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Liar Liar

Liar Liar is a scary story submitted by a user named xXPhantomFangWolfXx. It’s about a guy who falls in love with a girl, until he learns her secret.

Liar Liar

Liar Liar

If anything about Damien was certain, it was that you couldn’t trust him with anything. His lies, his big mouth, and his all-around shady character drove everyone away.

His parents never really cared about him. They had always wanted a girl and as soon as he was old enough, he got kicked out of the house. They had been anything but a good example for him, but even so, he somehow only got worse from there.

He was twenty-nine, going on thirty in a month, and his whole life he had never had a real friend. Anyone who had tried to reach out to him, thinking maybe he was just misunderstood was quickly and efficiently proven wrong.

He never had a friend. Until that day.

Everyone in town knows this story. We’ve all found out somehow. They met in the strangest of places. An old cemetary, in the rain, if you can believe something like that. He had been going there to smoke, having just been fired from yet another job. She was going there to visit a grave, unmarked, to lay a single, stunningly black rose in front of it.

It happened to be just the grave he was sitting on, cursing and trying to light his hopelessly damp cigarette. She liked him immediately, the story goes, if that is even possible, liking so uncomfortable a person, but they quickly took to dating. Luna, her name was.

Luna, as it turned out, lived in a small house near the edge of town. Damien always wanted to see her house, but she was so strange, she always avoided the question.

One day he brought her a gift. A necklace. No one knows how he ever got the money for it, probably robbed some rich old lady in an alley, but the necklace was really something special. A silver chain, with a pendant of a little silver snake wrapped around an emerald that seemed almost alive. She loved that necklace. Never took it off.

One day, they were going to visit the place where they met. I found out this bit straight from the source, my brother saw what happened. They walked together, right up to the gravestone where it all started, and they were just holding each other, looking at the moon, when all of a sudden, she says to him, “Do you want to know my secret?”

And that rat Damien, he loves nothing more than a secret. A secret he can tell. So, of course, he says, “Yes.”

And she leaned right in, and whispered something in his ear. She was whispering a long time. And when she finally leaned away, my brother says that he will never forget the look on Damien’s face. He was so horrified, my brother told me, would give you goosebumps just to look at him. But then it passed, and after a while she looked at him and said, “Promise me, you can never tell a soul.”

“I promise,” he said.

What a liar. Because two days later, there was a call to the police station. It was Damien. And he was scared. I know because I work at the police station and I picked up the phone that night.

“You have to help me,” he whispered into the phone, terrified. He sounded like he was going insane. “You just have to help me! Please!”

“Calm down, calm down,” I replied.

“I can’t calm down!” he screamed. “She’s going to kill me! I know her secret!”

“Okay, fine, what is this big secret?” I asked, deciding to humour what I was sure what either Damien overreacting, or Damien just plain old acting.

On the other end of the phone, I heard the sound of a door opening in the backround.

“She found me. Oh god, she found me! Oh god-” and then he screamed.

“You promised…” whispered a feminine voice on the phone, and the line went dead.

I didn’t find out what had happened for a while, but I got help right away, and the folks I work with eventually got what we knew of the story to me. No one ever saw Luna again. All we ever found of her was that necklace Damien got her, covered in blood, on top of the gravestone she liked to visit. The dirt under the gave looked freshly disturbed.

As for Damien, by the time the police got to his ugly little apartment, he was dead. His body was completely mutilated, and there was blood everywhere. Some sicko had written on the walls with it, too. All the walls. Just the same word, over and over.


(So, what do you think? Kind of long, yeah, but it was my first horror story. XP Hope you like.)


  • That was great! I loved that! :) Best story I’ve read on this page so far! One thing bothers me though, what was her secret? Was it that she was going to kill him? Anyway, it was an excellent story. Great job. 10/10 Liars

  • Oh no. I looked at the pic. I looked. How stupid. I looked! I am traumatized. I am sickened. I am – disgusted. It’s – It’s – It’s – IT’S MY BROTHER!!!!!!! xD But hey, I did look. MAN THAT PIC WAS CREEPY!!!!!!

  • I’m too freaked out too look at the pic. Everyone says it’s so scary!…Good story bro…btw xXPhantomFangWolfXx you said something about making your insides smile…Can I use that quote for a scary story?

  • For those of you who asked the secret, I won’t reveal but I will give hints.
    Luna visited the one grave all the time, and left flowers.
    The dirt under the grave was freshly disturbed when she disappeared.
    Look at the picture.

