The Message is a creepy story about something written on a child’s bedroom wall.

The Message

The Message

I’ve been lying in bed for hours. It’s 5:30 am now and there’s noting I can do. My parents are staring at me but I can’t bear to look at them. I’m trying not to scream.

Their eyes are staring straight at me and their mouths are hanging open. I feel paralyzed by fear. I can’t let it know that I’m not asleep and there’s nobody left to save me. I’ve been trying to think of a way to escape, because if I stay here, I’m going to die.

It’s waiting for me to wake up and see what it has done.

A few hours ago, I was awoken by loud screams coming from down the hallway. I got up and went to see what was going on. After taking a peek outside my bedroom door, I noticed blood on the carpet. Terrified, I jumped back into bed and hid under the covers. I tried desperately to go back to sleep, and tried to convince myself that it was just some horrible nightmare.

Then, I heard my bedroom door creak open and I peeked out from under my blankets to see what was going on. I could see something dragging two large bundles into the room.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t human. I could tell that much. It was thin and hairless. It didn’t have any eyes. It was stooped and crooked and crept noiselessly into the room. My eyes adjusted to the darkness and I could make out what it was dragging. It was the bodies of my dead parents.

It propped my father against the edge of the bed, and turned his head to face me. Then it sat my mother down in the chair and positioned her facing towards me as well. Finally, it started rubbing it’s hands along the walls, drawing something in blood.

It stepped back and I could see it had scrawled a message on the wall. A few hours ago, it was too dark to read.

The thing has been standing in the corner for hours, waiting to strike. My eyes have adjusted to the darkness and now I can read the message on the wall. I don’t want to look at. It’s too terrifying to think about. But I need to see it before I die.

I peek at the message on the wall.

It reads: “I know you’re awake.”


  • Oh my god!!! Imagine his situation…. A thing is continously staring at him and knows that he is awake…. Creepiest situation.
    But why did the thing didn’t do anything if it knew is was awake.

  • @B-Jeh

    I don’t know if you can post stories straight to the website, but a lot of people write stories in the comments, which sfk will read, and then if they want they’ll post your story with your name on it.

  • This is the 2nd time I’m reading this, but still creepy, and the pic is gonna gimme nightmaress

  • OMG. If sumthing killed my parents, propped them up near my bed, and WATCHED me slp for hours, i would freak out. And after reading “i know your awake” I would die from trauma. im NOT sleeping tonight. And even if i DO fall asleep, i’ll probly have a nightmare and wake up scarred for life. but still, i like the story; its fairly scary O__O

  • scariest thing ive ever read in my life! im not gonna sleep tonight!! :’c someone please calm me down!!!

  • I like this one ALOT it has this atmosphere of dread and despair even though it’s really short!

  • If you were the kid in the story, would be terrifying.

    This is one of those weird stories that are common yet original at the same time. I like it!

  • Heard this story many a time and still wonder. ” why would he not attack if he knew he was awake?” I guess he is waiting so the person can lie there in terror for a while. Jerk face.

  • *reads end of story*


  • hmm if i wouldve had my cell texted my friend have him call the cops get me outta there simple enough if they get killed so be it..

  • The Monster could be the Rake? the monster that kills you if youre awake and watches you while youre asleep.

  • Creepy,I like it but damned if that isn’t a patient monster.So why didn’t he just kill him if he knew he was awake? If I read that I’d be like “oh dear God how does he know I’m awake? oh my God I’m gonna die” I’d be so scared

  • Hi iv got another story.
    My mum was at work ( she works at a prison) and she does art there with the prisoners. She was cleaning away the art stuff when she put some paintbrushes on a table and she turned round to quickly do something else but when she got back to the paintbrushes they were gone! Then the lights started flickering on and off. She told the staff and they said that that hadn’t happened in their room. Then the staff told mum a story that two boys died in that room and they like moving things around and stuff.

    I know the story is quite boring.

