Japanese Urban Legends

Scary Japanese urban legends, myths and ghost stories. Read scary stories that inspired many famous horror movies, anime and manga. Find out more about them and send a chill down your spine. Years ago in Japan, there was a tradition where people would gather in a room and light 100 candles. Then they would start telling scary tales and ghost stories. At the end of each story, they would extinguish a candle. The room would grow darker and darker and the stories would become scarier and scarier. At the end of the final ghost story, the room would be in complete darkness. So let’s light a few candles and read on:

Japanese Urban Legends

Black Teeth


  1. The Undead says

    @shaphat whelp that does it. never tossing my teddy bear (yes i still have it).

  2. Nobody_ says

    Love this site. Recomended to lots of people. All informed me that they loved it. U should have an app that u can get on the stories without getting on the internet. That would be amazing!!

  3. jenn3985 says

    SFK, Why Can’t I Read “Hikiko San”?

    Scaryforkids says: I still have to finish writing it… but I am concentrating more on Japanese urban legends now, so it will be coming soon I hope :D

  4. Dobbyisfree says

    That moment you go to read the Japanese Stories and realize that you’ve read all of them…..

  5. Dobbyisfree says

    Sticking Knife,

    I think your story or a variation of it is on the Website. Just letting you know.


  6. TheDeadKittyofHelltoHeaven says

    Honestly, these stories are to die for amazing….so amazing this time i died by Hanako-San :P

  7. Hisame says

    To answer everyone’s questions about the Japanese fascination with toilets, it goes back to the days when wells were believed to be entrances to the underworld. Now no-one uses wells anymore, toilets have kind of taken their place.

  8. Sticking Knife says

    Hey guys! I know a Japanese Urban Legend which I found in Wikipedia and I noticed that the legend is not posted here.. so I thought to post it.

    It is named as”Fatal Fare”.

    This story concerns a lone taxi driver making his way along a road at night. Legend goes that a person will suddenly appear from the darkness and hail the taxi.

    The person will sit in the back of the car and will ask to be taken to a place the driven has never heard of. When the driver mentions, he is assured that he will be given directions.

    The passenger then feeds the driver with increasingly complex directions which leads them down streets and alleys, through many towns and even in some instances all the way from the city to the countryside.

    After traveling this distance and still seeming no closer to any destination, the driver becomes uneasy. He turns around to the back to ask the passenger exactly where they are – but he is shocked to find that the passenger has vanished.

    The Taxi Driver turns back to the steering wheel, only to drive off the edge of a cliff and die.

    The Japanese says that the passenger is sometimes the messenger of the Satan of Hell or sometimes the Satan himself. The passenger comes to alarm the person, who was the taxi driver that they are going to die. But, it is also said that it only happens to those who has never done something good. UUFF! RELIEF!!

    So look around guys, don’t go for hitch-hiking or help a hitch-hiker!!!

  9. strxnglxvatic says

    Here because of Scream Queens xD I’ve always been interested in Japanese legends and when Miss Hempfield mentioned the Kappa and Red Cloak I wanted to see if they were real!

  10. ♥ BLOODY ALICORN ♥ says

    After I commented on a bunch o these, I said while sitting beside my mom, “I have tricked other people into reading scary stories.” Then she said, “That’s not funny.” She obviously doesn’t get how people commenting on stuff makes other people read them.

  11. crazy girl says

    Love these!!
    There is a Japanese urban legend in which when we go to public toilet,school toilet,etc we hear a voice saying
    “Which is your favorite color blue, red or white”
    If we say red, we die by being stabbed (or something like this)
    And if we say blue, we die by being strangled (not sure about this too)
    Lastly if we say white, we survive!!

  12. i will unicorn you with my marshmallow horn says

    i think that all of these stories are super creepy and I think that you should read all of them too and i think that you should go try to find the story Cow Head because it is said that it is so scary that it can kill you.

  13. frostfairy87 says

    Japanese legends are the best. They always have the creepiest ones. My favourites are ‘The Slit-Mouthed Woman’ and ‘Himuro Mansion.’

  14. Sohainaa says

    Oh great. So now the Kappa will feel up my butt while Hanako San scares me and Kashima Reiko and Red Cloak will show their curious side by asking questions, and I’ll get a bad poop because I read tominos hell out loud. Thanks, Japan.

  15. Seth Bradley says

    They finally updated this page! I have been waiting so long! Slit-Mouth Woman reminds me of a Japanese, older version of Jeff the Killer. Love ya SFK.

  16. Indra says

    It’s dangerous to call Hanako’s name out loud in the girls’ bathroom in school at night

  17. dragondraconis says

    kuchisake onna’s face nearly creeped me out!!! the night I saw her face I had a dream that she is none other than my friend; Hopefully it was just a dream

  18. bluekitten says

    Is any of these stories true? -w- cause I am scared now if Kashi…. :'( I dont wanna die or lose my legs ><

  19. Monk says

    These stories all read the same to me. Not saying there “BAD”, but they weren’t as good as I remember them as a child. But than again, these were meant for the terrorizing of children. There’s no better thoughts than a scared kid. Best childhood memories.

  20. horror_obsessed says

    SFK will you please post hikiko u don’t have to do right away cuz you’re probably busy

  21. DinoGurlGoneWrong says

    I am never going to visit Japan as most of the Legends have origanted there and some ARE true.
    Creeps me out to think of The Slit Mouth Woman and The Toilet Ghosts!
    Eeeeewwwwww !!!!

