderer could’ve gotten to the third floor before the police locked the elevators and stairs.
    #4: What?
    #5: She must have had a butcher knife WITH her when she opened the door, because the burglar jumped her as soon as she opened the door, and she would have been pinned to the ground. That means that she wanted to kill her husband – why else would she have brought a butcher knife to the door when she thought it was him?
    #6: -_- A one month old boy shouldn’t be eating boiled sweets…
    #7: Wait… if the police haven’t even found the murder weapon yet, how could the narrator know what it looked like? Or even what it was?
    #8: She made the last entry in May, which is AFTER she died. So her ghost was writing that entry, and she’s gonna murder the husband so they could be together.
    #9: You killed four people – your mom, dad, sister, and brother.
    #10: When you got back to your apartment and unlocked the door… ha ha… you’re good, but not good enough to fool me. You said you forgot to lock the door when you left that morning.

  • 1. He was going to kill her next because he was counting to see which floor she was on.

    2. The mother was gonna die next because he pointed at his mother s reflection in the mirror before the TV switched on

    3. England and America have a different way with floors America goes 1st floor 2nd floor 3rd floor while England goes Ground floor 1st floor 2nd floor meaning the killer is stuck in their floor.

    4. The man was a train driver and the women was committing suicide.

    5. She was expecting the husband with a knife in her hand she was planning on killing the husband.

    6. He fed a 1 month old kid boiled sweets the kid killed the baby.

    7. He is the murderer, how does he know how the murder weapon looks like when the police have not found the weapon yet.

    8. If she died on April how did she write in may and she wants to tell him that she is going to kill him and the baby cause she misses him.

    9. The four people he killed are his brother sister mother and father what he sees are either the spirits or the dead body’s of his family.

    10. If he had forgot to lock the door in the morning how did he “unlock” the door when he came back home the killer is still in the house run!!

    Hope these are correct
    Thank you

    Have a nice day

  • 1.The murderer was counting the floors,so he can know which floor the old women is in.His goin to kill her.
    2.The boy was not pointing at the President cuz he pointed before the TV was on.His mom is goin to die cuz of her reflection.
    3.America and England has different ways of numbering floors.The guy thought the killer was in another floor but the killer is in his floor
    4.He hit the women cuz she was in front of him.
    5.She thought the burglar was the her husband so she stabbed him.She was about to murder him.
    6.WTF u cant feed a one month old baby CANDY!!!
    7.He was the murderer.He knew what the weapon looked like but the police didn’t!
    8.If she died in April how can she write in May???
    9.The guy was the killer.He killed 4 people,Sister.Little bro,Mom,Dad.
    10.If u forgot to lock the door how can u unlock it????I think u have a stalker…..

  • I know it’s been repeated, but….

    10. The door wasn’t locked before she left, and there is no window to the outside, so where is the burglar? Hmmm?

  • #1 She was the one being killed.
    #2 He is the one killing.
    #4 She was a ghost.
    #6 The sweets were poisoned.
    #7 The narrator is the murderer
    #8 She’s writing beyond the grave.

  • 1. He was counting what floors the woman was on. He will murder her next!
    2. He pointed at the T.V. before she turned it on. Either he or his mom will die
    3. You don’t count the lobby. So, they were actually on the 2nd floor
    4. He hit a woman with the train
    5. The guy jumped on her as soon as she opened the door. She couldn’t have gone to the kitchen. She was going to murder her husband
    6. He is 1 month old! He choked on the the taffy! Stupid girl >.>
    7. He was the murder. How else would he know what the weapon looked like.
    8. She died in April so, how could she write an entry in May? It’s a ghostie!
    9. His family is dead. He murdered them.
    You forgot to lock your door and then the door is magically locked? Who locked it from the inside?!

