Luxury Hotel

The Luxury Hotel is a creepy story about a vanishing lady and a daughter who may or may not be insane.

Luxury Hotel

A mother and daughter were travelling together in Europe. When they arrived in Paris, they booked into a luxury hotel. The mother was feeling quite poorly and decided to go to bed early. The daughter was a little worried and sent for the hotel doctor who examined the mother and wrote out a prescription. The daughter then set out into the city to find a pharmacy and buy the medicine for her mother.

What should have been a simple errand ended up taking the daughter almost four hours, mainly because she spoke little or no French. She searched the entire city and eventually managed to find a pharmacy that was still open. Finally, the frustrated daughter arrived back at the hotel with the medicine, only to discover that her mother’s room completely empty. It was as if her mother had just vanished into thin air.

In fact, the hotel room looked completely different. The carpet, the wallpaper and the curtains all had different patterns. The bed was made and looked as if it had never been slept in. All of their luggage was nowhere to be found.

When the confused daughter stopped a cleaning lady in the corridor and asked where her mother was, she was met with a blank stare. In fact, all of the hotel staff denied ever seeing the mother and daughter before. The hotel manager even said he had no record of them ever checking in to the hotel.

At this point, the daughter became frantic and she fled to the embassy, where she was greeted by sympathetic officials who wouldn’t believe her story. Instead, they doubt that her mother ever existed and decide that the daughter must be crazy. Trapped in a nightmare, the young girl ended up being sent to a mental hospital, where she died years later, completely insane.


  1. VampirehunterKD says

    then why the hell they put her in mental hospital .. can’t they just tell the truth
    . atleast a life of a girl wouldn’t waste on mental hospital .. i know she can move on

  2. an0ther1 says

    I’ve read this story it wasn’t the wrong hotel. The doctor checked the mother, and when he saw her he knew she was going to die. He didn’t want the girl to see her mother die, so he sent her to get the “prescription.” While she was gone, the hotel got rid of her luggage and completely changed the room. All of the staff was then told to pretend like they had no idea who she was, what happened, or what she was talking about. The police also didn’t want to let the news out that there was a disease in the city

  3. Darkk Rose says

    Dumb girl.. She went insane after roaming around the city for medicine!! Hahahah! XD

  4. superkid says

    oh………..poor girly!maybe she went into wrong hotel or went somewhere else?..! who knowS!?????!!! lol lol lol haahaha

  5. residentevil5589 says

    i know what happened. her mom had the plauge, so that would stop the business if people found out, so the sent the daughter on a wild goose chase and while she was gone, they changed the furniture, got rid of the dead mom, and made sure that the staff lied about never knowing her mom or her.

  6. pauliej says

    Her mother died of the plague and they changed everything so no one would know about it and the daughter would appear insane.

  7. AcidPink says

    Yea Nighterrors42 is right. I have red this story before and she had some kind of plague and sent the little girl all over the city to find the medicine. They changed the scenery so she wouldnt know and they denied everything. Thats what happened.

  8. pinkKaygana says

    ya. i agree. the host can rly b mean :'(
    who likes chawcawleeet!?! XP :D

  9. chibimaru15000 says

    i read the story what happened was that the mother died of a rare sickness and the people who owned the hotel didnt want the news to spread around otherwise people would stop going to the hotel so the people who owned the hotel got rid of the mother’s body and changed everything and pretended that they didnt know the girl or her mom

  10. TaylorWillNotBeSCARED says

    yes. this story is in a book by alvin schwartz and they switch everything when the daughter is gone. she wasnt crazy.(:

  11. punkprincess says

    so ur saying:the mother got sick because she had a disease and needed to be quarantined,so the staff made the daughter leave on a “wild goose chase” and while the daughter was gone,the staff sent the mother to the goverment and lied to the daughter?

  12. Nightterrors42 says

    They forgot to explain why the mother isn’t there. The mother has some sort of plague which scares the staff, so they send the daughter on a wild goose chase. And while she’s gone they switch the scenery completely and denies the girl about ever seeing the mother or her.

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