Lethal Lady

The Lethal Lady is a horror comic about a widow who is looking for a new husband. The story appeared in The Unexpected #190.

Lethal Lady

Lola Griswold had never really gotten over the death of her husband, Geoffrey. She had a framed picture of him on her wall and she spoke to him every day. Although she was looking for a new husband, she knew nobody could ever replace him.

One morning, Lola called the local newspaper and placed an ad:

“I am a wealthy widow and I am looking for love. If you think we would be a match, please contact me.”

The next day, she started receiving phonecalls from a variety of men. The first one to contact her was a handsome young man named Albert Draper. When he called, Lola invited him over to her house.

“And could you wear your swimming trunks?” she asked. “I’ll explain when you get here.”

When Albert arrived, Lola fixed him a drink, but when he wasn’t looking, she put something in it.

Lethal Lady

Not long after he finished his glass, Albert collapsed. He was still conscious, but he couldnt move a muscle. Lola picked him up by the shoulders and dragged him into her kitchen.

Lethal Lady

The next day, Lola invited a young man named Judd Crowe over to her house.

Lethal Lady

Moments after he finished his glass, Judd was being dragged into the kitchen as well.

Lethal Lady

Lola’s next guest was a young man named Danny Cavanaugh.

Lethal Lady

Moments later, he was unable to move a muscle and Lola was dragging him into her kitchen.

Lethal Lady

The next day, when Danny still hadn’t returned home, his sister became worried. She went down to the local police station and reported him missing. She told the detective all about the ad Danny had answered in the newspaper.

Lethal Lady

Detective Colbert called the number in the ad and spoke to Lola. She invited him over to her house.

Lethal Lady

When the detective wasn’t looking, Lola put something in his beer. A few moments later, he collapsed. She dragged him into the kitchen and opened the door to her freezer.

Lethal Lady

Unable to move a muscle, the detective stared in horror at what was inside.

Lethal Lady


  1. xXxGrrrrRawrxXx says

    Saw that coming…should’ve just dug up her husband’s body or should’ve kept it when he died…she still doesn’t have her husband back.. The dudes even as one are dead.

  2. TheStoryTeller says

    She sounds awesome… Aside from the psycho killer part… The only problem was, why did she keep them conscious? That’s not a very good hostess, if you ask me.


    This is what is called true love! Although she is insane but I would like to respect her attitude. But coincidentally all the young men’s body parts matched her husband’s as well.

  4. mmmchocolate says

    tbh I thought the detective would realize what was going on :o oh well
    pshhh crazy lady

  5. Saliq says

    Crazy bi##h. Anyways nice story. I thought it would involve some satanic ritual and the 4 people were human sacrifice.

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