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Little Pig

Little Pig is a scary story written by MegIz.

Little Pig

Jenny was actually a good student. She got good grades, was on the field hockey team and tutored every weekend at the library. She was sixteen.

Her best friends, Molly, Rachel and Rebecca were coming over to her house after school on Friday for a sleepover. They wanted to actually have a good time, so Jenny planned the sleepover on the weekend when her parents were both out.

The school day went by normally. Jenny’s house was a 30 minute walk away from school, so they all decided to meet up in the field and walk together. It was in the country, with long fields, a lake and not too many other farms in the neighborhood. Jenny lived on an old farmhouse, though they didn’t have any pets. The barn was far back in the field, and was sort of breaking down. Jenny still loved swinging on the rope into the hay. So did her friends. It was immature, yeah, but so what?

You should know a bit about her friends. Molly was very beautiful, and she was a cheerleader. She had wavy dark brown hair and sparkling green eyes with thick lashes. She was fun loving and sweet. Rachel was quieter, but super nice. She didn’t have many friends, but those that she had were very close with her. She had straight blond hair and pale blue eyes. She was tall and thin. Rebecca, or Becca, was a very good writer and poet, and very outgoing. She has light brown hair and hazel eyes.

Anyway, so the four were walking home, cutting through fields and bridges. The sky was darkening quickly, and the horizon was hazy with rain in the distance. Luckily, before the rain was really starting to come down, they got inside.

The house was really, really big. It had eight bedrooms, three bathrooms, and four floors, including the basement, which was furnished. It was in the middle of nowhere, the closest neighbor was the school, half an hour away. The friends got snacks, hung out and goofed around. It was awesome and fun.

They were in Jenny’s bedroom, which was in the attic (but was super cool) when the phone rang. Jenny picked it up from her bedside table.

*Heavy Breathing*


Jenny hung up. They didn’t take notice of this call. The phone rang again and Jenny picked up.

*Heavy Breathing*

“Stop calling, you creep.”

She was about to hang up when somebody spoke.
“I’m in the barn.”

“Who is this?”

“I’m in the barn.”

Jenny slammed the phone down. She was creeped out. She told her friends and they giggled nervously. They started to wonder if maybe they should go out, when the phone rang. Out of reflex, Jenny picked up. She realized her mistake and froze, silent. A voice came through.

“One little Piggy in the barn.” Then it hung up. Jenny gulped and slowly put the phone down. “We’re getting out of here,” she said quietly. She was extremely scared, even if Pranksters did this all the time.
“Yeah,” Becca agreed. The others nodded. “And don’t pick up the phone.”

Jenny switched the phone so it would go automatically to message, and she wouldn’t pick up accidentally. They started to go downstairs, but Rachel stopped. “What if he’s…. Down there…” she whispered. They silently climbed back up.

“We’ll get out through the window, get onto the roof, and climb out onto the balcony.”
This seemed smart, since the window and the balcony were on the opposite side of the house, so they couldn’t be seen from the barn. They climbed out. The rain had stopped, but it was dark.

Jenny went first, then Becca, Molly and Rachel. Suddenly, Molly slipped. Nobody had time to grab her, and she fell four floors down, into the hedges.

They all scampered to the side of the barn and saw Molly. She wobbled to her feet, and slumped against the wall. She was breathing, but her face was bloodied. Jenny nodded to the balcony, where they could climb down. They all did it. Jenny raced over to where Molly had fallen, but she wasn’t there. There was blood, but no Molly. Jenny heard the message machine through an opened window.

“One little piggy slipped down the roof. Two little piggies watching you. One is dead.” There was laughter, and it hung up. Jenny and the others automatically started running They cut through a field, sprinting the whole way. Jenny heard a thump but ignored it. She was terrified. She stopped at the end of the field, and looked back. Rachel was there, panting. They couldn’t see Becca. They called, but nobody

“We’re calling the cops,” Jenny said breathlessly. She pulled out her cell and it rang, just as she opened it. A voice said, “One little piggy tripped and fell. Nobody helped her, and so I helped myself. Three little piggies, oink oink oink.”

Jenny gasped and nearly fainted. Rachel caught her and dragged her towards the lake. “We’ll hide,” she whispered. There was nowhere big enough to hide two teens. Rachel climbed into a small carvern between the rocks and Jenny climbed a tree.

