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Mexican Bus

The Mexican Bus is a ghost story about a dangerous mountain road in Mexico and an accident that killed everyone who was traveling in the bus.

Mexican Bus

Today, if you are traveling in Mexico, between the city of Toluca and the town of Ixtapan de la Sal, there is a lovely highway that makes the journey quick and easy. However, years ago, anyone making that journey was forced to travel along a dangerous and winding mountain road. On one side of the narrow road, there was steep vertical rock and on the other side there was a sheer drop.

One evening, many years ago, a bus departed from Ixtapan de la Sal as usual, making the familiar journey to Toluca. It was an overnight trip, so the passengers on the bus took the opportunity to get some much-needed sleep.

When the bus reached the base of the mountain, it started the slow climb up the slope without any problems. Most of the passengers had made this trip many times and they noticed nothing out of the ordinary. When the bus reached the highest point on the mountain, it began to rain and the driver negotiated the dangerous curves as the road descended. Some very serious accidents had occurred on this stretch of road and many of them had been fatal.

The bus began its descent in heavy rain and the road was slick and wet. The passengers became a little nervous when they realized that the bus was picking up speed. This was unusual. Some of them called out to the driver, but he didn’t respond. The bus got faster and faster and became more and more frightened.

Suddenly, the driver cried out, “The brakes are failing!”

The bus was traveling at such a high speed that it was impossible to control. In the blink of an eye, they reached a curve and the driver swerved. The skidded off the cliff and plunged into the void.

It tumbled down the rocky slope and smashed into the jagged rocks below. Many of the passengers were killed instantly in the crash. Others lay unconscious and bleeding in the wreckage. Then, the bus caught fire and within minutes, it was completely consumed by the flames. Nobody heard the chilling cries of the surviving passengers and they all died in the most dreadful and horrible way imaginable.

Later that night, the police located the site of the crash and called an ambulance. Unfortunately, it was no use. There were no survivors. The bodies of some passengers lay strewn about on the sharp rocks. The bodies of others lay charred inside the smoking wreckage.

Ever since that day, people have reported seeing the old bus traveling late at night on the road from Ixtapan de la Sal to Toluca. They say that if you hold out your hand, the bus will stop for you. The doors will open when you approach it. You will notice that the bus is old but still in good condition. Even if the bus seems to be full, there will always be one empty seat.

If you sit down, you wil feel a strange emptiness in the pit of your stomach. You realize that somethignmis very wrong. Despite the late hour, nobody on the bus is asleep. All of the men, women and children are wide awake, staring straight forward, but nobody is saying a word. There is a heavy silence.

A few minutes later, the bus conductor will walk down the aisle, checking tickets. You prepare the money to pay for your ticket, but the conductor just passes you by.

You arrive at Toluca smoothly, but after midnight. The driver stops the bus before arriving at the bus terminal. Then he turns and tells you that you have to get off. The journey is not finished and you don’t understand why but you obey.

While everyone else stays seated, you get up and walk down the aisle. As you pass by the driver, you attempt to pay for your ticket. He waves away your money.

“There is no charge,” says the driver. “Go now and don’t look back or you or you will never leave this bus.”

Those who obey, who do not look behind, hear the sound of the door closing and the bus engine starting up and driving off. The disobedient, who turn around, will see that the bus is really a charred wreck. Inside, the emaciated skeletons that line the seats are staring silently through the windows. The bus will disappear and you will die in an accident a few days later. It is said that, from that moment on, your ghost will be sitting in the bus.

If, by chance, you travel to Ixtapan de la Sal one day, do not risk journeying to Toluca at night. There is a chance that you will meet the ghost bus. If you do, make sure you obey the driver’s instructions. Otherwise, you’ll be condemned to travel on that bus for all eternity…


  • Ok Mexico used to make me think taco. Now I think never go on their buses.

  • Interesting story…. Mexico is really a good place for me… A adventurous place.. I would like to sit in this bus and I will be sure that I follow driver’s instructions…. But the thing I have to say is that.. It’s all the driver’s fault he should have not drive the bus in great speed… Also it was raining he should have been careful.. …

  • thats cool. but its sad how they all died on that bus are there anymore things on here like that?

  • This is cool and Mexico is not just about burritos ! I am on a soccer team with only mexicans (and im white) so they consider me Mexican. So technically i find it offensive.

  • @xfangwolfx
    actually wen ghosts dont no theyre dead,then they may trun bad i found tthat out in experience…no

  • It would be cool if you used that bus like every day. A peaceful paranormal experience and no toll! That would be so cool… What if the people even started talking to you? I want to do that!!!!

  • You know, the dumbest thing is that that picture reminds me of the Magic School Bus. XD

  • Gotta love Mexico,
    back in my dad’s hometown, it’s incredibly haunted.
    There hasn’t been one time where I haven’t gone and felt some sort of paranormal experience.

  • oh my god thats what happened to my sister she said to me she went on a bus at that place and when she went off the bus driver ssaid to her”there is no charge, go now and never look back or u will never leave this bus

  • This must be one of those very rare ghost encounters that are more friendly, most of other encounters are scarier and/or result in your death!

  • Maybe I should try this ^^ …..hahaha who knows, maybe it’ll be fun, all I gotta do it to obey :))

  • @101horrorgirl101

    That’s a bit stereotypical, but rather funny. LOL XD

    This is a creepy story. I feel bad for those on the bus, but I am fond of it when ghosts are not evil just because or their misforutnes.

  • hiii guys i wrote a story wat do you think???
    srry if i spam on stories i rlly want it to be seen
                    Keep the Lights On
       There was a shuffling sound. Shelby’s closet door creaked open. ” Oh Dear God” she whispered. She was terrified of what would happen next.
           That’s when she woke up. She scrambled to the lamp. Light poured into the room. She jumped back into bed and sighed in relief.
          Shelby’s heart was still racing. “It’s ok. Just a dream. A really scary dream,” she would tell herself. She got a book and tried to get her mind off things.
         Suddenly the light went off.  The TV turned to static. Her eyes were still adjusting, but she was able to make out the outline of a disfigured man. “No,no, just,” Shelby suddenly blacked out.
        “I can’t remember anything after that,” Shelby told the man. She didn’t know where she was. Who the man was. She was completely lost.
         ”Well, here’s your room, your clothes. Now get some rest,” a plump lady told Shelby. Shelby looked at the dirt caked walls. The same words were written over and over. Keep the lights on, keep the lights on. Shelby ignored it and continued on to change her clothes.
         She went out to the recreation center with the other girls. “Hi, welcome to the asylum! Sorry, no way to make that sound good,”said a warm cheery voice. “I heard you have Selena’s old room. Did you hear what happened in there?”
     ”No, what happened?” Shelby asked. 
    “Just keep the lights on,” ssid the voice, suddenly changing tone.
      Shelby ignored the warning and went back to her room. She turned the light off and went to sleep. She heard the door creak open. She heard steps getting closer and closer to her bed. Shelby heard something. It was the warm voice.
           Shelby felt hands gently massaging her neck. Her grip tightened. “I said keep the lights on.”

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