  • 1: The killer is counting the windows to see which floor you are in and beware, your his next victim!
    2: He pointed before you turned on the TV. The mother is gonna die.
    3: America and U.K have different ways of numbering the floors. In U.S they start from 1st floor while in England they begin with ground floor. The killer is on your floor!
    4: He is a driver that is how he knew her face.
    5: She thought it was the husband and she wants to kill him.
    6: He is a baby. How could you feed a baby boiled sweets??? Duh!!?!!
    7: Ok so…. Nobody yet knows the murder weapon including the police then how could you know it? He killed the gal.
    8: She died in April wrote her last entry in May…? Death cannot seperate us… She means it dude!! Her ghost haunts the house and wants to be with you no matter what.
    9: You killed your own family!
    10: Forgot to lock the door… Then unlocked it… Run Somebody is in your house!!!

    Hope my answers are correct! xD

  • im not looking at the answers “yet” but heres what i think these mean….
    (1.) The man pointed to the person in the hotel becuase the person had witnessed the murder of the person he had murdered so he is gonna kill the person in the hotel who had saw all of it.
    (5.)was gonna kill husband
    (6.)he acidently killed his brother by giving him boiled sweets. which u cant do when he is only 1 month old LOL
    (7.)he is the murderer RUN FOR UR LIFEEE
    (8.)she died in april…and the last diary entry was written in may. She came back as a ghost to write in her diary OMG
    (9.)it says he killed 4 people and it also says no one in his familly talks to him, and just sits around so in other words…HE KILLED THEM

  • 2. The tv wasn’t on he was pointing at his moms reflection in the tv
    3. In eorope it is ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor so THEY R GONNA DIE!!!!!
    4. he was driving a train and a woman was in front of him so she must have gotten hit by the train
    5. She answered the door holding a knife planning to stab her husband
    6. The brother was 1 month old so he died cause of the candy
    7. It says the weapon was an ice pick but the police haven’t found the weapon yet….. Stupid police!

  • 1)She was looking in a mirror.
    2)The mother kills whoever the boy points at.
    3)He forgot that in Europe it goes ground floor, first, then second.
    4)Easy, he’s a train conductor, and he hit her with the train.
    5)She answered the door with a knife planing to kill her husband
    6)If he was a month old, why was he eating candy?
    7)He described the unidentified murder weapon.
    8)The last entry was in May, not April.
    9)He killed his family.
    10)He forgot to lock the door, but then proceeded to unlock it when he got home.

  • 1.) I think all of you have it wrong. She was the woman the guy was strangling, which is why she knows his face so well. Once he was done strangling her she was a ghost, which would explain why the guy had pointed to her and didn’t move, and why his finger kept moving – because he was terrified.

  • 8.) Think about it, the husbin finds this 4 months later, and the dates go on after she ‘dies’. She was probably going to die and she felt she couldnt live without her husband and she knew her end was near she killed her husband and being a mother couldnt leave her son with no family killed him too. Then after they’re dead she finds out the cancer has gone dorment and lives.

  • Ok I think I’ve got it.
    1) he was counting the floors to her room
    2)he was pointing at his mums reflection
    3) the murder person is stuck on there floor because they forgot the ground floor
    4) he ran into here girl cos he is the train driver.
    5) why did she have a knife answering the door she wanted to kill the husband
    6) she killed the brother with the boiled sweets.
    7) he is the killer.
    8) she died in April she wrote may
    9) he killed 4 people i.e. his family that’s why there sitting around.
    10) the murderer is in her house

  • On number 10 I understand about the locked door and All but I don’t get the part with the killer inside the house still. Same with number 1. I understand the killer counting the windows but I don’t.