A few minutes passed. Jenny’s cellphone buzzed. She didn’t pick up. She felt tears in her eyes, but she didn’t pick up. The buzzing stopped. The message came on. “One little piggy hid in stone. She was waiting all alone. I stopped her loneliness and fear. And you know what? It is you I can hear…” A long silence. “And the last little piggy can’t run all the way home.”

(MegIz says: Here’s another story. Please comment if you like)


  • No offense, but a few years back, I read this on another website… It was called, “One little piggy”, though. And yeah, the whole *time of month* thing sounds true but is just plain…ew…when it’s on a website that’s supposed to be scary, not perverted. O_O

  • and Dead_Ashley, yeah, you put this story in the comments of another story, BUT you even said yourself it was from a different place… at least you didn’t claim itt as your own. :T

    I just realized a girl named Ashley dropped me down a bunch of stairs when I was a baby.
    Not you, I hope X’D

  • Definately everything scary… you shouldn’t copy and it does look more like she has ahem time of the month

  • oh and btw all be every ones friends but fyi i will say mean things if you act stupid “like someone” ooooo sorry

  • lol every ones talking about periods im a guy and happy about it and carcass you made me laugh

  • Okay then… Just try to use words more carefully xD because to protest means boycott. So like …. Choose more words carefully xDDD

  • Carcass. No.. I didnt mean that. I just meant that we could people to comment saying they would like a chatroom

  • Oh yeah call me Katrin :D or carcass it’s k whatever you call me :) I’d love to be friends ! I’m always in need of more darlings <3

  • Protest against SFK….? Uh are you craaazzzayyyy? XD she might suspend our accounts. Just wait until the future <3 GLOBTASTIC

  • Sure. I probably shouldn’t have taken the period joke seriously… >.< Sorry about that….

  • Peanut brittle
    Hi am sorry I was weird
    I have been having a lot of mood swings
    Can you forgive me

  • I think in japanese kanon is “flower” + “sound”. So like, erm, flower sound? Or flounder, if you combine the two words

  • Sorry if you thought I was perverted xD I’m Katrin owo I agree japanes names are pretty owo

  • ah but it’s just my first name, so I’ll tell yah.
    It’s kanon. Lol I know that’s a japanese name and my parents are American too, they just think japanese names are pretty xD

  • Kagamine Rin and Len are my favorites, but I like Miku too. I hear that she’s performing at the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony. :DD
    A circle of salt, eh? XD I was with my friend so we had the right amount of people, just not the bible or circle of salt. That’s pretty neat though, I’ll do that in the future. (if I ever use it again!)

  • XD Yeah I mostly like Hatsune Miku I have a few posters,and her cd xD in order to use the ouija board properly you need to make a circle of salt. You need more than one person xD and make sure you have a bible or something any religious book xDD

  • Omg you lucky duck!
    This is totally out of the scary game topic but did you happen to go to a vocaloid concert? XD lol sorry I just love vocaloid music :3:
    Did any of the games work? Once I tried an Ouija board but I got nothing

  • I’ve been to Japan and tried every japanese related game on here xD except for the thumb game.. It’s really scary sleeping in a hotel there . I tried not to go to the bathroom alone xD and not be outside at 6:00 and I didn’t go to any parks or trains (Don’t wanna run into kuchisake in a or kashima reiko xD)

  • I’m half german. But sadly I dont know the language and I wasn’t born there. :(
    I really want to learn how to speak German, as well as Japanese, since I’ve always been interested in both of their cultures. ;3;

  • @PeanutBrittle xD its k I’m never descriptive in anything e.e Your 14? Me too. OwO are you German ? ;o

  • And I mean people shouldn’t be so rude to Meg just because she copied one time. All of her other stories are made up from her mind.