  • I have a story of my own. Please take it under consideration. Thanks! :)
    There was once a beautiful girl named Sophie. She had long and wavy brown hair and bright green eyes. She was a dedicated member of her high school’s cheerleading squad, a proud honor student and a girl loyal to her friends. However, she also thought it was perfectly fine to have a boyfriend on the side. Because of this, she often had a different boy clinging to her waist every week.
    Many unpopular girls who were secretly jealous spread rumors about Sophie. They insulted her, and gave her an all-around bad reputation. This was why she always had a different boy. They either believed the absurd accusations or grew tired of her always mysteriously disappearing on dates. As soon as a conversation got going, she always sprang up from her seat around 10:00 and demanded to go home. The odd thing was her boyfriends always mysteriously disappeared after they broke up.
    Sophie walked through the school’s heavy doors one Monday with a fake smile on her face, hiding her disappointment. She had once again left during the date with Victor and she worried he would be mad. Sure enough, another girl was hanging around his locker. She approached nervously, prepared for another dramatic break-up. The third time that month. “Hey” She quicky muttered to Victor. “About last night-” She started. “No, no it’s okay.We’re through.” he interuppted. Sophie immediately ran off into the bathroom. Steven, a member of the basketball team watched her run off. In the bathroom, Sophie pulled out a strange looking calendar. She marked an “X” in red marker over the days and circling days with drastic moon changes. She sighed and wiped away her tears and erased all evidence of ever crying and returned to classes normally.
    * * *
    Steven who watched her run off after Victor and her broke up slowly made his way towards Sophie. “Hi Sophie” he said softly. Sophie quickly turned around, suprised by the voice. “Oh, hi.” she replied. “You’re Steven right?” He nodded. “I saw how Victor treated you, and I’m sorry, I was hoping we could go out for a night?” He said nervously. Sophie gladly accepted and the rest of their day went smoothly. The date later on went great, and as soon as 10:00 rolled around, she stood up and asked to be taken home. To her suprise, Steven had no problem with it. She was happy and for one night felt relieved.
    Several weeks passed by and the two became close. Sophie felt wonderful around him and was sure he felt the same. But something was nagging in the back of Steven’s mind. Why did Sophie constantly leave in the middle of their date? He also noticed deep scratches on her arm. He tried to persuade her to see a doctor, but she always refused. And the cuts never went away like normal. Soon this bothered Steven so much, he felt oblidged to end the relationship. One stormy night, as black clouds rolled by,and the wind blew furiously, he insisted that she joined him late at night in the park. He purposely sat on a bench far away from the edge of the park so when she tried to leave it would take too long and he would finally understand why. As he explained what he felt, Sophies mood changed. At first she was upset like he expected, but then was outraged. She screamed at him, and he watched in horror as the full moon became visible and Sophie transformed into a giant black wolf with fierce red eyes. The small calendar tumbled out from her purse and he saw the “x”s and circles and finally understood. In a deep menacing voice she growled: “I loved you but you didn’t.” Her snarling lips pulled back into a grin exposing a row of sharp, pointed fangs. Steven begged and begged, but she swiftly slit his throat with her giant claw, and dug out his heart. She pinned a note written in blood to his chest reading: “Your heart will be forever mine”. She gobbled up his heart, her deep fangs seeping into the warm blood. She finished off his body and only a few ragged pieces of skin clung to broken and rotting bones. She laughed crazily and howled at the moon before placing his body with 17 other boys with giant holes through their chests and no hearts.
    THE END.
    {Sorry if it’s very long, and messy. I made it up as I went along and the spelling isn’t the best either. I will probably add a few things, take a few things away, just change it arund a bit, but reading over it I like it and I hope you will too. Please tell me in comments what you think. Thank you! :D }

    The story goes like this. Mr. and mrs. Wagner live in my home town there’s a long gravil road there drive way is about 1 mile and only came into town about once a week the start of her drive way on the gravel road is 3 miles away from any houses ok one day mrs. Wagner was going to the well to get some water and mrs. and mr. Wagner where fighting all day while mrs. Wagner was geting water she fell or egleast that’s what mr. Wagner told the police a year past than the police were called out to there house because no one has heard or seen mr. Wagner sence mrs. Wanger’s funeral when they got there all that was there was mr. wagner’s skelaton but no head they checked there house and found a hatchet and with dried up blood was written I was pushed and sence that day people started to go to there house 5 kids were found dead at the boddem of the well than they closed it up and bull dosed the house but u can still see the house foundation when The pond dryed up 5 years ago they found the skull of mr. Wagner THE END

  • Thanks again for everyone who left a nice comment on this story. You make my insides smile! X)

  • Hey .. there is also a movie called “lair lair” … its protagonist is Jim Carrey . THE STORY IS AWESOME xXpPhantomFangWolfXx … :D

  • Hey, I have posted another story, in the comments of “Please Come” if anyone if interested. :)

  • Thanks so much for the compliments everyone! I can’t believe both of my stories got posted, this is so awesome! And, @prettydeadgirl5, her secret was that she had already died. The grave she kept visiting was hers.