  • That Moment when you’re reading this when your computer’s back is facing a window and you start to imagine things that are going to show up outside the window =.=”

  • @ superscarylover303
    Thanks ssl :) Your friend’s called Ella? Im soooo happy that you and your bffle likes my story :D Actually i have a friend called Ella who also doesn’t have her left arm… but she’s awesomely talented… she’s a painter, she’s a writer and she sings beautifully…so i just thought that i could make a story for her :)
    I like your story too :) It makes me wonder if u can really see them o.o I’ve seen a black figure too, only once, but it doesn’t look like a teenage ghost XD

  • @deadgirlXXx omg i love that story my friend started to cry shes like “omg poor little girl” im like “eissa its not real” her name is ella to but we call her eissa shes my bffle>best friend for like ever oh ya and i have a story it goes like this:
    one night when i was walking home from my friends house i saw something by a manhole in didnt know who it was but it was a black figure and im all into paranormal stuff so i said “hello?” “hesssss hesssss” it said “may i have your name?” “you can see me?”it asked “yes i can” “my name is Asabella i was murdered but noone came for me and noone knows me” she started to cry now “how did you die?” “m-my father killed me ” i stood there wanting to comfort her not knowing how when she al of a sudden looked at me anraged “are you scared of me ? do you want to run away and end up like the rest of them?” ” no im wanting to comfort you but not knowing how plz dont hurt me i can help you like the rest” “who are the rest?” “them ” i answered as i pointed to the left she looked to all these other figure and she pointed to “are those the rest?” “yes and you can join them instead of kill others thats how they were until i met them and helped ” “hello,im carmen i was murdered by five girls i thought were my friends” came a voice even though i had not helped this figure she is now apart of the ghostly gasps accosiation or the gga helping ghosts go past deaths.
    this is mainly to support teenage ghost by supporting them so plz help in your own cummunity by telling the ghosts that they are being heard and dont run away or else you will end up like the rest

  • Monkeymadmia that is very creepy O_O Actually, monks do freak me out :S Always :S
    @ Bloodsucker Angel
    Thanks :D Im glad u like it :3

  • Never Ever read this at night while being the only one awake and the only light in the room is the computer. My mates freaked out at The Crayon one and the the one about the twin girls in BROAD DAYLIGHT

  • @101horrorgirl101 and Dead GirlXXx,
    I LOVE YOUR STORIES!!!!!!They easily give me unexpected shivers up my spine! I like yours Dead GirlXXx cuz the note was cute! I liked yours Dead 101horrorgirl101 cuz the fake bomb actually freaked Bethany out! Lol!

  • @ xxdaydreamxx woe! That’s so weird! in Chattanooga Tennessee my friend an I went on a ghost tour with our parents ( we are only 10 and 11) we were lOoking at a ship across the river and we saw a ghost figure in one of the windows and we were like o my god! That’s so cool!!!! One of the legends on the ship is if you are drinking beer the lady that died there will take it out of your hand and throw it across the bar.

  • @ Dead Girl Xxx Thanks soooooo much here is another one PS they are all true.

    Well when my nanny was a little girl the place where she lived in (I don’t know where) was bombed and normally she would go to this bomb site that used to be a cinema or whatever. She was playing there with her friends when she saw three nuns (female monks) walk towards her and then disappear in front of her eyes. CREEEEEEEEEPY!!!!!!!!

  • @ Dead Girl XXx thanks for liking my story! Yours was cool as well. Iv got loads of other true stories cos my mum and dad and other family members have encountered ghosts a lot in there lifetime but I haven’t encountered any! :( here’s another true one. my mum was staying in a little cottage in wales and her friend was staying there before her but then he moved out to London. The owner of that house was a lady who lived there all her life. Litterally,she was born there and she died there. Well,while mum was staring into space in bed, thinking about staying at this house, she felt the bed go down, you know when someones sitting on it. Mum thought it was weird cos she was the only one in the house, but then she felt a kiss on her cheek with nobody there. It was probably the ghost of the lady who once lived there.she was obviously a nice lady ;) I hoped you liked it!

  • Monkeymadmia ur story was nice and especially being real! o.o xD
    _xxdaydreamsxx_, thanks im sooo happy u like it :) Sure, i’ll try writing more stories :D
    xCreepyKidx, well, There are girls who like scary stuff xD Like me xD And… r u a guy? i mean, just asked cuz u seemed concerned becuz there are more girls in SFK XD just kiddin xD

  • I It is me or does it seem like there is a lot of girls on this website. Not to be sexist but every girl i know hates scary stuff.

    Scaryforkids says: Actually, 60% of the users on the site are girls and 40% are boys. According to my website stats. :)

  • omg Dead Girl XXx. & 101horrorgirl101 those were both awsome stories they really caught my interest u guys should write more stories :D

  • Iv got a true story. I’m 9 years old,and my dad and his friend Ben are the bosses of the waffle house,Norwich,st Giles street. Once,when everyone who works in the waffle house had gone home for the night, Ben was left at the waffle house to clean up, but when he was cleaning up, doing his own thing, the phone rang. Ben picked it up, said “hello,waffle house” and there was no answer. Ben thought it must be someone playing a trick on him, so he went back to what he was doing. Then the phone rang again, picked it up, “hello,waffle house”, no one there. “wrong number” thought Ben. The phone rang again, “hello,waffle house”, no one there. Ben was starting to get angry now, so he typed down the number thinking “let’s see how you like it”, and to bens surprise,he realized that the number he was typing down was the number of my dads and bens office,and as I said,Ben was the only one in the waffle house at the time. So Ben went to the office and to his surprise, he saw that the phone was warm ( as if someone had been holding it ) and it was off the hook. I hope you liked it! 100% real.


