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Knock Knock

Knock Knock is a scary story about a young boy and his sister who are left home alone when their parents go out for the night. It is based on an urban legend.

Knock Knock

As their mother was leaving, she they told her children not to open the door under any circumstances.

“If anyone knocks, don’t answer it,” she told them.

But the boy and his sister didn’t pay attention to their mother’s warning. They thought she was being too careful. They figured they could take care of themselves in any situation.

About an hour after the parents left, the kids heard a “knock, knock, knock” on the front door. They decided to ignore it, but again, they heard “knock, knock, knock”. It happened again and again and it grew louder each time.

Eventually, the girl couldn’t stand it anymore and she told her brother she was going to answer the door. When the boy reminded her of their mother’s warning, the girl just wouldn’t listen.

Again, they heard the “knock, knock, knock” on the door. Finally the sister went downstairs. Her brother lay on the sofa watcing TV. He heard his sister’s footsteps walking down the stairs. He heard her asking loudly “Who is it?”. He heard her open the lock on the front door.

Then he heard only silence. He lay there for a while, listening for any noise, but heard nothing. Eventually, he started getting scared. His sister still hadn’t returned. He was afraid to call out to his sister, so he sneaked out the back door and made his way to their neighbor’s house.

When he went into their house, his neighbor was watching the local news channel on TV. The news anchor on TV was talking about a murder. Then they showed a reporter live at the scene of the murder.

The neighbor said to the boy, “Hey that looks like your house”.

The boy was shaking with fear. “That is my house”, he said. “And that’s my front door”.


  • After reading this I heard knocking on the front door. DX I got scared and looked out the window and saw a black jacket but it was my bro, Nathan. Ha, a plus was I was home alone…. DX!!

  • Second part of I KNOW YOUR LOOKING!
    when her parents got home the mum needed to go to the bathroom so she got to the door opened it and she fainted at the site, there her only daughter was hanging from a peice of rope when the dad went up saw their daughter and his wife he went crazy and was put in a mental hospital. Eventually the killer was found and he turned out to be a murderer that had escaped from prison

  • ive got 1


    Once a girl called Charlotte was at home in her apartment watching tv it was 8’oclock and her mum said to her “darling, im going out to the pub with your dad we wont be back untill late so make sure you dont anwser the door to anyone” we have our own key so you’ll no when it’s us” YES mum she said so Chalottes mum and dad went out 3 hours later she heard screaming from the house below like someone was being murdered she tried to forget about it and carry on watching her program but she couldn’t stop thinking about it about 1 and a half hours later she heard a knock on the door she got up and went to looke through the peephole when she looked through it there was blood all over the wall in front of her saying “I KNOW YOUR LOOKING” then she saw a man round the corner laughing to himself she was so scarded that she dialled 911 into the phone “911 WHATS YOUR EMERGANCY?” “please get a poilce officer to my appartment NOW its at prade apartment i live in number” then she could see a dark figure on her balcony sudonnley she saw saw the window smash and she ran and hid in the cuboard she could hear the heavey footsteps coming her way she took a look through a little hole and the figure said “I told you i know your looking!”……………..
    hope you like it
    I hope you can put this on your website scaryforkids

  • Knock knock knock! I slowly open the door. I coulden’t see who it was. When the door is wide open, I peer at my visiter.One of the two tatooed men speak. “Delivery for Henry!.” “That’s my dad.”

  • Crazy murders are not scary if my brother can exercise demons and the supernatural then why would I be scared of a murdere it is called a knife I mean you can stab a murderer and oh hes dead but the supernatural you need the exersisim which my brother can do and he is exteremly strong NOT SCARY AT ALL

  • Dang if that was me and i disobeyed my mom then she would dig me up out of my grave, and KILL ME AGAIN

  • not THAT scary, but still good. i mean, there r always rules u must never break in a horror sotry: u must never disobey the warning. dont open the door when ur alone. dont talk to strange people, and if they r stalking u, get out of the way. it was obvious that when the girl answered the door something would happen, and the silence confirmed it.oh and another rule: did u read Blue Door? its a story on this site, under the category: Creepy Stories. the boy keeps opening the door even though the father tells him not to. the father warned him, and even though the boy survived the punishment of opening the door the first 2 times, he should have known that his luck wont last forever. hes stupid. i wouldnt have opened the blue door in the first place. NEVER DISOBEY THE WARNING is the most important rule in scary movies and stories. if u break it, u only got urself to blame. anyway, there r some really cool collections of short stories by Anthony Horowitz ( author of the Alex Rider series ) and they r REALLY scary. u should read them. my personal favourite is: THE PHONE GOES DEAD .

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