Love Potion

Love Potion is a spooky story about a young man who buys a magic potion to cast a spell of love over a woman he desires.

Love Potion

A 21-year old man went on holiday to the Bahamas. When he arrived at his hotel, he found everything to his liking. The weather was perfect, the beach was immaculate, the hotel was high class and the atmosphere was exciting. That night, he put on his most fragrant aftershave, donned an expensive shirt and went down to the hotel bar for a drink.

He spotted a beautiful woman in a revealing, red dress standing at the bar. She was incredibly attractive, with long dark hair, deep brown eyes, tanned skin, full lips, round hips and ample charms. She had it all. The man stared at her and was enchanted by her eyes. So much so, that he instantly fell in love.

Gathering his courage, he sauntered over to the woman and stood next to her at the bar. When the opportunity arose, he leaned in and asked if he could buy her a drink. Imagine his disappointment when she refused and dismissed him with a wave of her hand. It made ​​him crazy! He felt rejected and became very annoyed. It was as if she had stabbed him straight through the heart. He was so disappointed that he returned to his hotel room, hanging his head in shame.

The next night he was back at the bar and he spotted her again. This time, he would give it a second chance.

“Hi, my name’s Josh,” he said, flashing a smile.

“Why would I care what your name is?” she asked.

“I thought maybe we could get to know each other a little better,” he said hopefully.

“I’d rather chew my own leg off,” was her withering reply.

Again, the young man found himself making his way back to his room, feeling humiliated.

The next day, as he was exploring the city, he walked past an old woman who was selling her wares by the side of the street. He saw that she had a sign that read “Spell Casting & Black Magic”. Stopping at her cart, he asked her if she had something that could make a woman fall head over heels in love with a man.

The woman smiled and told him that she had the perfect solution for him. She held up a small bottle with a heart emblazoned on the glass. It contined a red, syrup-like liquid. She told him that it was a love potion. The man eagerly took the bottle and paid her for it. As he was leaving, the old woman warned him to only put a single drop into the drink of the woman he intended to use it on. Otherwise, she said, he might regret it.

That night, the young man strode into the bar and sat down at the young woman. He began to speak with her, gently. She turned her head as if to avoid it. He took the opportunity to pour the love potion into her glass. In case the potion was ineffective, he poured the entire bottle into her drink.

Twenty minutes later, the woman turned to him and smiled. Her eyes glittered and her pupils dilated. Before he could say a word, she threw herself on him and began to kiss him passionately. The man couldn’t believe his luck. The love potion actually worked! They spent the entire night in a romantic embrace, kissing and cuddling like newlyweds.

When morning came, the woman wanted to surprise him. She decided to prepare a lovely breakfast and went looking for cream cheese and croissants. Unfortunately, the minute she set foot outside the hotel, she was run over by a car. The car tires squished her head into a bloody pulp and she died on the spot.

The young man spent the whole day crying. As night fell, he began to get over her, but he found himself unable to sleep. As he lay in bed, tossing and turning, he suddenly sensed a presence in the room. Turning over, he was horrified to see the ghostly figure of the woman in red crouching down by the door. When she raised her head, he realized that the skin on her face had been ripped off, revealing the bone underneath.

Before he had a chance to react, she jumped on him and began kissing him passionately, mashing her bony teeth and mutilated lips against his mouth. He screamed and screamed, but she didn’t let go until morning. Every night she returned, until the end of his life.


  1. ThatsWhatSheSaid says

    Is the old woman selling a money potion too? Where is this exactly again?

    9/10 potions.

  2. Ghostlove63 says

    I love this story, but what a stupid man!!! We said to him to not put more than one drop, but he didn’t listened!!! Stupid… But, i was surprised by the end of the story…

  3. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    Seriously, the idiots never listen, do they? Either they can’t decipher a drop from a full bottle, or they think that they can deal with the consequences…AND THEY NEVER CAN DEAL WITH IT. Have a good time with your beauty from the underworld… LOL. to be honest, i want that potion; not to misuse it or anything…

  4. xXxGrrrrRawrxXx says

    Ha hilarious knew she’d get obssessed. C y u should learn how to take rejection? Haha.

  5. slendy_iz_scary says

    Nice Story! Also, wasn’t it kinda predictable that he would put in the whole bottle? o_O

  6. Miss unknown says

    That’s ÿ M̶̲̥̅̊ƴ mom tells me when °̩ go anywhere °̩ must keep M̶̲̥̅̊ƴ drink with me… must be bad to be kissed by Å skeleton everyday for Ŧђξ rest of ur life …nice picture by Ŧђξ way

  7. Justwondered says

    That’s what he gets! When someone isn’t interested in you, LEAVE THEM ALONE! What he did can be construed as rape. Normally I root for the person against the ghost but he had that coming. Great Story BTW. :)

  8. Nini Noggin Head says

    Well he was told only to put a drop in. He can’t say he wasn’t warned.

  9. xx scarygirl xx says

    wow i love the pic and the story i will want a potion like to bad and i do need it and i want a lot i wish it did happen to me. :)

  10. x pinkblood x says

    wasit that what he wanted in the first place i wish the picture was a picture of him scearm with a ghostly figure eating his face that would be hilarious

  11. XxdeliciosscreamsxX says

    wow dat is 1 freaking RETARD!!!!!!!!! oh and btw i love da pick, it perty

  12. Paranormal Princess says

    HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember kiddies, don’t judge a book by its cover, or else you’ll be kissed by the most hideous person in the universe, no matter how nice they might be. AND they’ll be dead!

  13. griffin88 says

    The girl was one rude person. Also he deserves it for choosing looks over anything else. People like that deserve torment. God I’ve been dark lately. Still, at least I don’t choose who I like by something as trivial as how they look.

  14. Tali Z'orah Kasumi says

    Archangel, of course its going to be tricky. At least i have the gems lol.
    Happy birthday Poisened Love.
    This is the perfect story to define the dangers of black magick. XD

  15. Archangel_the_girl_assassin says

    happy birthday!
    and speaking of spells wish tali and i luck!
    were gonna try to rid our aunt of her two cancers D:
    i have a feeling its gonna be tricky

  16. Dimka says

    Loved it! I didn’t find it spooky, I found it quite funny accually. :3 Happy Birthday @Poisond Love!!! Hope you have a really fun day!

  17. armijniex says

    they never f***ing listen, do they? He was simply told to pour a single drop, but instead, he poured all of the bottle in her drink, what a f***ing retard.

  18. Dead Girl XXx says

    Cute picture :) Disturbing story… but good
    @ Horror Head
    OMG I totally agree haha xD *Wolf Whistles*

  19. Horror Head says

    Hehehe, now he probably has the ugliest partner in all the world…and the underworld, true love I suppose xD *Wolf Wistles*

  20. htfnutty4575 says

    Reminds me of a cartoon I saw. this was pretty predictable on how he was going to use all of it,but the end was a bit shocking ^_^

  21. killerkat101 says

    First of all that is disturbing and second of all eww. BTW I love the picture :D

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