  • omg dis site is getting real boring i mean srsly UPDATE DIS CRAP!! we want scarier, more, also amazing stories

  • i know what the creature is ! It’s called ‘the rake’. There is a simaler story to this one exept near the end it said something like ‘then the creature crawled under my bed, and my eye’s ajusted to the dark and the message read i know your awake’

  • This scared me SOOOO much. its really good and wasnt scared til i went to bed lol. couldnt get the scary images outta my head. this story rocks. :D

  • i also have a story… let me share it here..
    Um, it actually dnt fit to the scary category but mostly sad, i guess..
    A couple was living together happily and after a year, Lisa got pregnant. She and her husband John was impatiently waiting for a day their baby would be born. Finally, the day came and Lisa gave birth to a lovely, fair and cute little baby girl. The only sad thing was that she didnt have her left arm. Even with this unfortunate luck for their girl, Lisa loved her very much and treated her the best she can. However, John’s heart was different. An anger started growing inside him that their daughter was disable without an arm. He started to hate her and get annoyed with her.
    John acted as if he loved her and tried to treat her good too. But inside him, a flame of frustration and anger grew, and it got bigger day by day. He sometimes even wish that ella would die soon. Nor did Lisa and their daughter knew about this wish of John’s.
    Ella grew up as a very obedient little girl. She was 8 years just then, and was happy with herself even when she was disable. Ella loved both her parents very much, however, John’s anger towards his daughter didnt diasppear. Instead, it kept on growing day by day.
    Until then, one day, Lisa had to leave for Newyork for a business trip suddenly. She quickly packed after lunch and left after hugging Ella and telling her to be with John patiently until she returns after 2 days.
    That night, John was cooking, john was cooking dinner by himself, when ella came to the kitchen with her teddy bear. She smiled at him and asked him what he was cooking. John rudely replied. “Stay quiet until im done.” Ella smiled again. “Okay, may i help you?” she asked and John gave a quick, sharp look at her. “I told you to shut up and stay quiet until I finish! You disable twerp!” John roared furiously at Ella. The poor girl immediately started crying hysterically. It was the first time her dad had ever shouted at her. Ella began sobbing. “D-daddy, I-I have just one more q-question..” she stammered in a blocked voice. “W-why d-do you hate m-me so much? I-is that because I-I am disable?” She asked. Poor girl was heart broken, but hearing her crying voice made john lose his temper. “you deserve to die, you ignorant pest!” He grabbed a knife from the table and stabbed it into Ella’s chest. She fell onto the ground, dead.
    John wasnt a bit sad of her daughter’s death and carried her into the woods to bury her. After the business trip, Lisa came back home and screamed in horror for the terrible sight. The corpse of her husband laid on the floor of the kitchen in a pool of blood. His left arm was missing and a knife was stabbed into his chest. The house was filled with a pungent smell. with quivering hands, Lisa took a little note that lay beside John’s body, which was written in blood, in Ella’s handwriting. It read:
    “Sorry mommy. I love you and daddy too, but i had to take my revenge.”

    Well, um, it might not be that good, but hope u like it =D

  • @ 101horrorgirl101
    Nice story, horrorgirl. I like it =) Oh but for how long should i be patient like this for a new post????????? or, probably any other one has another story? =)

  • why isnt this guy making any recent posts? im trying to be patient but its been like 4 days since he has posted anything. i wounder if something happened to him.

  • For halloween I want to be a dead basketball player. I am going to wear some loose black pants and a basketball t-shirt. I am going to paint black all around my eyes and put blood marks all over my face and put some pink face paint on my cheeks for blush. My hair will be in two pigtails. I was thinking to wear purple lipstick. Should I wear brown? Either purple or brown. Tell me, is this a good idea, what should I change or add?
    Thanks peeps!

