The Mannequin is a creepy bedtime story about a man who likes to play pranks on other people.


There was a man who loved practical jokes. Whenever he played a prank on someone, he would get a great sense of satisfaction from seeing the shocked look on their face. He enjoyed making people scream with fright and almost jump out of their skin in surprise.

The man’s wife was constantly telling him off. She was tired of his childish pranks and felt he should grow up and behave more responsibly. Nothing she said ever seemed to make the slightest bit of difference and she generally wound up as the butt of his jokes. As time went by, the man grew bored with the same old practical jokes. His pranks grew more elaborate and daring. He was always looking for ideas for more tricks to play on others.

One day, as he was driving to work, he passed by an alleyway beside a large department store. Something caught his eye and he brought the car to a screeching halt. There, lying in a dumpster, was a female mannequin. It was not assembled and the arms and legs were sticking out at odd angles. The man suddenly had a great idea for a prank. He got out of his car and went over to the dumpster. He reached in and pulled the mannequin’s head out of the trash. It was in good shape. Apart from a scratch on the nose and a few other dents, the mannequin looked almost lifelike.

Working quickly, before anyone spotted him, he gathered the arms legs and torso and loaded them into the boot of his car. He spent the day in his office, plotting his next great prank. He was so excited, he couldn’t wait to pull it off. That evening, he drove home, ate dinner with his wife and son, then excused himself and went to be early.

The next morning, at 6:00 AM, his alarm went off. he shut it off quickly, so as not to wake his wife and son. The house was completely silent as he quietly crept downstairs and let himself into the garage. Opening the boot of his car, he unloaded the pieces of the mannequin and propped them against the wall. Then, the man searched through some old boxes and pulled out a dark, hooded-robe and a demonic facemask.

He lay the limbs of the dummy out on the floor and assembled it carefully, screwing the arms and legs into the torso. Finally, he screwed the head on tightly and dressed the mannequin in the dark robe and mask. He proceeded to pick it up and carry it into the house. He made his way upstairs, careful not to make any noise and opened his son’s bedroom door.

In the dim light, he could see his son lying in bed, fast asleep. The man cautiously placed the mannequin beside his son’s bed. He took a few steps back, to marvel at his mischevious creation. He was pleased, but the mannequin seemed to be lacking something. It wasn’t quite as scary as he had imagined. Just then, it came to him.

He crept downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a large steak knife from the drawer. Going back upstairs, he placed the sharp knife in the mannequin’s hand and posed it’s arm as if it were bringing the knife down in a stabbing motion.

He once again eyed his creation, and had to put his hand over his mouth to stop the laughter. He could just his son’s reaction when he woke up and saw the frightening mannequin standing over him, poised to strike. It would be his greatest prank yet. Brimming with anticipation, he tiptoed downstairs and made himself a cup of coffee.

Later that morning, the man was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast when his wife came in and said good morning. She made herself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table beside him. he had a smug look on his face. His son would be waking up any minute now. He could hardly wait.

Suddenly, a blood-curdling scream broke the silence and his wife dropped her coffee cup. She was about to run up the stairs when she was stopped by her husband’s laughter.

“What’s so funny?” She asked, rather angrily.

“It looks like our son has fallen victim to my latest prank,” the man chuckled contentedly.

His wife rolled her eyes and returned to her chair.

They sat in the kitchen, waiting for their son to come downstairs, but after five minutes of silence, they both grew impatient.

“Would you please check on him?” asked his wife. “He’ll be late for school.”

The man smiled and walked upstairs. He opened his son’s door and looked inside. Suddenly, he froze and all color drained from his face.

His son lay on his bed. Blood pooled around his shoulders. His throat had been slit from ear to ear.

The window was wide open, the curtains fluttered in the breeze and the robe and mask lay on the floor. The mannequin was nowhere to be seen.


  1. Crystal says

    THE FATHER SHOULD DIE! Because of his stupid childishness, his son had to pay the price!

  2. snowwhite says

    stupid father… i don’t think anyone would do this prank with a kid…..

