Instant Messenger

Instant Messenger is a scary story about a young girl who is home alone when she receives some disturbing messages from a stranger.

Instant Messenger

Instant Messenger

On March 2nd 2011, a young girl named Suzanne was using her laptop. Her parents had gone out to dinner, leaving Suzanne home alone at 8PM. The teenage girl was popular in school and very socially active, so she spent approximately 2 hours conversing with friends on Facebook.

Shortly after 10PM, Suzanne signed into her Internet Messenger account under the username “SuzieQ13”. Immediately, she received an add request from a user with the nickname YoungLover69. She added him and the two began a conversation.

The stranger told her that he was an acquaintance of one of her schoolfriends and asked if she could send him a link to her Facebook. Being a trusting girl, Suzanne dutifully obliged.

The following is an excerpt from their chat logs.

YoungLover69: Looking at your pics. BRB.
YoungLover69: Wow! You’re beautiful!
SuzieQ13: Really? You think so?
YoungLover69: You’ve got beautiful hair.
SuzieQ13: ZOMG. Thank you. :)
YoungLover69: You’ve got beautiful eyes.
SuzieQ13: Well people do say they’re my best feature. ;D
YoungLover69: And you’ve got a beautiful nose.
SuzieQ13: Aw… That’s sweet.
YoungLover69: And you’ve got a beautiful neck.
SuzieQ13: OK I get it. Tnx.
YoungLover69: And you’ve got a beautiful body.
SuzieQ13: Er…
YoungLover69: And you’ve got a beautiful heart.
SuzieQ13: OK that’s enough.
YoungLover69: I bet all of your internal organs are beautiful.
SuzieQ13: Now you’re just being creepy.
YoungLover69: I want to see them.
SuzieQ13: Goodbye.
YoungLover69: I want to cut you open and look inside.
SuzieQ13: Leave me alone.
YoungLover69: I want to run my fingers through your entrails.
SuzieQ13: Stop messaging me you freak!
YoungLover69: I want to remove your organs delicately, one by one.
SuzieQ13: If you don’t stop, I’m calling the police.
YoungLover69: And kiss them lovingly.
SuzieQ13: STOP!
YoungLover69: And caress your intestines.
SuzieQ13: You sick weirdo!
YoungLover69: And play with them for hours.
SuzieQ13: I’m putting you on ignore.
YoungLover69: Suzie.
YoungLover69: Suzie!
YoungLover69: Suzie!
YoungLover69: SUZIE!
YoungLover69: SUZIE!
SuzieQ13: What do you want?
YoungLover69: Your blood all over me.
SuzieQ13: Get lost you total psycho!
YoungLover69: I can see you.
SuzieQ13: Get lost!
YoungLover69: I can see you, Suzie.
SuzieQ13: Yeah, right.
YoungLover69: I’m watching you right now.
SuzieQ13: No you’re not.
YoungLover69: Yes I am. I can prove it.
SuzieQ13: Stop being such a loser.
YoungLover69: Peekaboo. I see you.
SuzieQ13: If you can see me, then tell me where I am.
YoungLover69: In your house.
SuzieQ13: Well…duh!
YoungLover69: Chatting on your laptop.
SuzieQ13: Again…duh!
YoungLover69: Sitting on your couch.
SuzieQ13: Big deal. It’s not hard to guess.
YoungLover69: Ask me where I am, Suzie!
YoungLover69: Ask me where I am, Suzie!
YoungLover69: Ask me where I am, Suzie!
YoungLover69: Ask me where I am, Suzie!
YoungLover69: Ask me where I am, Suzie!
SuzieQ13: OMG. Leave me alone you creeper!
YoungLover69: If you ask me where I am, I will stop messaging you.
SuzieQ13: OK then. If it will shut you up…
SuzieQ13: Where are you?
YoungLover69: In a house.
YoungLover69: Chatting on a laptop.
YoungLover69: Hiding behind your couch.

Later that night, Suzanne’s parents arrived home and found their house strangely quiet. Upon opening the living room door, they were confronted by a horrific scene. The room was covered in blood and their 13-year old daughter’s corpse was lying in the middle of the floor. She had been sliced open from top to bottom and her internal organs were strewn about her.

Police found a bloody knife and a laptop computer sitting behind the couch. The laptop was open and running instant messenger. Police were unable to trace the laptop. It had been purchased the day before the murder and had only been used once, to access Instant Messenger. Today, Suzanne’s murder remains unsolved and her killer is still on the loose.


  1. Kay,GET EIGHT FEET TALL OUT OF HERE Kitten :3 says

    I probably would have gotten all paranoid and grabbed a knife towards the start of the chat. NEWS REPORT-PARANOIA SAVES AN IDIOT’S LIFE…

  2. ♥ BLOODY ALICORN ♥ says

    @PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan Not if he was typing very gently, remember he bought laptop the day before. New laptop, if you type very gently the keys won’t click. Good Night :)

  3. ♥ BLOODY ALICORN ♥ says


  4. lhiana12345 says

    bruh… im too dead.. that girl should have just went to her room or something like run away cuz obviously u could see wut was coming when he said ” behind ur couch”

  5. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    that guy is a complete SICKO
    poor Suzie… But wouldn’t she hear the laptop keys clicking behind the sofa??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. zombie_pegasister says

    Thats scary my mom won’t let me have a facebook talking about her organs was funny at first then it became creepy and gross btw eww you can see her panties in the picture

  7. animefruba says

    I read this on a couch and I accidently looked behind me all that was there is a wall.^_^

  8. Mutsumi says

    ummm.. does any one besides me know what ’69’ means?? and put with ‘young lover’ gross… just gross! and Lady Phantomhive seems to get it XD hey you got your name from Black Butler right??

  9. Bella says

    If I was Suzie I would just subconciously look behind me and say, Oh, Hi! You ARE behind my couch! Then I would grin ear to ear and take out my hidden knife from the knife block in my kitchen that i keep so the creepy blind kid across from me wont get me out. And I would be like: “Ya know what I want?” That might scare him.

  10. happenstance says

    lol i will play with them for hours da heck
    @lady phantomhive ikr and @martyv54 its just a story chill

  11. martyv54 says

    You people are all a bunch of sick bastards a girl is DEAD and the FREAKIN KILLER IS STILL OUT THERE

  12. martyv54 says

    What a stupid freakin bitch, when that guy started freaking her out,right there and then she should have gotten the hell off the internet. She would have been alive today

  13. Avian07 says

    He must had his keyboard on “silent” for her not hear him pounding his keyboard as they chat lol

  14. Pang81 says

    Weird and creepy at the same time. Someone once sent me that kind of instant messenger before and I just put that person on ignore.

  15. I call myself demented says

    Guys, this is why you never trust people on the Internet! If the male/female asks for a link to your Facebook you don’t give it to them!!! Suzie was being really stupid.

  16. werewolfgirl says

    Is this a true story? You can never tell,there’s sick bastards out there like this.I liked the story,I feel bad for the girl though. Although being the distrustful person that I am,I never would have gave him my facebook……. although if he was behind the couch I doubt that would have really made a difference

  17. WeavileRoxxCANDY says

    Wait… If the killer was behind the couch that she was sitting on, wouldn’t she hear the sound of computer keys being pressed?…

  18. Doctor 28 says

    Hahahaha I laughed when that guy began talking about her organs! Maybe I’m going to chat like this to prank people on chatsites….

  19. My Fan says

    Whoa, you mean this actually happened? And the killer is out there… Damn… Be right back, i think i got a friend request from someone.,.

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