  • I have a good story (made by me):

    There was once a girl named Bethany who was only nineteen. She married a handsome young man named William. For their honeymoon they decided to go to Wisconsin. So they bought their tickets and went to the airport. They were sitting in the plane a few hours later when Bethany had to go to the bathroom. So, she went in and did her business. Bethany was washing her hands as she looked into the mirror. Bethany was a girl to die for. She had perfect straight blond hair and warm blue eyes. In her reflection, to her horror, she saw an ugly scarred face and tangled black hair. Cold grey eyes were staring back at her. The face was bloody. Bethany opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came.

    Suddenly, the light went out and someone gave Bethany a hard shove.She fell on the ground screaming. Someone tied a rope around her neck in one swift movement. Bethany started choking. Finally, the light came back on. Bethany got up and quickly opened the tap. Instead of water, blood came pouring out. Bethany let out a shriek. Blood was all over her hands now! The thick red juicy blood had a strong rotting smell to it.

    Bethany couldn’t take it anymore. She banged on the door, trying to open it, when she realized all she had to do was unlock it. So she did. And it opened gently. She ran out screaming her head off to her husband. She explained everything. He got up, a worried expression on his face. He held out a bomb with a timer set on it. “Jump!” William said. Bethany saw that no one else was getting up. Whatever, she thought to herself, after all, I only want myself to be alive. “Where did you find that?” She shouted. “In your purse.” William lied. Bethany ran out and tried to open the door of the plane. “Bethany, I’m just kidding!” William tossed the fake bomb in his seat. “Oh baby, I’m sorry to give you such a scare!” William said. It was true, it was just a joke.

    Bethany hugged William. And then she stared behind him in horror. She couldn’t get words out of her mouth. Her heart pounded furiously in her chest. Sweat was exploding on her forehead, a shiver ran down her spine. “W-W-i-l-l-i-a-m-m!” She finally managed to choke out. “What happened sweet-” A man sliced of his neck with a long silver blade.

    Bethany went mad. She went insane. She screamed then kicked the airplane door with all her might and jumped out, she killed herself as she landed. Her ghost roamed around looking for the killer and when she did she realized it was her boyfriend from when she was in high school, Jacob Makrylim. She killed him, chopping off his head like he did with William. Horrible things had been happening to Bethany, even as a ghost. Her brother and mother died in the same week she killed Jacob. Her father died of cancer and her best friend was murdered. Makes you wonder…


    The guy who runs this site has a life too, you know.
    It’s not like he’s getting paid, or there’s this big law to serve your story-craving needs.
    Jesus, are ALL of you guys KIDS? Be a little more patient.
    If it takes too long for you, visit CreepyPastaIndex.
    Or search up some scary shit on DeviantART.

  • Before I die of boredom…. I’m begging here, New Post, please please please come out where ever you are!!!!!!! D’=

  • XxDeath BoltxX YOUR NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG ITS JUST THAT it must of took ages for u to write all them. they are pretty funny

  • @ Xx Death Bolt xX
    I dnt think ur doing anythin wrong… as most of ur comments are hilarious XD

    Oh im waiting 24 hours everyday for a new post!!!! >.>

  • @destroyer 1… Am i doing something wrong?
    Damn, there hasnt been any stories for a while now…

  • that is really creepy but dat ghost is very patient! after like 6 secs id be like “u take too long ill just kill ya” LMFAOOOO

  • Weird that is similar to my story! I was outside cleaning the buisness my dogs left and when I went to the backyard storage closet it said “keep away danger!” in red paint and that only happens when I barely moved in the house. I still live here and I always see these like white figures. Did I mention I almost drowned in the pool? So that makes me half dead like my friends Samantha and Cristie who also drowned.we’re in this scary club thing.

  • DEATHBOLT ive read and seen a lot of the stories and comments and every single one has u commented on

  • ooh! i like this one! it gave me that jolt in the back of the neck that i get when something i see something that freaks me out for a sec. if the author wouldn’t mind, i’d like to suggest to my friends that we use this for our fake horror radio show in drama class. it could be really cool! we could have a girl narrate the whole time and for the very last line when she reads the note we could have a deep guy voice say it and then its over and the whole class would be like HOLY EFF!

  • inhuman spirits HATE me! they try to kill me like every day and you want to know what spirits they are? They’re called my friends…

  • The time zones are different, destroyer, like right now its 8:10am, i dont know what it says on there…

  • WOW that freeked me out! D: AND why dos everyone tht i see here comment at like 1.00+am i n the morning? weird……….

  • i think it’s bogus and i can sleep just fine u people shouldn’t let that get to u. Besides, what would an inhuman spirit have against you?

  • Lol… Damn, i was reading this when i was lying down in bed under my covers… Great, now i cant sleep… Mommy! XD JK

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