  • Sorry shadow huntress I didn’t know
    That is kind of bad because I wrote a story and when she commented on it she was like’you copied a bit of that’

  • Oh wow. You all said she copied it. Give me a minute let me go get you some stickers. She gets she copied it -.- no need to traumatize the got

  • Every one seems to have their own arguement going on.. XD @Essense I suggest you stop poking around everywhere, not trying to be mean c; . @Everyone who’s critiquing and blaming MegIz, oh wow you claimed she copied it. Let me go get you some stickers. We get it . She copied it. Theres no need to traumatize the girl. Some people have the heart to do that….>.>

  • I know I’m not that much older but at least I am more mature for my age. I do have the right to tell you that, since technically you are. You act like it too.
    *like someone….*?
    Nice way of trying to insult me, not.

  • You re not that much older than me

    I am not being childish I am just saying you don’t have the right to call me a little kid
    I think I would know if I have had my period
    I am not dumb *like someone…*

  • Essense I believe she could tell you were a little kid because:
    a) You said you were 12
    b) You act like one

  • And I never even asked you if you had your period, you probably don’t anyway, so shutup

  • I’m older than you. Don’t try that stuff with me.
    I’m 14. Yeah, old lady much? No, but still older than you.

  • Peanut brittle
    EXCUSE ME!!!!!
    I am 12
    It is none of your friggin bussiness if I have had my period

  • @essense
    if you’re talking about the period thing, I actually know because I’ve gotten mine. But you wouldn’t know, would you? You’re a little kid anyway.

  • GUYS!!’

  • @Ristaccia
    I have to agree with you on that. I read the original version first and when I saw her version, I felt like I had read it before. So I did a keyword search and bingo, it was copied and changed.

  • Why is everybody just copying stories from everything scary? Dead Ashley copied the story that she wrote on amnesia from there and Megiz copied this story from there.

  • Every story had an argument (i maybe exgerrating.). The color of blood the blue viens have. The eating dogs story had a bunch of people b******* other people about why are so devinse about dogs getting eaten and people say cows,pigs,fish get eaten.Maybe dogs are their favorite animals. Scary for kids is getting more popular and thus the arguments grow…sorry about my ranting. I’m gonna go see

  • no offence but usually those stories submitted by users sux but this one is the only one i like!!! so far~xD

  • Why are their a bunch of arguments all of sudden. (i know what the argument’s about…)

  • @julissa
    guessing you didn’t read all of the comments? that’s where you’ll find it :/

  • sorryyyy guys curiosity got the best of me…..i wanted a taco….BTW it doesnt work D:<

  • meg we were nothing close to being mean. U need to realize that just because someone catches u with ur pants down (not literally) doesn’t mean that they r being mean. Age is never an excuse when u know better either.

  • Meg, I don’t really think everyone is being mean, they were just pointing out the obvious. And if you know that copying was wrong, why did you post the copies story in the first place. It annoys me because someone probably spent a long time on that story and I dont think they wrote it for someone to take it as their own. I’m just saying xo

  • And u guys dont have to be so mean. You really are being mean. Abd i know what i did, i dont need to be reminded .

  • @Dead_ashley she didn’t change it at all so I don’t know what your talking about

  • 10 year olds are old enough to know what plagiarism is. You learn this stuff in 3rd grade and even if you didn’t know what plagarism is you still would know that it’s wrong to copy and then claim it as your own.

  • ^ and dead_ashley too. sfk was nice enough to say tht she improved the hunger pains story but she just copied it nd changd the names.

  • I too read that story somewhere exactly that, anyways I like this story very creepy O_O

  • Some of you aren’t very bright if you think she’s on her period. Periods don’t even drip like that, and the droplets of blood aren’t directly under her either.

  • Awesome story. Anyone look at the pic carefully. Looks like that time of the month again! Lolz EMBARRASSING MUCH!

  • This story is on the everything scary website. Like exactly this story. I pulled them both up and word for word they were the same.

  • cool story! creepy.. @icyblu4211, yeah, it seems like she’s on her.. lol i dont wanna talk about it..

  • i too read something similar to this in the story section, but I prefer this version since it was easier to read and more appealing

  • this was really creepy, the killer must’ve been a major stalker! XD nah, I don’t think you were getting annoying, you’re just a persistent writer. Good quality to have! ;)

  • O.0 thanks for posting :) I did get a little bit annoying huh SFK? Lol .
    @scary lady. Sorry if it was like that one. What is it called?

  • 0_0 um…that picture…doesn’t look so much scary as it does “ahem” like a time of the month.

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