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The Manhole is a creepy story from Japan about a girl who sees her classmate acing strangely on her way to school.


One morning, a young Japanese girl named Mai was walking to school. On the way, she happened to see another girl playing at the end of the street. For some strange reason, the girl was jumping up and down. Mai knew that the girl must be attending the same school as her because they were both wearing the same school uniform.

When Mai got closer, she saw that the girl was jumping up and down on a manhole cover. Mai was puzzled. She wondered what the girl was doing. Why was she jumping up and down on the same spot like that? Was she insane? Was it a game?

As she was jumping, Mai heard the girl muttering to herself, “Three, three, three, three, three…”

As Mai passed by, she recognized the girl. It was Haruka, a quiet and strange girl in her class who was often the target of bullying. Sometimes the other girls in the class would just ignore Haruka. At other times, they would play cruel pranks on her. The teachers knew she was being bullied, but they just turned a blind eye and didn’t bother getting involved.

Realizing that school was starting in a few minutes, Mai hurried off, leaving the strange girl to her odd game.

That day, in class, Mai noticed that there was an empty desk. Haruka hadn’t shown up for school. All day, Mai wondered what the girl was up to.

When the school bell rang, all the kids streamed out onto the street. Mai walked home and, on the way, she came across Haruka again. The girl was still in the same spot she had been that morning. She was still jumping up and down.

Mai walked up to the girl and stopped right in front of her. The girl just kept jumping as if Mai wasn’t there.

She had a big smile on her face and was saying, “Nine, nine, nine, nine, nine…”

“What are you doing?” asked Mai.

Haruka didn’t answer and just went on saying, “nine, nine, nine, nine, nine…”

“I asked you what you were doing!” shouted Mai.

The girl just ignored her and kept jumping up and down.

Mai didn’t particularly like or dislike the girl. She remembered calling the girl some cruel names in the past and bullying her along with her other classmates.

“Who do you think you are?” Mai shouted. “Answer me when I talk to you!”

Until that moment, Mai had never hated Haruka like the others did. But the sight of the girl enjoying herself so much and ignoring her so completely, filled Mai with anger.

“You better tell me what you’re doing, or you’ll be sorry,” warned Mai.

The girl just went on jumping happily, as if she hadn’t even heard Mai’s warning.

Suddenly, Mai lost her temper and pushed Haruka to the ground.

“My turn!” said Mai, as she took the girl’s place and stood on the manhole.

Mai jumped up in the air and, at that exact moment, Haruka reached out and removed the manhole cover. Mai fell straight down.

The strange girl got to her feet and replaced the manhole cover. Then, with a big smile of satisfaction on her face, she started jumping up and down again

As she jumped, she said “Ten, ten, ten, ten, ten…”


  • She was counting how many bullies she trapped in the man hole!!! :O :O :O

  • I think that when the girl was saying those numbers over and over again it meant that thats how many people she had already dropped in the manhole

  • Kinda predictable ahaha… and I instantly tought of Kokona Haruka from Yandere Simulator ^_^

  • @dead scary she didnt kill she was counting the bullies that she trapped

  • In Unicorn5’s story Kelly should have been executed. Now remember this: Violence is ALWAYS the answer. (Creepy smile, creepy smile.)

  • What is with all the stories about Asian people!? We don’t make movies off of Chinese people because they are friggin mean :( and Japanese people intimidate us and i, personally, dislike Koreans after one spit in my hair when i was in Korea!

  • it also a scene from an indian movie when a drunken man kept saying 26,26,26,26…..a man walking by asks what is he doing…when he doesn’t get a rply…he peeks into the manhole and the drunken man kicks him in it and keep saying…27,27,27

  • LOL I LOVED THATT!!!!!!!!!!
    i only wish if you would put a picture of the girl smile

  • Reply to retardis: Same here LOL my name is also Mai so I find it sort of upsetting too!!!!!!
    LOL what a coincidence :P

  • hmm sounds like a fun game… i hate bullies i would like to see how many of them i could kill

  • i so got the story when she jumps thats how many people shes thrown down there i wonder if she lets them out

  • cool story the girl wanted REVENGE!!!!!
    so killing/trapping the ones who offended and bullied her made her feel better :b

  • I have a story!!! Hope you like it!

    I’m Not Normal

    Danielle was sat in her bedroom when she went outside and saw a girl sat on the porch of the house round the corner. Danielle went outside to greet her.
    “Hi,” Danielle said. The girl jumped and stood up. “How long have you lived here? My name’s Danielle.”
    “Kelly,” said the girl. “I’ve lived here for a while.”
    “Oh, well I live across the road. I would like to be your friend!” Danielle was a very open girl and liked to be friends with everybody.
    “Danielle, I’m not normal. I don’t think you’d want to be my friend,” said Kelly.
    “Of course I would. See you tomorrow.”
    Danielle saw Kelly sitting outside again and went to greet her.
    “Hi, it’s me from yesterday!” Danielle exclaimed. Kelly looked her up and down.
    “Yes I remember you,” Kelly said quietly.
    “Your house looks cool, can I see it?” Danielle asked.
    Kelly grinned. “Yes, of course.”
    Kelly and Danielle walked into Kelly’s house and sat down on the sofa.
    “One second, stay here,” Kelly said to Danielle and walked upstairs.
    Kelly was up there for a long time, so Danielle decided to go up. She went into the attic and gasped. It was like a surgical room and covered in blood, bits of bodies all over the floor. Kelly walked from around the corner with blood around her mouth and on her clothes.
    “Kelly-” Danielle began.
    “I told you I wasn’t normal,” Kelly said, and, before Danielle could move, Kelly tazed her and dragged her to the corner of the room. “You should have listened.”
    Danielle didn’t come home, so her parents called the police. They asked all the kids on the block if they had seen her and when they got to Kelly’s house, they asked to look round. When they got to the attic all they saw was the remains of Danielle’s body and lots of blood. When they went to arrest Kelly she bit the face off one of the officers and was put into a mental asylum, where she still lives now.


  • This is very creative and funny!
    I know it is cruel to say funny but I am a freak when it comes to scary stories.

  • oh iget it! she kept saying the number of people she killed so far untill they came over and did what she was doing then she killed them!

  • Um… she was counting the number of people she trapped inside the manhole? o.O But anyway, i love it :D

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