  • Well Hey everyone, I think I got the right answers to nearly all of them Shall we begin?
    1:She lives in an apartment meaning most likely a high rise. The man was pointing at her. His finger kept moving for nearly 2 minutes. He was counting the floors to her room.
    2: He was pointing at the tv before it was on so reflection. OR his mom went up to turn on the tv he was pointing at his mom.
    3: I’m really stumped by this one.
    4:He’s a train driver. Man hit a woman.
    5:Why would she have a knife answering the door if she thought it was her husband?
    6:Dumb girl killed the boy. 1 month old sweets? stupid stupid stupid
    7:He identifies the skull on the ice pick. Murder weapon hasn’t been found yet. He did it.
    8. simple, she died in april her last entry was in may
    9. Guy killed 4 people. Mother 1 father 2 sister 3 brother 4. None of them do anything around the house. So yeah, he killed them
    10. he had locked it when he left. The burglar has a key to his apartment.

  • Here is a riddle:

    My youngest son Jacob has autisim.It means he says everything literaly. Jacob is still my son though so I love him. Ealier this week him and his big brother Tom were having an argument over games consoles. Tom wanted to play on his x-box but Jacob wanted his playstation on. I said “Jacob you were on the playstation all day yesterday give Tom a go.” Jacob wasnt happy and stared at me. “Im going to kill you” he said. We all laughed at his joke.

  • 1)Don’t know
    2)The son was pointing at the screen before she turned it on.He was pointing at his own reflection.
    3)Don’t know.
    4)He murdered the woman and her ghost haunts the train
    5)The guy jumped at her as soon as she opened the door. She had a butchers knife when she answered it and she thought that it was her husband. She was going to murder her husband.
    6)Don’t know.
    7)They never found the murder weapon but the writer describes it as an ice pick with a skull and crossbones on it. The writer is the murderer.
    8)The wife died in Apirl but the last message was written a month later. She wrote the last one after she died.
    9)The four people that he killed were his own family members.
    10)He forgot to lock the door but when he came back he unlocked it.

    I think I got these right. This is my first comment ever :D

  • Please check mine scary for kids
    1.The murder was counting the windows to find what floor she is on to kill the old women at night. OMG she is stupid for not thinking that.
    2. The son was pointing to the t.v before she turned it on meaning the mum is gonna die in three days because of the reflection of the tv.
    3.In America they do 1st 2nd then 3rd but in England they go ground floor , 1st 2nd so this means the murder is basically trapped on the same floor as them. OMG he needs to know his english.
    4.The guy was a train driver and the women was in front of him meaning she was in front of the train so the died making it depressing.
    5.The wife was expecting the husband because she was holding a butchers knife and thought it was him when the doorbell rung. You better watch out your wife is gonna kill you tonight man.
    6.The boy fet the baby boiled sweets and babys cant eat sweets meaning the baby died choking.
    7. The narater is the murder how could he know what the weapon looks like when the police hasnt even found the weapon.
    8.The wife wrote the first four messages before she died because she is side kick and she knew ashe would die and the last message is written in may after she died so she wrote it when she was a ghost.The man is dumb he didnt even read the dates.
    9.The guy killed his four family members and they are lying around the house because they are dead. But it is such a waste of power for them because the sister is listening to the radio OMG the power bill is building up and couldnt the investigators turn the radio of when they discovered the scene.
    10.How can the man unlock the door when he forgot to lock it when he left which means there is somebody in the house.
    thank you SFK please check them!

  • 1. The old woman says she saw the murderer’s face clearly. Also he pointed at her. Which means she is going to be his next victim as she had witnessed the murder.

    2. The mother is the one to die in 3 days. The TV was OFF before she turned around to look at her son who was pointing at her.

    3. The couple’s room is on the 2nd floor. They just don’t know that.

    4. The guy was an engine driver who killed the woman on the tracks.

    5. The wife wanted to kill the husband. She had been expecting him, armed with a butcher knife.

    6. The infant died due to choking on the boiled sweets. The big bro was insane.

    7. The guy telling the story is the murderer. How did he know what the weapon looked like even when the police haven’t found it? Anyway he’ll realize how ‘incompetent’ the police are when they catch him! :D

    8. The wife’s ghost is still with her husband. She died in April but the last entry has been made on 6th May, after her death!

