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Just Married

Just Married is a stupid scary story submitted by an anonymous user.

Just Married

Just Married

A woman, who was just about to get married, went to visit her future husband the night before the wedding.

“Can I ask you a question, Geoffrey?” said the bride.

“Of course you can, my dear,” replied the groom.

“Will we be married forever?” she asked.

“We will,” he replied. “Until death do us part.”

The irony didn’t catch the girl at the time, but it soon would. Very soon. The next day, they got married. The wedding day had everyone in the town there, even the girl’s parents and the husband’s parents. The party went on until the wee hours of the night, when everyone decided it was time to go home.

“That was an interesting wedding,” said the husband’s parents.

The bride and her husband went on their honeymoon in Hawaii, but when they got there, the husband changed. He started getting violent.

“No, don’t hit me!” screamed the girl as she pushed the husband out a window. His hook hand that he got in the war fell off and it stabbed him in the back when he landed and he died.

Later the girl went home after finishing enjoying her honeymoon. She went to tell the husband’s parents the bad news.

“I’m afraid I killed your son,” said the bride.

The parents looked concerned for a moment.

“I hope you can forgive me,” said the bride.

“No, it’s not that my dear,” said the husband’s parents with a strange look in their eyes. “You see, our son Geoffrey died when he was 3 years old. You were at the wedding all by yourself!”

The girl was so shocked.


  • Heres my story I don’t know where to post it:


    When my sister was 7 she went to the cottage with grandma, the cottage is in Angola, NY by Lake Erie. She had nothing to do there there were no kids to play with in the family at the time and then she noticed toys on the neighbors lawn. She walked over and said “Hi.” the girl said “Hi, my name is Mandy Balikowski.” She asked what she did all year long. Mandy replied “I watch the public channel 91, it is about this guy named Marrowtaster, if you say his name 3 times, he comes to chop you up into millions of little peices.” She got creeped out by the girl and went back to her cottage, she turned on channel 91…it was staticy but she could make out the faint shape of kids hiding behind a bush whispering “Don’t say his name.” she got creeped out and turned the TV off. She went to sleep…In the middle of the night she woke up to the sound of an ambulance , she then fell back asleep. The next morning all the toys were picked up on the lawn, she saw a shirtless guy sitting on Mandy’s porch. She asked where Mandy was. He said that “In the middle of the night she got chopped up into millions of little peices.” 10 yrs. later my sister told me of the story. If you ever say Marrowtaster 3 times in Angola, NY, he’ll come for you.

  • and death by music its a good story but if he died he would not be like and i know i was dead

  • Thats confusing and dumb……no offense so the husbband was a ghosr or was she insane?

  • I got a story! It’s called: Death By Music.

    I was 13 back then. Not to mention stupid and shallow. I begged Mother to let me go to the rock concert in town. When Mother finally gave in to my pleading, she said I’d have to work for the money. We were thoroughly middle class, and we weren’t the richest people in Willow Creek. I worked hard at the corner store for days on end until I had the seventy dollars required for the admission.

    When the carrige arrived the night of the concert, I climbed into the back and waited while the pony pulled the heavy cart to the theatre. When we arrived, I handed the chaffeur 3 dollars worth of allowance. Then, I hurried to get to the ticket booth before the line got too long.

    When I reached the front of the line, the man at the booth took my ticket and directed me toward the concession stand. I waited in the line until I could reach the popcorn machine. When I got my snack, I headed in the direction of the music.

    Finally, I found a seat in the front row. The music played on and then the lead singer said “This song goes out to all my fans. Hope you like. You’ll be dying to hear this song again.” Then she muttered something that I couldn’t hear.

    When she started the song, I felt a dizzying feeling in the pit of my stomach. Then I ran for the bathrooms. I got sick all over the place, than, I felt fine. I decided I had just had to muck junk food and I went back to the cconcert.

    Five minutes later I got sick again inside my popcorn container. 2 minutes later, I began to feel faint. I didn’t think I had enough money to get another carrige, and there was no way I could walk home. When I looked up at the rock singer everything blurred, I was scared. My life flashed before my eyes. The singer smiled an evil smile than played the final note of the song. Then everything went black. That was when I knew I was dead.

    A month after my death, there was an ad in the news paper about the deaths of 37 people out of 38 that attended the rock concert. All of them occured about 17 minutes in, when she played the song for the fans. I wish I would have been smarter, to realise the band’s name was secretly true, considering it was ‘Death by music’. I always wonder if the band would be caught. But that, I do not know, for the future cannot be told.

    Hope you like! BTW Scary for Kids, will you please post this story? I worked real hard on it and I couldn’t find the tell me your story page. thx

  • woah…anonymous user?…i thoughtu had to make an account to be able to post storys…

  • Uh…maybe if you the author would have told us b4 hand that he had a hook for a hand it wouldn’t have been so bad, but then again its just plain hard to imagine that NOBODY would have said anything at the wedding. There needed to be some more explaining going on me thinks :(

  • maybe she got insane and the guy she married is her lover but she couldn’t accept that her lover is gone…so, when she went to hawaii she get frustrated and blaming herself that her lover died…i think…:D

  • Well wouldnt the family not be there cuz they knew he was dead?? All those people wouldn’t be there js!!

  • Well, it’s a stupid scary story, so for ScaryforKids users out there who is confused, don’t mind. Because it don’t make sense…

  • I’ve got one!
    The Doll
    One night,a little girl named Suzy heard something pound on her window. So she opend the window and asked “What?” in a very tired tone. It was her best friend Gabriella at the window. She asked Suzy if she wanted the doll in sign language as she’s deaf. So Suzy,not wanting to disapoint her best friend took the doll. The doll had cacasuion skin color,red curly hair and scary red eyes. As she was sleeping she heard a faint lullaby trying to lure to sleep . She turned around and the doll was singing that lullaby. Creeped out,Suzy put the doll in her parents room. When she woke she screamed her mother and father had been stabbed.Suzy saw the doll putting the knife back and the doll turned her head around and said “See Suzy? i didn’t want to be ni your parent’s room so i killed them.” “If you tell anyone i will kill you.” Scared Suzy nodded. The doll was clinging to Suzy now,Suzy was not aloud to do anything without the doll. Soon,Suzy put the doll who she now named Mary in her brother’s room. When she woke up she went to go get Mary. She screamed in pure terror. Her brother had been decapatated with his own chainsaw. She saw Mary putting the chainsaw back. Mary then said “I told you not to put me in there.” Now look what happend?” Soon,Suzy was put in a mental hospital as everyone thought she insane due to the fact she never let go of that doll. One night they took Mary away from Suzy and she didn’t scream like they execpted her too instead she just sat there staring. While Suzy was sleeping. She woke up and and saw Mary with a the same knife she used to kill her parents. She heard the doll say with an angry tone “I warned you.” When the threapist came in,he was stunned in silence. Suzy had been stabbed.

    20 years later,Mary is wanted serial killer. She murderd everyone in the mental ospital and has not yet been found.She could be hiding at your friend’s house. Right now.

    Sorry,if this sucked this is my first one and i know it’s bad.

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