  • I love stories where you never learn the form of the beast ^__^. Good horror stories always leave you wanting to read more

  • oh u just post it somewhere nd if sfk likes it theyll put it on here XD i got mine on here (btw no matter wat KEEP THE LIGHTS ON!!!!! hahaha i made a funny XD)

  • Awesome stories guys!!
    @xXPhantomFangWolfXx Holy burrito you have two stories on here!!!! Great job!

  • Oops, you can’t read the principal’s thoughts. She thought: ” I told them not to build this school on a graveyard. Especially, not on a graveyard were all sorts of murderers lie. Too bad the girl had a disability. Unlike us, she surely couldn’t see ghosts. There are just a few people born with this and usually they are the victims of their own disability.”

  • Well, I also have a story. I think it may be stupid, but at least I hope it has some originality in it.
    “The Disability”

    Jen was just another seventh grader. She had nothing extremely special, and she would always get lost in the crowd. That day was yet an exception. Too bad she didn’t get the spotlight in a good way.
    It happened during a break. Many children would gather around and spend their break in a quite pleasant way, talking about every single thing they had in their minds.
    Jen was one of the few, or possibly the only one walking on the corridors all alone. She liked looking at happy people, and her classroom has always given her goosebumps. No reason for that, tough.
    Suddenly, she looked at a group of eighth graders. For the very first time, they weren’t ignoring her. But something was wrong. The looks on their faces were terrified.
    ” Hey, what’s so wrong? Is there something on my forehead? Speak, morons!”
    The girl was surprised by her own outbreak of courage.
    All of a sudden, she heard a voice from behind her:
    ” Jen! Bend over!”
    It was a classmate of hers, known for being a pervert. He would often tell that to any girl he saw.
    She turned around and said to him:
    ” How dare you, you little…”
    The last thing she saw was the boy’s look of horror. She fell on the floor, with her throat cut open. Crimson blood was flowing.

    The principal was in her office, thinking about the violence in her school. She had to do something about it, and fast.
    The woman turned her head and looked at what the cameras had recorded. A girl was walking, oblivious about the danger. A ghostly old man, holding a Bowie knife, was following her. Then, another student told her:
    ” Jen, bend over!”
    ” How dare you, you little…”
    The old man slit her throat open, and the girl, killed instantly, fell on the cold floor.
    Then, she took another look at the recording. The criminal was staring right and the camera and hissed:
    ” Whoever you are, I will also come for you!”
    Then, he vanished into thin air.

  • The secret was that Luna was a zombie because she always likes to visit a grave which is probably hers and the obvious pictures shows her as a zombie


    My friend went home late after finishing their school project, now since she lives within a vicinity in their campus and it was perfectly safe for her to take the public transportation instead of taking a taxi in going home during late hours. It was about midnight when she took the ride home, and she could not help but notice the driver kept glancing at her through his rear view mirror and then he would turn to her. The public car have their own route and do not take any turns and they have to stick to their route or else there is a big chance that they would run into some cop trouble. What’s odd about this ride besides the eerie glances that the driver gave from time to time, he was also taking turns in corners that he was not suppose to. Afraid of what the drivers plans are, she was even more afraid of her surroundings because it seemed as if she was in the middle of nowhere already. So instead of going down, she just stayed on the car. On the last turn that the driver made, she noticed that they were back on the route that they were suppose to be in the first place.

    Before reaching the end of the terminal, the driver turned to my friend and said, “Im sorry if I scared you or startled you! It was not my intention”.. “Could you do me a favor and BURN all your clothes when you get home”.. Wondering why, my friend asked why he was acting very strange. The driver explained, “The reason why I kept glancing was because your head was not attached to your body when I looked through my rear view mirror.” “That is why I changed my route awhile ago, hoping we could get away from the bad energy present in that area, and that’s why I want you to BURN your clothes when you get home because I think its still with you.”

    Upon arriving home, still shaking from fear, my friend took all her clothes off and burned them as quickly as she could. A few days later she found out on the news that the driver died a day after the incident. It turned out the warning was not for her but for the driver.

    (Sorry guys, English is not my birth language)

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