    9. The four people the guy killed were his family members. The guy was mentally unstable.

    10. How can the man UNLOCK the door when he comes back home when he actually said in the beginning that he FORGOT to LOCK the door?!


  • 1 he was shaking while pointing at the lady cuz she was a ghost
    2 either the tv is going to die, or the mom is
    3 im stuck here
    4 ghost?
    5 worst wife EVER! Kill-your-husband type of wife
    6 who feeds a one month old boiled sweets? Choking hazard much?
    7 you freaking murdewer! If the median coverd it up good, how do you know she was murdered with an ice pick with a skull and crossbones that was never found!?
    8 she died april…the last entry was written 5 6th….i dont understand actually…
    9 you feel bad about it beacause now youre lonely and have to get a job, youre not guilt about killing your family… -.-
    10 you can only lock the door from inside, and you forgot to lock the your door…..yet you had to unlock it when you got home……dude! Get outta there!

  • 2.)his moms the murderer
    5.)she meant to kill his husband but stabbed the masked guy by accident instead.
    9.) He killed his brother too.
    10.) The guy’s just really stupid. He forgot to lock his door.

  • 1. The man was pointing at you yet his finger kept moving? How can this be??
    2. The mother is the one killing the people & in three days will kill the president
    3. Murderer is the SAME floor as them!
    4. The person is the train driver and hit a lady on the railway tracks
    5. If the masked man jumped as soon as she opened the door, she must have already had the knife in her hands – it was meant for the husband
    6. the brother choked on the lolly given to him
    7. He is the murderer, if the police haven’t found the murder weapon how does he know what it looks like?
    8. the last entry in the diary was AFTER the wife died – shes going to kill him is the message
    9. He killed them all
    10. The door was unlocked when he left but wasn’t when he came back home??? also Wheres the bathroom?! lol

  • 1.) The murderer was counting the floor she was in.
    2.) He was pointing at his mom’s or his own reflection.
    3.) The guy doesn’t realize that the murderer is trapped on his floor.
    4.) He killed her with the train.
    5.) She was going to kill her husband because she already had the knife when she heard the door.
    6.) One month olds don’t eat solid foods…
    7.) If the police haven’t found the murder weapon, how did they know how it looked?
    8.) His wife is still writing in her diary even after she died.
    9.) The four people he killed were his family. Their corpses are lying around the house.
    10.) They had forgotten to lock the door, so why did they have to unlock it when they came back?

  • 1.The madman was counting the floor she was in so he could kill her.
    2.The mom said BEFORE the president showed up.So the mom or the kid will die within 3 days.
    3.The murderer is on the same floor.So they’re basically trapped.
    4.The train was still going so he killed the woman in front of him.
    5.The wife was intending to kill her husband.Why else would she have the knife before the doorbell rang and thought it was the husband?
    6.Giving boiled sweets to a 1 month old?!OF COURSE IT WOULD DIE!
    7.He,who is talking,is the murderer.
    8.She died in April,but the dates are marked in May.So shes still writing in her diary and will kill him sooner or later.
    9.The four people he killed were his sister,brother,and two parents.
    10.He/She FORGOT to lock the door but when he/she came,they had to UNLOCK it..So the killer is still in there

  • Answers (i think…)
    #1 The murderer was counting the floor she was in
    #2 While the mum was turning on the T.V it was her reflection he was pointing out.
    #3 In America They count the ground floor as the 1st floor but in England they don’t count the ground floor so the murderer was in the same floor
    #4 He was a train driver, he ran over the woman
    #5 The woman was meant to kill her husband but instead a different person
    #6 the baby was only one month old so it can’t eat boiled sweets so the baby choked to death
    #7 He said that the police were stupid and haven’t found out anything but he knows what kind of ice pick it is so he was the killer
    #8 The woman died in April but in her diary say 5/06 so which means that she’s still writing on her diary, she’s going to kill her husband to be with him.
    #9 He killed 4 people, It was his family. He wasn’t in the prison, he was in a mental hospital. They said that he was cured so he was a psycho path and killed his family.
    #10 She/He forgot to lock the door, but when she/he came to his house she/he have to unlock the door so which means the someone is still in the apartment

