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Kittens is a creepy story about a little girl who wondered what happened to all her pet cat’s babies.


When a little girl’s cat had kittens they disappeared, after a couple of days, she asked her mother what happened to them and her mother said “God took them.”

Months later the cat again had a litter of kittens. Her mother sent her out to run some errands, but, before she left, she wanted to play with the kittens again. She heard her father coming carrying a bucket and hid from him. She watched while her father put the kittens in a sack and drowned them in the bucket. Later the girl again asked her mother what happened to the kittens. Her mother said “God took them.”

Several days later the mother asked the girl to watch her brother in the bath tub while she answered the phone. When the mother returned, she started screaming “What happened to him? What happened to him?”

The little girl told her “God took him.”


  • The brother didn’t have to die…
    The kittens didn’t need to die…
    Why would you drown kittens when you can sell them for money -_-“


  • Oh wow…good one. She definitely got her revenge didn’t she?….they didn’t need to drown the kittens ayways.

  • wtf would the bloody girl kill her own bro?! I mean that’s just a bunch of crap. Stupid thinking, i shall say

  • I agree with you
    But that poor brother had to die with no fault of his own. I feel bad for the brother though. 😔

  • It’s actually the parents’ fault…when they drowned the kittens, they lied and said that god took ’em. Well, now after the parents have set a bad example, the daughter did the same thing, only to her brother. This is just what i think, but anyone else agree?

  • I love animals they deserved that for killing kittens I feel bad for the brother though

  • how dare the parents tell lies to her and kill her kittens? i love animals!i feel like killing the parents. because i know how hard it is to loose a pet. i had a hamster and it died. i feel sorry for the kittens!

  • The drowned her brother!!!!!!!!! I hate my brothers but not that much but still. -Well done-

  • okay i understand she is upset that her kittens got killed! but still that dont mean she had to kill her brother! good story though didnt see that coming! XD

  • lol If this was a real story I would feel so bad for everyone here, even the parents.
    But it’s kidda funny sense it’s not, thought think you guys give the girl a little to much credit.
    I don’t think it was a revenge thing;I mean she didn’t know what death was right? If she did, I’m sure she wouldn’t kill her brother. She may have drowned him, but it was to send him to god not to get back at the parents… Could be wrong here but my thoughts. XD

  • Tragic Abt The Kitty Cats, But Revenge Is Sweet. She Shld Have Ended It With Touche’ Mommy!! Touche’

  • My grandmother drowns her cats kittens i can’t stop her Q_Q because I don’t live with her and she lives very far away every time I talk to her try to tell her that what she’s doing is wrong she says “I don’t have the money to keep them so I have no choice” I still try to purswade her to try giving them away on the street or something but what really pisses me off is that she gets angry and defensive when I try to tell her that -_-

  • My mom: Where the heck are the yummy chicken dishes i prepared for the potluck?
    Me: God took them…

  • if they wanted to get rid of the kittens why didn’t they just give them to other little kids and tell their daughter the truth.

  • We dont know if she killed her brother. One possibility is that the brother drowned accidentally and she mistook that as “God taking him”. But one lesson to parents dont f*ck with an innocent little girl.

  • Also. This reminds me of a story involving an old woman picking up a kitty and throwing it in the dumpster. The whole incident was even on tape.

  • No matter what happened to the kittens, the boy was human. She shouldve confronted her mum&DAD that she saw them, she killed her little brother. they are both cruel but in the end her brother wouldve been there forever and there was only one of him, eventually they wouldve had more and more and she couldve sai ‘dad i seen you, i think its bad bla bl bla’ so…. I love kittens ._.

  • Even if the father drowned the kittens, that doesn’t mean the girl should kill a baby human being!

  • I think she basically killed her brother because her dad killed the kittens and used the same exuse that the mom did when she asked ” god took them “

  • HAHAHA I always love this story. It backs up the saying, ” What goes around comes around”

  • lol damnnnn i did not see that comeing. i would have said that 2 like mess with me, i mess with yo ass, dont tuch ma babay

  • blame the parents, the little girl was just getting revenge YOU took HER babies away she takes YOUR baby away!
    her parents must be people who praise the devil >=(

  • @horrorfan900 How can u feel bad for the kittens?!?wat bout the lil boy?! Guys, it’s not the parents who r evil! It’s the girl!

  • i think the parents deserved it. because seriously? lying to your kids is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddd

  • @Midnight Spirit
    no, she knew what she was doing, she said that to her mom and got revenge for her poor little kittens

  • Haha, interesting story.. Sort of twisted, but in a good way.
    To those asking what it’s about, I think it’s basically about the fact that when her cat (?) had kittens, her father would drown them. Every time she asked what happened her mother would say “God took them” so, then she drowned her brother in the bath tub and when her mother asked, she said “God took them”. I understand it that the kittens were like her babies, so, she got her revenge on her mother by taking away her baby…
    Obviously, she was not a sane child.

  • awwww why did they kill the kittens they should’ve just gave it to a catperson or somethin’ like that i can’t kill animal even the animals i hate i can’t kill them

  • i dont get why she killed her brother, not her father. i think its cuz she wanted to take revenge on her mother for lying to her? idk……….

  • Ummm..i dont really get itt??Could someone please explain it to me? Is it saying like since you killed my kittens, I kill your son (also her brother)???????

  • omfg. that is weird. i just watched a vid of this girl who was throwing newborn puppies in a river ): it was animal cruelty

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