Madeline is a spooky story written by a member of this website named black rose. It’s about a bunch of teenagers who bully a girl in their class and end up accidentally killing her.


You have probably heard of me. I’m Tamara Johnson, the most popular girl in our school. Everybody loves me. Well, at least they used to love me. This is my story.

School was almost over, thank God, and I was anxious to get to cheerleading practice. My friends, Maxwell, Tiana, Veronica and Betty were waiting for me on the football field.

As soon as the bell rang, I jumped out of my seat and hurried towards my locker. Just as I was taking out my sports bag, I caught sight of Madeline Wilson running down the hall.

Madeline was a total dork. She wore thick glasses, her face was covered in acne and her personal hygiene left a lot to be desired. Her appearance wasn’t her only problem. Her fashion sense was terrible. She was socially awkward and often talked to herself. Of course, she had no friends.

As she passed me, I noticed she was carrying a tin of red paint in her hand. Suddenly, she slipped and the tin of paint went flying out of her hand. Everything seemed to go in slow motion. I watched in horror as the paint spilled all over me, covering me from head to toe in red. My new pink pastel tube dress was ruined. I screamed and Madeline cowered in fear.

“I’m so sorry,” she said in a whisper.

I couldn’t contain my anger.

“You clumsy little bitch!” I shouted.

I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out to the football field. Then, I called my friends on the cheerleading squad over and they gathered around her, wondering what was wrong.

“Look what this clumsy little bitch did to me!” I yelled. “She needs to be taught a lesson!”

We all crowded around her and began punching and kicking her. Madeline didn’t fight back. She just collapsed in a heap on the ground. When we were finished, she had bruises all over her body. She was curled up into a ball, clutching her knees to her chest and crying helplessly.

As we stared down at her, she started coughing up blood. Then, before we knew what was happening, she opened her mouth wide and threw up all over Veronica’s shoes.

“Eww! Gross!” Veronica screamed.

Furious, she drew back and kicked Madeline in the side of her head as hard as she could. Madeline didn’t move. Her eyes were closed.

Ebony bent down and shook her.

“I think she’s dead,” she said, her voice shaking.

Ebony checked Madeline’s pulse. There was no heartbeat. She wasn’t breathing. I felt like someone had just punched me in the stomach.

“We killed Madeline,” I cried. “OMG! What have we done?”

“Stop freaking out,” said Veronica. “We have to get rid of the body before someone sees her!”

Together, we dragged Madeline off the football field and hid her body in an abandoned farmhouse near the school.

“Don’t tell anyone about this,” I warned. “If anyone asks, we never saw Madeline today.”

The other members of the cheerleading squad agreed and we all joined hands, swearing we would keep our secret.

That evening, Veronica was sitting in front of the mirror in her bedroom,
putting her makeup on. Her boyfriend was taking her out on a date and she wanted to look her best. As she was applying her mascara, she heard footsteps behind her.

Assuming it was her younger brother, she yelled, “Get out of my room Tyler! Mom told you not to bother me!”

The footsteps got closer and when she looked in the mirror, she saw a black figure with red eyes standing behind her. Before she had a chance to react, Veronica felt an axe splitting her head in two and everything went black.

Minutes later, Ebony was in her bathroom, taking a shower. She rubbed strawberry-scented shampoo through her dark brown hair. It felt so good. As she was washing her dark brown hair, she heard someone knocking on the bathroom door.

“Don’t come in!” she yelled. “I’m in the shower!”

She heard the door open and footsteps echoed on the tiled floor. Ebony turned around and saw a black figure with glowing red eyes standing there. She began to scream, but the figure grabbed her throat and squeezed it really tight until she couldn’t breathe. Her lifeless body crumpled to the bottom of the shower.

Not long after that, I was lying in my bathtub, trying to text my friends. I was wondering why they weren’t replying when I heard a loud knock at the door.

“I’m in the tub!” I yelled.

The knocking got louder and more menacing.

“Stop it!” I yelled.

A dark figure broke down the door. It had red glowing eyes. It walked towards me.

“No!” I screamed. “Noooo!!!!”

The figure reached out, grabbed me by the hair and shoved my head underwater. I tried to get its hands off of my face but it was strong for me. I couldn’t hold my breath any longer and the water flooded into my lungs. As I slowly lost consciousness, the last thing I heard was a raspy voice hissing, “Who’s a clumsy little bitch now?”


  1. BatsJerrBinx says

    I heard another story a lot like this one called Revenge is Sweet except its with a boy

  2. ZaldeonTheKing says

    It was good, but it was like a lot of SFK bully and victim stories so maybe try to add a twist. Otherwise, GREAT STORY. Wait.. Someone’s knocking on the door… NO MADELINE. sydtfgyukhiyt6vubgjnk]

    Lol :0

  3. Username_Invalid says

    Betty and Veronica? What was the name of the boyfriend ? Regie? And was one of the cheerleaders Cheryll ? Betty and Veronica remind me of the Archie Comics. Nice story.

  4. Slenderman says

    ._. True that, Wolf. Most kids who are bullied hold in all their anger, and then take it out on the bully. I did that… He broke his nose and his jaw was dislocated. He didn’t know that I knew almost all of the pressure points… Silly little.

  5. Wolf says

    This just shows that nothing good happens to people who bully other people. Bullies should also be careful on who they pick on. They may end up messing with the wrong person.

  6. Omigod_its_ebony says

    . . . My name is Ebony . . . Now I’m scared :O . . Aaaand I have dark brown hair too . . now I’m really scared . O.o

  7. TheDeadlySummer says

    Cool story <3 But i just dont get the ending how was the bully a "Clumsy Little Bitch"

  8. Screaming Girl says

    ”The last thing she ever heard” That means her ghost is writing the story? OMG!

  9. Shadow_of_Darkness says

    Thai is almost EXACTLY like “Revenge is Sweet.” A nerd gets bullied, dies/kills himself, then kills the bullies while they’re bathing. I know my Treehouse story is not very different, but please, SFK, why do you keep posting these? Good story, though.

  10. xx scaryboy xx says

    @happenstance, i rate everystory after reading it. I like it and do it for myself! One can check my cookies to check that whether i liked the story or not!

    L¤vë tø bê h@têð

  11. happenstance says

    @scaryboy is the cookies your thing cuz its kinda funny if not than i give 4 out of 10 like some other stories and kinda predictable

  12. Raafy says

    Nice Story… I’m writing my first story “Badi Edhuru” on this site. I hope that Scary For Kids will like and accept it!
    Cool Story by the way!!

  13. bloodandgore24 says

    hahaha when I saw veronica and betty, I immediately thought of archie comics:))

  14. xx scaryboy xx says

    The story gives us a lesson that we should never mess up with cheerleaders! O_o strange things could happen! :D
    well,….story was good and i will give it 7 out of 10 cookies! I’m still waiting for the best one! ;)

  15. Nikolasse says

    Those girls deserved it. How can Tamara be that mean? Madeline should have been more violent to those girls and let them die a slow, and a VERY VERY painful death. R.I.P Madeline Wilson

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