  • 1. The murderer was counting floors.
    2. The boy was pointing to his mother’s reflection.
    3. The murderer was on the person’s floor.
    4. He ran over a woman.
    5. The woman was waiting to kill her husband.
    6. The baby choked on the boiled sweets.
    7. The man is the murderer (why would you post this information on Facebook?)
    8. The woman is going to kill him as a ghost (she died in April but the most recent writing was in May.)
    9. He killed his family.
    10. She forgot to lock the doors and a burglar ransacked her house, locked the door, and is waiting to kill her.

  • #2.Maybe the TV was going to die not the president? Or maybe either him or his mom is going to die cause maybe he was pointing at their reflection?
    #4.Omg,was he driving the train and the woman in front of him must’ve been on the train tracks and he hit her and that’s why it’s depressing?
    #5.It was really her husband she wanted to stab?
    #7.If they haven’t found the murder weapon yet how did they know it was an ice pick with skull and cross bones on it,so it must mean that he’s the murderer
    #8.Shes gonna haunt him? idk
    #9.He killed his family
    #10.He said he forgot to lock his door but when he came back he said he unlocked it,so whoever ransacked his place locked it when they were done? idk

  • 1. Run, b*tch, he gon’ kill you!
    2. Are you stupid? he pointed at your reflection!
    3. He’s on your floor!
    4. You hit her.
    5. She was gonna kill you!
    6. You choked your brother!
    7. You are the killer.
    8. So your wife wrote after she died?
    9. You killed your family!
    10. Get outta the house, they gon’ kill you!

  • no 1. she called the police a few minutes ago that means she called the police before she noticed the murder ! how can it be

  • I get #8 that means since the wife loves his husband so much remember the entry “DEATH CANNOT SEPERATE US”? That means she’s obviously going to HAUNT him…

  • I think I got all of them too:

    1. He was counting the floors she was on so he could kill her.

    2. He pointed at the TV before it was on so either the mom or he will die in three days because they were in the reflection

    3. He was talking to the police from the window, but he said the murderer can’t get to their floor from the window because stairs and elevators were locked, bur apparently the windows weren’t

    4. He was the train driver and he accidently ran over the woman one day so the woman was a ghost.

    5. She was holding the knife the whole time to prepare to kill her husband but instead the burglar came and she accidently killed him instead

    6. BOILED candy to a ONE MONTH BABY?!?!??! obviously that’s how he died!

    7. First of all, if you read carefully it says the murder happened near a factory, where HE WORKS. And it says the police don’t know what the weapon was. Well if he is describing where it happen and what weapon was used, he’s obviously the murderer.

    8. This one was easy. It clearly mentions that his wife died in April. Then in the diary entries it mentions, she was made to be with him then she mentions in march death won’t separate them, she didn’t die yet, but she was having cancer so she predicted that, then in the beginning of April when she didn’t die yet, she said she will never let him go, as in she will always be with him alive or not then JUST before she dies she says she doesn’t have much time as in she will die soon then, in May, when she is dead, her ghost writes “Do you understand?” The whole message basically means she really loves him.

    9. It says he killed four people and they mentioned four people in his family. And then if you read closely it says they let him go because he was CURED. And it also says that his sister doesn’t go to college and just stays in her room and his parents just sit there, that’s because they are dead. Well, why would he kill his family? Because he went psycho. Why did they let him out of jail? Because he was CURED.

    It says that he FORGOT to lock the door. Then it says when he came back he had to UNLOCK the door. Well, because someone obviously tried to steal his apartment and they locked the door, and they’re still in it!

