Mikey’s Friend

Mikey’s Friend is a horror comic about a young boy who has a strange and disturbing imaginary friend. It was originally published in Secrets of Haunted House #26 (June 1980).

The story begins with a young boy named Mikey who is living with a foster family. His previous family were killed in a fire. Mikey spends all his time playing with an imaginary friend named “Nick” who he insists is real. His father, Larry, can’t stand him and his older sister, Sassy, delights in bullying him.

Mikey's Friend

Sassy goes out to meet her friend, but Mikey’s threat makes her uneasy. All of a sudden, an invisible force pushes her and she stumbles into the middle of the street.

Mikey's Friend

She finds herself in the path of an oncoming car and she is unable to get out of the way in time. The car ploughs into her and she is killed on impact.

Mikey's Friend

A few weeks after her tragic death, Sassy’s parents are still recovering from the loss. Her father is sick and tired of hearing Mikey talk about his imaginary friend.

Mikey's Friend

He decides to teach the boy a lesson and gives him a beating with a leather belt.

Mikey's Friend

That evening, the father is taking a bath and watching a baseball game on a small portable TV.

Mikey's Friend

All of a sudden, the TV topples over and falls into the bath, electrocuting the man. He is killed instantly.

Mikey's Friend

Mikey and his mother, Carol, attend the funeral. The poor woman can’t believe that she has lost both her daughter and her husband in the same month.

One day, Carol is doing some housework when she overhears Mikey talking to someone in his bedroom. Quietly, she opens the door and peers inside. She realizes that Mikey is talking about her.

Mikey's Friend

When she sees who Mikey is talking to, she gets the shock of her life.

Mikey's Friend

The creature forces Mikey to make a tough choice.

Mikey's Friend

Who will Mikey choose?

Mikey's Friend

Mikey's Friend


  1. NataliaNarwhal says

    The ending killed me of how terrible this was…….help I need somebody,help! Not just anybody

  2. thalmina09 says

    I think the story wasn’t so bad, but it isn’t scary at all, the demon monkey thing not even scary.

  3. Mary Shaw says

    SFK you should have really made told us the ending about who he picked and why and what’s gonna happen because he picked that peroson/thing… SFK I know you can do better than this…. This story stinks can u fix it please… 0/10 Nicks.

  4. Curious Shubhi says

    What’s happening to you nowadays, SFK??? Are you busy with something or are you sick? I am missing older times while the stories were epic!!! I think you are running out of plots nowadays…….. Apologies if I offended you :/

  5. Cool_Geek13 says

    @LivefromtheTARDIS 2.0

    What you should try and do is listen to the tape in private. If the creepy voice doesn’t come on, then go back to the park are make another recording and listen to it straight afterwards. Chances are that you will here the voice again in the park which means the park is haunted! After finding out where the voice came from, destroy all tapes with said creepy voice and pretend that this never happened. Your welcome.

  6. LivefromtheTARDIS 2.0 says

    OH MY GOSH GUYS HELP! So If you read what i said in walk to the park, I’m a song artist, and i was recording myself singing. Then i listened to the song recording with my brother and halfway through the song, a deep, creepy voice started singing along with me!!! My brother heard it too and we flipped out! So we tried to show my mom but when we tried the voice was gone!!! What should i do?

  7. FAN OF SFK says

    Why are kids not making correct decision these days… By the way @scaryforkids why didn’t you post any new stories after “Walk In The Park” for around 2 months? Were you sick or something?

  8. ThatsWhatSheSaid says

    He made the wrong pick! 😩 9/10 comic books ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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