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Lemon Jelly

Lemon Jelly is a stupid story about a group of girls who have a terrifying experience at their sleepover.

Lemon Jelly

The Lemon Jelly Of Doom

These four girls were having a sleepover and two of them went to the bathroom together because they were scared and while they were in there they heard a scream coming from the bedroom and they were really scared but they went to check it out anyway and when they got to the bedroom they found it empty and the other two girls were missing so they started searching for the missing girls and they looked under the bed and found one of the missing girls strangled to death and one of the girls started to scream and she screamed so loud her lungs fell out and when the other girl saw this she started to flee but when she got to the stairs she found the other missing girl lying there on the bottom step and her face was being eaten by cats so the girl ran into the kitchen and climbed into a cupboard because she didn’t want to get eaten by cats and while she was hiding there she found a packet of lemon flavor jelly and she was really hungry so she began eating it but after she was done eating it she began to feel really sick and then she puked all over the cupboard but when she looked down she saw that instead of jelly she had puked up a big pile of poo and suddenly the poo started growing arms and a head and the poo turned around and looked at her with big staring eyes and it said “I am the jelly which was eaten” and the girl screamed and ran out to the car but it was locked so she had to break a window to get in and then when she shut the door and looked in the rear view mirror there was an old woman sitting in the back seat and the woman said “I am the woman who killed her children” and the woman had hooves instead of feet and a tail instead of a head and a hand instead of a hook and a head instead of an ass. (This story is true.)


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