  22. Kimcy1o1 says

    i know japanese urban legends… i know kappa and yuki-onna. they are actually yokia meaning demons.there is a story about yuki-onna…

  23. xXScaredYetXx says

    I read the slit mouth woman and i saw that same girl but she wasn’t crying “Help Me!” and didn’t kill me with scizzors. OMG. I also read toilet ghost. I AM NEVER GOING TO THE BATHROOM AGAIN. After I read that story, I would always look in the toilet and get my dad to use the plunger to see if she was in there. LOL. CREEPY.
    idk if i should read Rashima Reiko. I read the beginning and it said ‘if you don’t want to see her, don’t read this.’ SHOULD I?? I will. They always say this and it’s never true.

  24. Monster_Cookiee says

    lacole luv99
    its not the same girl the one in the well is form the movie called “The Ring” The Carmen Winstead girl idk who she is i guess shes Carmen!

  25. Last Survivor says

    I can’t go anywhere without there being some twisted legend…Well there goes my trip after high skool

  26. That_Kid_Ali says

    @shaphat I’ve heard a story a bit like that.. It was in a book I read, and instead of a doll, it was a psycho murderer. The story is a mixture between the one you said and When a Stranger Calls.

  27. lacole luv99 says

    okiko’s photo looks like the girl from carmen winstead’s photo!I think it is the same girl.

  28. Selenas says

    I remember the toilet monster!!!!!!lmfao.!!!! I thought I was the only one afraid when the toilet would flush behind me and I was alone lol luv ya guys=o)

  29. GHninja101 says

    i mean kids used to believe in the toilet monster. now a days they believe in the toilet ghost.

  30. shaphat says

    I’d like to see here the JP legend “The call from Mary San”. Since it’s rather popular. I saw it in tv program: “USO! Japan” and also read a manga that featured it.

    It goes like this:

    A young girl named Yumi was coming home from school on a rainy day when she saw a porcelain western-style doll abandoned near her home. Thinking it was really pitiful she took her home. She named her Mary and that night when she went to sleep she left her standing next to her inside the bed. The next morning she was surprised to see that the doll wasn’t standing as she left it but actually tucked inside the bed next to her. A bit disturbed by this, the next night she left the doll sitting on her nightstand. Even so the next morning she found the doll next to her inside the bed. The following days the same thing happened, regardless of where she left the doll the previous night it would always appear next to her in the morning. This happened for a week. Deeply disturbed by this, one day Yumi asked her mom if she’d moved the doll, but her mom said she hadn’t. Because of this she decided to get rid of the doll and threw her in a waterfall close to her home. Time passed and Yumi completely forgot about the doll. Then one night where her parents weren’t home yet, the phone rang. The girl went to answer it and said “This is the Tanaka house, who is calling?” but instead of answering, a creepy girl’s voice said “I’m in front of your apartment building” then hung up. Five Minutes later another call came “I’m going up the stairs from the 4th floor” the caller said. Frightened by this, Yumi then remembered Mary, thinking “Could it be her?” and went back to her bedroom. Until the next call came “I’m inside your house” it said so Yumi ran to the kitchen to get the number of her mom’s office and tried to call her. While waiting to be communicated she heard the creepy voice again “Right now…” Startled Yumi realized the voice was no longer coming from the phone “…I’m behind you” turning around she saw the doll, Mary was dripping wet and laughing madly. What happened to Yumi is a mystery but after that night Yumi stopped moving, talking and was unable to do anything on her own. Just like a doll.

    *Though this particular legend is about the Mary Doll, in some variations of this story it is said that the same thing will happen when someone throws away a toy that had been particularly attached to them*

  31. scareninja says

    @ghost girl12354 you cant read it because he didnt finish the story yet. Basicly you cant read the ones that are black.

  32. ghost girl12354 says

    plzz someone tell me why i cant rrad the well ghost plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  33. Creeping Death says

    These Japanese sure know how to scare the freakin hell outta u… and why is it always the girls’ bathroom… i mean c’mon… aren’t there any other places to haunt in Japan? how about haunting a classroom when the history or mathematics or physics teacher bores u to death??

  34. emolove says

    Ive seen all the movies except the bullied ghost cant find anything about her anywhere….O yea 1 time i went to the restroom and i swear i thought i saw hanako-san but it turne out to b some1s weaveLOL=P

  35. kutiethekiller says

    i love all these stories…except when its dark out, or im all alone in a bathroom, then i wish i never reade them

  36. horrorfan101 says

    That is awesome!!! Really creepy!!! I am just glad that i am not Japanese, or that i live in Japan. My favorite one is the slit mouthed woman. These are awesome stories!!!

  37. someone says

    Does anyone know if the Cow Head story exists? It said that it was the most scary story ever told and was burned but pieces of it still exist.

    Scaryforkids says: You won’t find the Cow Head story on the internet, especially not in English. I have read a summary of the first part in Japanese. The story starts out something like this: There’s a little deserted village in the middle of nowhere and archaeologists are digging to find out why nobody lives there. They unearth a weird skeleton with the head of a cow and the body of a man. They do research and find out that years before, there was a famine. Everybody in the village is starving. They eat all the cows and horses, then they start on the pets, dogs and cats etc. Then people are dying from lack of food. One day, a figure wanders into the village and he has the head of a cow and the body of a man. (He is the “Cow Head” in the picture). The starving villagers attack him and kill him and eat him. That’s when the village becomes cursed and all hell breaks loose… and that’s where the Japanese summary I read ended. The rest is lost to history. I don’t think the rest of the story exists anymore.

  38. Sitaliea says

    im kind of creeped out now. dont you kinda wonder how japan celebrates halloweeen?!!! must be hella scary.

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