  3. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    Couldn’t the dad have put a FAKE plastic knife or something in the mannequin’s hand? I mean, is he an idiot? His son could have injured/killed himself! if the knife was plastic, the son probably wouldn’t have died! Stupid Dad.

  4. scarystorieslover635 says

    Imagine looking out the window and seeing a naked mannequin running down the street you would be like WTF I need to get more sleep 👍

  5. DreamingAlone says

    I was deathly afraid of mannequins when I was little. I always thought they would grab me and turn me into a mannequin too!

  6. zombie_pegasister says

    I would have divorced him and I was thinking that the doll would fall over and hurt the kid. btw so how was the doll alive

  7. XxNightmaregirlxX says

    lol. I thought that he was gonna wake up and sit wide up and then obviously doll wouldnt move back too, so it would kill him. Good story SFK. I just have one question, sorry if it’s a bit personal . . .
    Are you a female or a male? Sorry I just keep wondering . . Also there is a mistake in the story. It says the boy’s throat was slit then it said he was cut EAR-TO-EAR! How is that even possible? lol. He should have WOKEN UP when the dad was doing it, or if he WOKE UP sooner he would have lived. STUPID HUMAN, WAKE UP FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! LOL.

  8. CoffinOfHorrors says

    Haha I thought the son would run into the knife but this twist is SO much better :)

  9. krystenhook11 says

    Whoever watches it will become extremely sad and want to kill him-herself

  10. XILoveHorrorX says

    was actually a bit let down on this story. Oh well, guess the next one will have to be better… ;p

  11. The_Yellow_Dash says

    this is my riddle. its called no responses.
    Everyday i go on my favorite scary website. I love reading the comments a little more than I love reading the stories. There was a new post about three days ago. I didn’t read it three days ago because i was on a trip and i forgot my laptop. It is called suicide video. I’m not a big fan of those. Mainly because i’m scared to watch them or look at the picture. I cicked on the story anyway. It was pretty sad though. There was a little girl about 6 years old. She got hit by her father everyday. Her mom watched and abused her too. The people at her school beat her up every day. She had to pay for lunch but, her parents never gave her any money so she had to eat a sandwich. Then one day, she comitted suicide. Sad right? Anyway, if your wondering did i watch the video, i didn’t. Now the best part of the story came. The comments! When i looked at the comment box, nothing was there. I wonder why. Maybe no one read it yet.
    Why wasn’t there any comments?

  12. The_Yellow_Dash says

    imma post it on TMYS ( Tell Me Your Story ) first then imma put mi riddle on here so yall peeps can read it

  13. EvanescenceRose18 says

    @nightmare_night; It actually does make sense. The boy’s throat was slit from the base of his ear all the way across to the other side. That’s what ‘ear to ear’ meant.
    p.s. It’s ‘sense’ not ‘scene’.

  14. xX-WolfScratch-Xx says

    How did that thing come alive without a curse or something? It doesn’t make much sense..

  15. happenstance says

    @dreymon not really some of the writers on the site do better (greedo i call myself demented ME) and a lot others he like stoped posting user made ones WHAT THE DEALIE

  16. SuperFunGirl says

    Great story!
    I feel the heat
    Make a beat
    Noone hears but i
    I make a sound
    I hear a pound
    Then scream out a bye
    your last words are screaming out
    Then once you see the guy
    Then last you feel a breeze
    You make it out alive
    Make me scream and shout for every second that counts
    I made this poem up SRRY ITS NOT SO GOOD AT ALL!

  17. killerkat101 says

    Yeah I agree I love riddles SFK you should put more riddles. Oh and the story was cool and scary I hate mannequins and dolls except living dead dolls :)

  18. B-Lovely says

    I kind of knew that was gonna happen… meh. ‘Twas okay.
    I agree, could you make or find more riddles or the stories with the hidden meanings?

  19. Last Survivor says

    so dolls, teddy bears, and now mannequins, this world is starting to become like silent hill……sweet pyramid head.

  20. Blood Rose says

    Haahaaaa! me and my sis and my cousin used to be afraid of mannequins… i KNEW there was something with them…

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