    They’re all right, RIGHT?

  • thats like the only one i got oh that and #7 where the killer explains exactly what the murder weapon looks like
    by the way i would love to actually see creepy statuses like this on facebook

  • in #8 the wife said death cannot separate us
    then she rights do you understand after she died that means she is still with her husband after her death… there not separated no matter what

  • I’ve think i have em all
    1)The man was counting the floors on her building to kill her
    2)The boy saw the mother’s reflection on tv befor she turned it on
    3)His wife is probably the robber and murderist
    4)The man was a driver and he killed the women
    5)The wife wanted to kill the husband
    6)She fed him candy when he was soo small
    7)The guy probably was the killer
    8)The wife is a ghost
    9)He killed the family, no wonder why they ignore him
    10)He forgot to lock the door, when he got home he tried to unlock it

  • for #10 he never locked his door!so when the person came in and ransacked his kitchen he locked the door so nobody would be suspicious!then when the owner of the apartment gets home and goes to sleep the person who ransacked his kitchen will kill him!

  • 1 I have no idea
    2 the mother hadn’t turned the tv on yet when her son pointed, he was pointing at her.
    3 he’s already on your floor, and now he can’t go back down
    4 he ran over the lady with his train
    5 it said as soon as she opened the door he attacked, why would she already be holding the knife? She wuz gonna kill her husband.
    6 who feeds a LESS THAN A MONTH OLD BABY boiled sweets, they were probably poison anyway
    7 he described the murder weapon, then he said that the police haven’t found the weapon yet… Uhhhh
    8 it said the wife died in april, but the last entry was dated. May 5th. Suspicious much?
    9 killed 4 people, MOTHER, FATHER, SISTER, BROTHER, 1,2,3,4 easy as pi
    10 it says he left the door unlocked, then when he came home he had to UNLOCK THE DOOR who would have a key to the house?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • I love these kind of riddle story posts.

    10. I think that the killer found a spare key and has used it to lock the door but can now enter whenever he wants.

  • Maybe the wife was trying to tell him even though she was dead she will still be with him 9.The four people she killed was her family? maybe 10. Maybe his boss went in?… xD Or he went to another person house

  • 7.The police are the killers.
    8.She wrote that as a ghost or she’s just insane and wants her husband to be with her.
    9.She killed her family.
    10.If he forgot to lock the door,how could he unlock the door?

  • 1. The man was planning to kill the woman he was counting the windows.
    2. The mom is going to die after 3 days.
    3. i dunno lol xD
    4.the man is the train driver and he ran over a woman
    5. The wife was planning to kill her husband
    6. he choked his little brother
    7. He IS the killer himself
    8. she died in april so how come the last time she wrote was in may? and she wants to kill her husband so they can be together
    9. the 4 ppl he killed was his family if he forgot to lock the door how come he unlocked it when he returned home?

    that means she was a ghost when she wrote her last entry.

  • 7. He is the murder because he describes the killing weapon and the police didn’t find it. So only he knows the weapon cause it’s his!
    8. Look at the dates! She died in April and the diary continues after her death. She is now a ghost!
    9. 4 family members and 4 kills, so this means he killed them. He was released because he has cured. Cured from what? Most probably by a mental sickness. He maybe still ill and is imagining his family alive but they are dead and don’t speak with him.
    10. He has forgotten to lock the door but he unlocked it when he got home! He had no windows so the only entrance is the door. Someone entered his kitchen and left before locking the door. Maybe it was a family member or someone else with the key.

  • 1. He was counting the windows to see what floor she was on
    2. He pointed at the t.v BEFORE the mom cut it on, and she saw her reflection BEFORE she turned it on. So that means she is going to die in 3 days.
    3. Didn’t get !!!
    4. The man IS the train driver and he ran over the woman.
    5. The wife was planning to kill her husband, but instead a robber came instead of her husband.
    6. He gave his baby brother boiled sweets *YOU CANT DO THAT* so the baby choked to death.
    7. HE IS THE MURDER !!!!
    8. Don’t Get :(
    9. he killed his family
    10. How did he unlock the door when he never locked it ?

