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Light as a Feather

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board is a fun scary party game to play at sleepovers or slumber parties. This ritual makes a person’s body light enough to lift easily.

Light as a Feather

To play Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board, you need at least five people.

Step 1: Dim the lights and place a chair in the middle of the room.

Step 2: One person sits on the chair and the others stand around the person. Two at the person’s arms and two at their legs.

Alternate version: Have one person lie on the floor while everyone else kneels around them with both hands slightly under the person. The “Storyteller” who by the person’s head and tells a made up story about the person and how they died horribly. At the end of the story, everyone chants “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” repeatedly as they lift the person off of the ground. The idea is to have the person believing that “ghosts” are helping to lift them.


  • I did this at my friend’s house they got so scared I was calm which was weird I’m never calm

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  • I would like to try this….but the same thing can be done through black magic…😐😐

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  • me and my friends played this. the version we played was with someone laying down. it didn`t work so we checked the instructions and, sense I was at the head, forgot to tell the story. but right as we were gonna try it again my mom told us to go to bed, because it was two a.m.

  • My friends need to try this with me cuz I’m NEVER light enough to pick up

  • Ugh! I tried to log in at least 7 times!!!!!! It’s so difficult to log in even though i am using the right passwort an username!!!
    BTW I am gonna try this tomorrow!
    Since I am going to my fathers house and he has a new wife and she has a child and I have a twin sis, so that means we are exactly 5

    Can’t wait until tomorrow!!! XP

  • Some girls I know tried something like this. They did it on one of the older girls little sisters. Which wasn’t too impresive seeing she’s tiny. They then did it to one of the older girls. They claim you can lift small cars with a group by doing this but I’m not too sure.

  • Actually its stiff as a board, lights as a feather and i tried yhis, it makes you play with the deviľ ¿? :);):(:'(:o:P:$:S

  • i gt it all u hve to do is gt the “dead” person to believe ghosts are raising them up to wherevr while they r a ghost too

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