  • 7.the mom is the killer
    8.the mom died in april how could she still be writing…..
    9.the dude killed his family thats the 4 people =O
    10.he forgot to lock the door so the bugalar mustve lock the door after he robbed the place

  • no. 7: That bastard is the killer! >:O
    no. 8: Im not very sure…
    no. 9: Another bastard is the killer of his family! >:O
    no. 10: Hey! He had said before that he ‘forgot to lock the door’! >:OOOOO Then someone went in and locked the door?

  • No 7: The killer is him
    No 8: His wife’s ghost still haunts the house and continues to write in her diary.
    No. 9: He’s still retarded. He’s alone in his house bcoz he killed his family which happened to be the 4 people.
    No. 10: The killer broke on his house! And was still inside! D:

  • WOOOOH!!! I got 4-10 right! And that is a wonderful picture… So makes me want to like! *full of sarcasm*

  • 7. He IS the killer
    8. his wife died in April how could she still write in her diary!? maybe he killed her
    9.his family are the 4 people
    10.oh snap! run! the killer is in your house!!

  • #10: She forgot to lock her apartment door when she went to work, then when she got back, she had to unlock it. The killer is in her bedroom :O

  • 7) He is the murderer, he knows what the murder weapon looks like, but the police don’t .
    8)His wife is going to kill him from beyond the grave, and she wrote the last entry after her death.
    9)He killed his family
    Scaryforkids says: Well done. You got em all. Very quick!

  • I got some of those but I thought the guy pointing at the woman in number one was the psychic son from number two.

  • On facebook update six, she killed her brother with the sweets cause he was only a month old.

  • Yay! :D my guess was right :D For the 5th and the 6th :)
    Post more, please :D I am starting to like these riddles VERY much! :)

  • Answers:
    1. The murderer was counting the windows to see which floor the old woman was on. He is coming to kill her.
    2. Her son was pointing at her reflection in the TV screen. The mother is going to die in three days.
    3. America and England have different ways of numbering floors. In America, it goes 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor. In England, it goes ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor. That means the murderer is stuck on his floor.
    4. The person is a train driver and the woman jumped in front of his train.
    5. His wife came to the door with a butcher knife because she thought her husband was coming home. She was planning to kill him.
    6. You can’t give a baby boiled sweets. He must have caused his brother to choke to death.

  • Oh, and I THINK that the couple in #3 were the ones that were murdered… not sure XD

  • Number one: My guess is that the old lady saw a dead man and woman; she saw his face so clearly because she was near death.

  • 2.) Her son is never wrong because she kills whoever he points at.
    6.) They choked their brother with the boiled sweets.

  • Just realised 5.): she was intending to kill her husband but killed the mad man instead :)

  • 1.) i dunno
    2.) The son pointed at the screen before it was on, that means there was either his or his mom’s reflection in the TV.
    3.)The man was a train driver, she appeared in front of him, he hit her.
    4.) Not to sure on this…
    5.)She used to feed him boiled sweets, and he was only 1 month old ! she killed him probs, or he choked.
    Shame :(

  • Hi, this is my first comment here (although I have been reading this site regularly every day – when it had stories every day)! :3

    Nice pic :P
    So, where are the answers? :( I’ll try to solve the riddles myself:

    1. Um, how did she saw his face?
    2. Maybe the boy meant that the tv would die? :p
    3. I really can’t think of anything… :/
    4. The woman was a ghost?
    5. What Dead Girl XXx said!
    6. Wait a minute, he was giving boiled sweets to a one-month-old baby? That’s why the baby died!

  • Oh i know the answer for the 5th one! :D The woman was going to kill her husband actually! :O OMG!

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